What are the Safest Neighborhoods in Miami for 2024?

What is the Safest Neighborhood to Live in Miami for 2024?

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When looking for a new home in Miami, one of your questions will be: What are the Safest Neighborhoods in Miami? Whether you move to Miami as a young professional, a snowbird, or with your family, the safety aspect is always high on the list. Miami is a very safe place to live, but there are areas that excel on the safety scale with a low crime rate.

As a dad of two little girls, safety is important to me and my wife and a topic close to my heart. I wanted to share my personal experience and findings regarding the safest neighborhoods. Please find below a list of the safest residential areas in Miami. In case you are moving to Miami with a family. We wrote a blog on the most family-friendly neighborhoods, which besides safety also goes into the topics of schools and family activities.

Coconut Grove | One of Miami’s Safest Areas

What is the Safest Place to Live in Miami? DSG

The Grove is one of the three most preferred Miami residential areas and enjoys 24/7 police control. It enjoys a low crime rate. This family-friendly village is known for its walkability with quiet and lush streets. Many families look for Coconut Grove homes for sale as the Grove is known for its high-end real estate. Additionally, the laid-back lifestyle and proximity to the best schools.

For those who want more than 24/7 police control and gated property, Coconut Grove offers many gated communities on waterfront lots along Biscayne Bay. These communities will not allow uninvited guests on the premises. This is definitely one of Miami’s safest neighborhoods that guarantee a high standard of living in Miami. Furthermore, Coconut Grove offers a central location next to Brickell and Coral Gables and is close to Miami International Airport.

Coral Gables | One of the Safest Places to Live in Miami

What is the Safest Place to Live in Miami? DSG

Coral Gables, Miami’s most desired residential area, is the city I used to call home before I moved to Ponce Davis. Family friendly Coral Gables is known for its high-end real estate options, excellent private schools, golf courses and excellent location.

Coral Gables is very family friendly and enjoys a Mobile Patrol and a Neighborhood Crime Watch to keep its crime rate low and secure its position as one of Miami’s safest neighborhoods. Many Coral Gables homes for sale come with fences to protect against burglary. Just like the Grove, Coral Gables offers a good amount of gated communities with 24/7 guards and police control for those that wish some extra security and privacy for their family. Some of the safest and most desired gated communities are Gables Estates, Cocoplum, Old Cutler Bay, Snapper Creek Lakes and Hammock Lakes.

Fisher Island | A Private Island with the highest level of Safety and Privacy

What is the Safest Place to Live in Miami? DSG

Fisher Island is a neighborhood that must be included when discussing the safest places to live in Miami. The Island is as safe as an island can possibly be. This extremely high-end and private island just south of South Beach is self-sufficient and belongs to one of the country’s most expensive zip codes.
Residents are guaranteed exclusivity and privacy as the island is only reachable by ferry or boat. Visitors are only allowed access by invitation. Approximately 50 security guards and a 24-hour marine patrol further ensure the safety of Fisher Island’s residents. The private enclave even offers a school, so children stay on the island and can walk to and from school.
It should be no surprise that many families are looking for Fisher Island real estate for sale. Unlike the other Miami neighborhoods on this list, Fisher Island is not a place where people live all year round. The island is used more as a second, third, or even fourth residence.

Key Biscayne | One of Miami’s Safest Suburbs

What is the Safest Place to Live in Miami?

Key Biscayne is one of Miami’s most luxurious and private areas. The island off the coast of Brickell and Coconut Grove is in demand by many wealthy families for its safety and exclusivity. Key Biscayne is one of Miami’s safest neighborhoods and is family-friendly.

Key Biscayne is known for its resort-style living just without the country club gated. Imagine driving around in a Golf Cart or allowing your kids to cycle to school. The island offers 24/7 police control, and many homes are gated. Key Biscayne homes for sale are exclusive and often located on waterfront lots with direct ocean access. The Key also offers a fair share of condos located right on the sand.

Other Safe Areas in Miami

It is worth mentioning a few more areas that rank high on safety. These are Ponce Davis (where I reside myself), South Miami, and Pinecrest are safe, centrally located, and close to Miami’s best schools. These neighborhoods with Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, define Miami’s residential core for single-family living.

Many parts of Miami Beach offer safety as well. The safest areas on Miami Beach will be the Venetian Islands, Sunset Islands, Palm, Star, and Hibiscus Island or La Gorce. These are all gated island communities that belong to Miami’s safest neighborhoods. Many of Miami’s condos also ensure a level of safety with 24/7 guards and FOB access.

There are safe areas, and each neighborhood offers different sub-sections that are safer or less safe than others. I can help you find the safest Miami neighborhoods and the best sections within to raise your children closest to school.

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