Best Private Schools in Miami

Where to Live for a Short Commute To Miami’s Best Private Schools

Introduction to the Best Private Schools in Miami

The rest of America has come to appreciate that not only does Miami has some of the best private schools in the country, but the social environment is also one of the healthiest – safe neighborhoods with low crime and a low tolerance for overtly orthodox views. In the wake of changes made across New York and California, now more than ever, we are receiving high numbers of relocating families looking for a safe and well-balanced environment to raise the family. I have invested much of my real estate career in helping relocation families find their dream homes in Miami. As a parent, I have invested time and energy into writing articles like this to help other parents.

This article is perfect for those who want to figure out the best school and the best neighborhood attached to them. I have interviewed several heads of admissions and am always delighted to make introductions. The David Siddons Group has moved dozens and dozens of families and often introduces new families to existing families who have already followed that path before. Call me directly with questions and register on the website to gain access to all my articles and reports!

Choosing the Right School

The process of choosing and getting into the right school can feel to many like a hard one. With our help, it does not have to be! There is no such thing as the perfect school, more the perfect school for your child and you. One thing that is universally appreciated is that a long school commute is not desirable. In the past, I had to drive my eldest daughter 40 minutes every day to her school and then back again. The commute nearly killed me! I got her into a school closer to home. So I can tell you that this article is born from experience, not from a hypothetical perspective.

Choosing the Right Home close to the right school

Each neighborhood has its Pros and Cons and aside from showing clients on and off-market properties, I am also able to provide analytics on neighborhoods and Communities. Our search pages are extremely easy to use and our market statistics pages allow you to see previous sales around your price point to give you a good sense of true value for any home you are interested in purchasing. 

After 15 years of selling real estate in almost every neighborhood within Miami, I have the experience and skill to guide you in all these areas. I have also now expanded my knowledge with my podcast and have conducted several interviews with the heads of admissions for several private schools (St Thomas and Palmer Trinity). More are scheduled in the coming months! They are easy to watch, engaging, and give a good insight into the Miami Market. Click here to watch those!

The Best Private Schools around MIAMI BEACH – Travel Times Between Miami Beach and Miami’s Best Schools

The Key factor for most – Travel Time to Schools

Below, I have set the list of the best school in Miami and identified the key areas that are 20 minutes or less driving commute to the school. This is not 20 minutes at any time, but 20 minutes specifically at school rush hour. The traffic can change in Miami depending on the time of the day. Just imagine driving from North Grove to Gulliver School during rush hour compared to driving from South Grove. Well, it’s different!

Focus on Schools 

I have moved families from one side of the same neighborhood to the other just because of the school run. Unlike Niche or other sites on ranking the schools, the focus here is on where to live depending on which school your kids will go to. Further, we provide links to these schools and know a great deal about them. 

*Most Miami schools start around 7.30. Kids can be dropped off around that time, so our commute time is 7.10 AM / 7.15 AM as a departure time.

Best Miami Private Schools

Please find below the list of the best Private Schools in Miami and a map indicating where to live if you want a maximum 20-minute commute in the morning.


  • Grades PreK – 12
    • PreK – 5, Academy Marian C. Krutulis Campus
      12595 Red Road, Coral Gables, Florida 33156
    • Grades 5-12, Preparatory School
      6575 North Kendall Drive, Pinecrest
    • All grades, Montgomery Drive Campus (Special areas and classes)
      7500 SW 120 Street, Pinecrest

Ransom Everglades

  • Grades: 6 -12
    • Middle School: 2045 South Bayshore Drive
    • Upper School:  3575 Main Highway

St Thomas Episcopal Parish School

  • Grades: PK – 5
  • 5692 North Kendall Drive, Coral Gables

Riviera Schools

  • Grades PK – 5:  Riviera Day School
    6800 Nervia St, Coral Gables
  • Grades 6 – 12: Riviera Preparatory School
    9775 SW 87th Ave, Miami

Cushman School

  • PreK – 8
  • 592 NE 60th St, Miami

Palmer Trinity

  • Grades: 6 -12
  • 8001 SW 184th St, Miami

St Phillips Episcopal School

  • Grades: PK3 – 5
  • 1121 Andalusia Ave, Coral Gables

ST. Theresa Catholic School

  • Grades: PK – K-8
  • 2701 Indian Mound Trail, Coral Gables

Westminster Christian School

  • Grades: PK, K-12
  • 6855 SW 152nd St, Palmetto Bay


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