The Armani Residences in Sunny Isles Beach | Is this The Best New Condo in Sunny Isles?

The Residences by Armani/Casa | Is this the best new condo in Sunny Isles?

Many buyers are looking to relocate to Miami or they are shopping for a second home on the Beach. They always want to know what they can get with their budget and how far their dollar stretches in the different condos.

The David Siddons Group spends a lot of time analyzing the Miami condo market from Fort Lauderdale to South of Fifth and from Key Biscayne to Coconut Grove in order to give our buyers a holistic overview of the market.  In many of our videos and articles we discuss dollar prices per SF for Miami’s most desired condos in order for our readers and buyers to be able to make a good price comparison. Without taking the dollar amount per SF into account it will be almost impossible to really compare condo values.

This specific articles discusses the value of the Armani Residences in Sunny Isles Beach. Although the title states “Best condo” we all know this term is a little bit too subjective; what is best for you is not best for me. What we try to establish in this blog is the value of the Armani Casa Residences. We want to show you whether the price you pay at the Residences by Armani justifies its value. For that we compare the Armani Residences with other high-end Miami condos for sale.

Comparing the Prices per SF of the Armani Residences with other Miami Luxury Condos for Sale

The below overview is an overview of all the dollar prices per SF  for the desired Miami Luxury condos for sale. You can see that the range goes from $900 to $3,000 per SF. The Armani Residences in Sunny Isles come in at around a $1,000 per SF for a brand new building.

The Armani Residences in Sunny Isles Beach | Is this The Best New Condo in Sunny Isles?

*Whereas all of these condos are providing average prices per SF, Armani provides for the starting price per SF
** Numbers based on listing prices as condos are still under pre-construction or recently delivered

When Does a Miami Luxury Condo offer Great Value?

Just because a condo is named after a luxury brand does not qualify the condo as luxurious per se. You need to see the product and its finishes to determine whether it is truly a high end project. At this level of condos they all offer concierge services, the most beautiful pools, aesthetically pleasing lobbies and extras such as private restaurants or hairdressers. Although this ads value it does not make or break a condo.

Therefore, we look at truly value adding aspects to determine whether a condo offers great value. We look at those characteristics that luxury buyers appreciate and search for.  Two of the most important aspects are finishes and floor plans.

The Finishes at Armani are exactly what you would expect at a Miami Luxury condo of this caliber. Think of Subzero and Wolf Appliances, high grade finishes, marble etc etc. These finishes are very important, but we have to admit that most of the luxury condos in Miami offer the same (high) level of finishes.

Is it also very important to look at the floor plans, as floor plans can make or break a condo. The livability of the space is super important. A condo is only as good as its floor plan.

The Finishes of the Armani Residences in Sunny Isles Beach

Do the Armani Residences in Sunny Isles offer True Value?

For a condo starting at $1,000 per SF with an average of about $1,100/$1,200 per SF the value of the Residences by Armani/Casa is really good. Considering the floor plans that offer a great flow, the oceanfront location with the superb and mostly unobstructed views and the high-quality finishes we are talking about a great value/price ratio. Is is hard to beat $1,000 per SF for a brand new and oceanfront condo on the beaches.

So for the price the Armani Residences in Miami certainly provide you with great value, whether this is the best condo in Sunny Isles depends on your own personal taste.

The Floor Plans At the Residences by Armani/Casa

2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms

2 Bedrooms + Den | 2.5 Bathrooms

3 Bedrooms + Den | 3.5 Bathrooms

4 Bedrooms + Den | Service Quarters | 5.5 Bathrooms

3 Bedrooms + Den | Service Quarters | 5.5 Bathrooms

4 Bedrooms | Service Quarters | 5.5 Bathrooms


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