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    The 10 Best Gated Communities in Miami

    October 3, 2019

    The Top 10 Miami Gated Communities

    One of the most frequently asked questions by relocating families is: “What are the best Gated Communities in Miami?” While Miami offers many excellent, often waterfront, gated communities, we took the liberty to select and feature 10 of these gated communities in the blog. All of the selected communities are located in Coral Gables, Miami Beach and Coconut Grove. They appear in no specific order.

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    The Moorings, Coconut Grove

    The Moorings is a gated community in South Coconut Grove.  This exclusive and waterfront enclave offers 37 luxury homes, all complemented by beautiful, natural tropical flora and fauna. The community consists of just three streets, named South Moorings Way, North Moorings Way and Moorings Court.

    Located right in the heart of Coconut Grove, The Moorings is just down the street from great restaurants, bars and shops.  Residents enjoy a small park and boat docks with “no bridges” access to Biscayne Bay.  Homes for sale in The Moorings range from $1,500,000 to $8,650,000 with an average sales price of $570 per Sq.Ft for non-waterfront homes or $609 per Sq.ft for waterfront homes. Most homes in the Moorings vary between 4,000 and 6,000 Sq.Ft and sit on a 10,000 to 12,000 Sq.Ft lot. There is a very low turn-over rate in the Moorings with only 2 to 3 sales per year on average.

    • Waterfront (Ocean and Canal)
    • Home directly on the bay and canals with direct bay access
    • 37 Homes
    • 2,733 − 12,700 Sq.Ft Homes
    • 10,000 − 27,500 Sq. Ft Lots
    • $1,5 M – $8,5 M +
    The 10 Best Gated Communities in Miami

    Hughes Cove, Coconut Grove

    Hughes Cove is an exclusive and gated community in Coconut Grove. This waterfront Coconut Grove community is one of the most exclusive communities in all of Miami. For the boat lovers the community offers a canal to the bay without any bridges. Most of the homes in Hughes Cove are of newer construction.

    This Coconut Grove gated enclave offers its few lucky residents a private park, a tennis court as well as a small boat basin with a dock space. Homes in Hughes Cove vary in price between $1,3M and $12,5M. Waterfront homes sell on average for $8,5M or $866 per Sq.Ft while non-waterfront homes sell for approximately $401 per Sq.Ft. A very small amount of homes is sold on a yearly basis. In the last 2 years only 4 homes sold.

    • Waterfront (Ocean)
    • Most homes are on dry lots but those that are waterfront are located directly on the bay
    • 15 Homes
    • 3,400 − 10,000 Sq.Ft Homes
    • 9,000 − 25,000 Sq. Ft Lots
    • $1,3 M – $12,5 M +
    The 10 Best Gated Communities in Miami

    Gables Estates, Coral Gables

    Gables Estates is an exclusive and gated community in Coral Gables. This waterfront and gated community is one of the most exclusive in all of Miami. Waterfront homes in Gables Estates enjoy wide canals with “no bridges” and direct access to Biscayne Bay. Along with a guard-gated entrance for the complete peace of mind of residents, Gables Estates also boasts tennis facilities. The extremely large lots make this community very private.

    • Waterfront (Bay and Canals)
    • Canals with direct bay access
    • 170 Homes
    • 3,200- 17,000 Sq.Ft Homes
    • 30,000 – 2 acres+ Lots
    • $5.9M – $43.7M +

    Hammock Oaks, Coral Gables

    Hammock Oaks is a waterfront, gated community in Coral Gables. A selected amount of Hammock Oaks homes have access to the Biscayne Bay (just one bridge between the community and the bay), most homes are located around a large lake. Nonetheless, the water views of Hammock Oaks’ homes are enviable and provide for a serene atmosphere.

    Hammock Oaks is a luxurious, family friendly community with large sized lots. The safe and tranquil environment offers lush, mature vegetation and makes it a perfect place to raise a family.

    • Waterfront community (Canal and Lake)
    • Lakefront homes, with a selected amount of homes being able to reach the open bay
    • 107 Homes
    • 3,170 −6,740 Sq.Ft Homes
    • 15,000-40,000 Sq.Ft Lots
    • $980K to $2.7M +

    Cocoplum, Coral Gables

    Cocoplum is an exclusive and gated community in Coral Gables, just minutes away from South Coconut Grove. The prestigious gated community offers 24-hour security and amenities such as a clubhouse, a fitness facility, tennis courts, a playground, a yacht club and beautifully landscaped parkways and common areas. The homes are located on large sized lots making it a very private community. Another plus for families is the area’s proximity to very good private and public schools.

    • Waterfront (Canals and Bay)
    • 300+ Homes
    • 2,800 −11,500 Sq.Ft Homes
    • 12,000 − 46,000 Sq.Ft Lots
    • $1M  –  $19M +

    Gables by the Sea, Coral Gables

    Gables by the Sea is an exclusive and gated community in Miami or more specifically, in Coral Gables. Residents of the waterfront Gables by the Sea enjoy 24/7 security, a family-friendly atmosphere and a boater’s lifestyle. Many Gables by the Sea homes are located on small, deep water canals with private boat docks offering access to Biscayne Bay without any bridges on the way. Gables by the Sea is located just minutes from Miami International Airport and the business districts of Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Brickell. Gables by the Sea is also located near the best Coral Gables Schools. Gables by the Sea is one of the most affordable waterfront gated communities in Coral Gables.

    • Waterfront  (Ocean and Canal front)
    • Canals with direct bay access and no bridges (Homes north of Lugo Avenue don’t have ocean access)
    • 300+ Homes
    • 2,000 – 8,700 Sq.Ft Homes
    • 10,000 – 36,000 Sq.Ft Lots (The average lot size is 12,500 Sq.Ft)
    • $750K – $3.85M +
    The 10 Best Gated Communities in Miami

    Sunset Islands, Miami Beach

    The Sunset Islands are a group of 4 islands located in the Biscayne Bay just north of the Venetian Islands. The island group is one of Miami’s most desired residential areas as the 24/7 guard gated community offers superb real estate on an excellent location.

    • Price range: $1,680,000 to $10M+
    • Number of homes: Each island has between 50 and 80 homes
    • SF range of Homes: 2,000 -10,000 SF
    • SF range of Lots: 6,000 to 35,000 SF.
    The 10 Best Gated Communities in Miami

    Hibiscus Island, Star Island and Palm Island, Miami Beach

    This exclusive island trio is located in the Biscayne Bay between Downtown Miami and the Beach along the McArthur Causeway. The homes are known to be owned by the international jetset and celebrities. Homes on the islands are large and located on large lots. The most exclusive island is Star Island.

    • Price range: $1,2M – $28
      • Star Island: $7.1 – $28M
      • Palm Island: $1.8M – $24M
      • Hibiscus Island: $1.2M – $15M
    • Number of homes:
      • Star Island: 35
      • Palm Island: 150
      • Hibiscus Island: 150
    • SF range of Homes
      • Star Island: 4,700 – 20,000
      • Palm Island: 2,000 -12,000
      • Hibiscus Island: 1,600 – 12,000
    • SF range of Lots:
      • Star Island: 40,000 – 87,000
      • Palm Island:  6,500 – 60,000
      • Hibiscus Island: 9,000 – 38,000
    The 10 Best Gated Communities in Miami

    Fisher Island, Miami Beach

    Although this blog is more about Miami Gated Communities for single family homes, we couldn’t ignore Fisher Island. This island is arguably one of the most exclusive and private enclaves in all of Miami. Fisher Island can only be reached by helicopter or ferry and is only accessible upon invitation from one of its residents. Fisher Island is self regulated and offers a golf course, tennis courts, 24 hours security, a marina and a school. Fisher Island is America’s wealthiest zip code and attracts many New Yorkers looking for a primary residence in Miami

    • Condo Community
    • Price range: $1M – $30M+
    • SF range of Homes: 600 – 10,000

    La Gorce Island, Miami Beach

    La Gorce Island is a guard gated Island community in the Biscayne Beach. The tropical and lush island offers various styles of homes, which are located on large lots. Some of the homes are located on waterfront lots while most of the homes are located on an interior lot. Many of the waterfront lots come with a boat dock. Like other island communities, homes for sale on La Gorce Island are desired because of their exclusivity, privacy and the tranquility that comes with island living. Besides the waterfront location, La Gorce Island is also close to other main areas of Miami and therefore desired with buyers.

    • Price range: $2,5M – $30M
    • Number of homes: 58
    • SF range of Homes: 3,000 – 15,000
    • SF range of Lots: 12,500 – 75,000
    The 10 Best Gated Communities in Miami

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