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South Miami is prized one of Miami's most sought-after residential areas. This page serves as your comprehensive resource for making well-informed choices when considering a sale or purchase in South Miami. With a robust 15-year track record in this market, I consistently urge our clients to connect with me at 305 508 0899 after perusing our news and report articles. Regardless of your role as a buyer or seller, I am enthusiastic about aiding you in achieving more informed decisions.


Aside from the annual reports we write neighborhood reports and discuss behavioral changes we see in the demographic. We do notice buyers or sellers changing behaviors, blending in charts and tables.

South Miami Real Estate News 

Our Coral Gables real estate Blogs extensively cover what is happening within the market. We often write about ‘the best of what there is. Best Communities, Best Condos, and Best Schools within the neighborhood, and update these annually to stay current. We will discuss the good, the bad, and yes even the ugly! Don’t expect sugar-coated psychophonetic commentary. You won't get that here! For all of Miami's latest real estate news click here.


Come and enjoy what we are known for. Drawing from our multiple software you will find a good amount of analysis in our news and Reports. You may also want to combine this with our pure-bred analytics section. You have NEVER experienced software like this for analyzing real estate.

Predictions and Forecasts

Any economist worth their salt will tell you it is impossible to look beyond 6 months. We won’t say differently. What we will say is that the predictions we make are from actual experience and real estate lenses that factor in both macro and microelements. Click here for all our Miami Real Estate Market Reports.

South Miami Is Still Climbing! | South Miami Q1 & Q2 2023 Market Summary

August 29, 2023

South Miami Q1 & Q2 2023 Market Summary. So half of 2023 has officially flown by and here’s how I see the market today. Firstly, we still remain at record lows for inventory in South Miami. Inventory is around 2 months so we are still ways away from a balanced market where you would typically find inventory anywhere from 6-8 months. We are now seeing all of the new construction products entering the market above $1,000 per SF with highs in the $1,200/1,300 per SF [...]

The South Miami Real Estate Market Forecast | Miami Real Estate Market Predictions for 2023

February 20, 2023

Introduction to our South Miami Real Estate Market Forecast Welcome to our South Miami real estate market forecast. The less than well know neighborhood to those from outside Miami is gaining huge traction over the last three years. 2023 is shaping out to be an excellent year! It’s widely recognized, that towards the end of 2022, there was a deceleration in the pace of real estate transactions, with a slight upswing in the inventory and the number of days properties remained on the market. The [...]

The Quarterly South Miami Real Estate Update

October 7, 2022

South Miami Real Estate Market Trends An Update on the South Miami Real Estate Market The 90-Day South Miami Real estate Update for September 2022. This blog article will be updated every 90 days with new stats in order to observe the market trends in a simplified way. You will be able to observe what is currently happening in the market as well as what happened in the last few months. This is a very efficient way to stay on top of the markets you are [...]

The South Miami Real Estate Report | Q1 & Q2 2022 with Forecast and Predictions for Q3 and Q4

August 16, 2022

South Miami Real Estate Report and Forecast The Rise of luxury real estate in South Miami In this South Miami Real Estate Report we will discuss the fast growing South Miami real estate market. We have seen South Miami in the last year mature into a major market. The area experienced a boom of luxury new construction homes coming into the area and relocating families choose South Miami over Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. South Miami has been a hub for locals for a long [...]

The 90-Day South Miami Real Estate Report Q4 2021 | South Miami Homes for Sale

January 17, 2022

Our First 90-Day South Miami Luxury Real Estate Report Q4 2021 | $1M+ Homes Search directly for South Miami Homes for saleAll our 90-Day Miami Market Reports Welcome to our first South Miami Luxury Real Estate Report focusing on the last quarter of 2021. As the Miami real estate market moves at an incredible speed we are now publishing 90 day reports to update you on the latest trends of the Miami real estate market. We want to provide you with a complete overview of [...]

Find the Best Miami Neighborhoods for Single Family Home Investing with these Key Rules

October 21, 2021

Recognizing the Neighborhoods with the Best Upside in Miami (Mainland) Essential Reading for Relocating Families Looking for the Best Schools Districts. Why did certain parts of Coral Gables perform better than others and Why did Ponce Davis perform best? Recognizing the "best Miami Neighborhoods for Single-family Homes’ does not mean buying property and renting it out. It means buying property and seeing it appreciate the most. That’s what will really make you the money. Over the years I have observed how certain areas have done [...]

South Miami Homes for Sale | The Increasing Demand for Homes West of the US1

August 9, 2021

South Miami Real Estate | Have you considered these South Miami Neighborhoods? With the mass influx of relocation buyers, the lack of inventory (specially for newer homes) and the rising prices more and more buyers are looking at homes west of US1. Three of our very own buyers bought a brand new home west of US1 after looking endlessly for a newer home in Coral Gables, Ponce Davis or Pinecrest. Driving around in some of these South Miami areas you will notice many newer (if [...]

Selling Your Coral Gables Home | How to Capitalize on a Strong Market without Overpaying for your Next Home?

July 20, 2021

Selling Your Coral Gables Home | How to Sell High and Buy Low? In a market where home prices have sky rocketed it's very appealing to sell and cash out. Who would not want to sell at a 25% increase from last year?  Sadly the reality of our market is such that nothing sells in a vacuum and because the price increases across our market have transcended every single price point there is (from $1M to $50M) we find so many sellers telling us; “I [...]

The Up-and-Coming Miami Residential Areas That Offer Great Value!

April 20, 2021

New Homes Are Coming Up West of US1 Miami's primary markets such as Pinecrest, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove have performed very well over the last decade. These primary markets have seen a steady increase in home values and even when the rest of the Miami real estate market was correcting, this market saw strong sales numbers. It cannot be denied however that since the start of Covid-19, the demand for Miami homes has skyrocketed and average house prices are hitting a record high. Besides [...]

The Best South Miami Homes for Sale

January 7, 2021

South Miami Homes For Sale South Miami homes for sale are a hot commodity. In our latest South Miami market report we saw that sales have doubled, inventory is low and prices are increasing.  Due to this spike in demand we decided to dedicate a blog to the best homes for sale in South Miami. South Miami offers some of Miami's most desired real estate.  Search Directly for South Miami Homes for SaleRead the Latest Miami Real Estate News Our top 5 South Miami Homes [...]

The South Miami Real Estate Market Report for Q4 2020 | What to Expect Going into 2021?

January 5, 2021

South Miami Homes for Sale | What to Expect Going into 2021? Those who read part 3 of our Q2 and Q3 Miami real estate report (The Miami Real Estate Market before and during Covid-19) already know the strength of the Miami single-family home market. Just like other desired residential areas, the South Miami* single-family home market has really gained in strength in the last quarters. Please read below how the South Miami real estate market performed in the last 6 months of 2020 and what we [...]

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