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Leaving Los Angeles for Miami | Comparing Luxury Markets, Lifestyles and Neighborhoods

January 4, 2023

Maya Vander (Selling Sunset) on Leaving Reality TV and Miami vs LA In this episode of the Better Decisions podcast, I speak with Maya Vander. Maya is a Miami real estate agent, who starred in the Netflix show Selling Sunset. We discuss the differences between being in a reality show and the day-to-day life of a real estate agent. In addition, we discuss other topics such as the Miami luxury real estate market, the difference in lifestyles and neighborhoods, Measure ULA, and why some of Maya's clients [...]

The 11 Best Neighborhoods in Miami

September 29, 2022

Details and Analysis of the Best Neighborhoods in Miami and why. By David Siddons Introduction to The Best Neighborhoods in Miami The best Miami neighborhoods to live - This article provides both opinions of the best neighborhoods to buy in Miami with links to properties for sale, plus a unique statistical analysis tool of those neighborhoods with $ per sqft, inventory levels, and percentage discounts on sold properties. Our website truly works on multiple levels: part Miami real estate news site, part property search engine, [...]

The Different Neighborhoods of the Upper East Side in Miami

September 29, 2022

Introducing Miami's Upper East Side The Upper East Side of Miami is primarily a residential neighborhood with a treasure trove of art, history, and architecture dating from the mid-1900s to the present. The area is situated along Biscayne Bay, north of Edgewater, and south of Miami Shores. Miami's Upper East Side is conveniently positioned to access all the areas of the city, with proximity to 95, Wynwood, the Design District, and numerous cafes and restaurants. The neighborhood offers residents a Midtown vibe in a suburban setting [...]

What Are The Best Miami Suburbs?

May 13, 2022

Which Areas Near Miami Will Best Suit your Lifestyle? When discussing the best Miami neighborhoods, we often refer to the suburbs. Miami itself is just a part of the larger Miami Dade area. Unless you are looking for a condo in the urban core or home in Coconut Grove, the chances are high that you will end up in any of the suburbs. Shown above is a map of the city of Miami. The Miami area includes several desired residential neighborhoods such as Coconut Grove, Brickell, Downtown [...]

Single Family Homes for Sale in Miami | The Most Exclusive Neighborhoods

October 14, 2021

Where to Find the Most Exclusive Single Family Homes for Sale in Miami Where to find the most exclusive Single Family Homes for Sale in Miami? We answer this frequently asked question in this blog. We are listing Miami's neighborhoods starting at the most exclusive! In this blog we explain why these Miami neighborhoods are so exclusive and we provide you with actual sales price ranges and average sales prices. We wrote this blog with relocation buyers in mind. If you are relocating to Miami [...]

Moving to South Florida in 2023: How does Fort Lauderdale Compare to Miami?

September 20, 2021

Fort Lauderdale vs Miami: Real Estate and Lifestyle Options During the pandemic we created a video comparing Miami real estate to Fort Lauderdale real estate. Today (Q3 2021), the markets have shifted and are more similar in many ways than ever before.  As the original video was one of our most watched videos we decided to create a new one comparing the markets as they are today. The goal of this video is to help those who are considering to move to South Florida with [...]

Moving to Miami Beach with a Family | The Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Miami Beach

February 4, 2021

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Miami Beach As more and more families are moving into Miami we decided to write an article on the best Miami Beach neighborhoods to raise a family. When families with children are moving to Miami they are looking for safety, good schools, walkability and the possibility to go to a park or the beach on a day off or after school. Taking these elements into consideration we selected this top 5 of best Miami Beach neighborhoods for families. The La Gorce/Lakeview neighborhood [...]

Oceanfront homes for sale Florida | Miami Oceanfront Homes for Sale

August 14, 2020

The Best Communities for Miami Oceanfront Real Estate Are you searching for a beachfront home in South Florida? Direct beachfront homes are rare and elusive. In this final installment of the 5 part blog series, the David Siddons Group reviews the Best Beachfront Single Family Home Neighborhoods in the Miami Area. Enjoy the other parts of this 5 part series that covers South Florida Beachfront Living in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Vero Beach and culminating with Miami. We will provide highlights and sales [...]

Avenues School Miami | The Best Miami Neighborhoods around Avenues Miami

August 11, 2020

The Best Communities around Avenues the World School Miami As many New Yorkers are making the move from NYC to Miami so does one of their most prestigious schools. Avenues, one of New York's most elite schools is opening in Miami to meet demand. The Avenues school, which also has campuses in São Paulo and Shenzhen, has acquired the campus that formerly housed Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame High School and is located in the up and coming Buena Vista neighborhood of Miami. For those families who [...]

What Miami Homes For Sale Can You Afford? Comparing the Different Miami Neighborhoods in Price per SF

October 28, 2019

Miami Homes for Sale | The Prices per SF in Miami's Different Neighborhoods Buyers often have a certain budget and a wish for at certain minimum amount of SF. With that information they would like to know what kind of home they can afford in the different Miami neighborhoods.  Therefore we provide you with this simple overview of average prices per SF for different price ranges in different Miami neighborhoods. Lets say you have a $2M budget for a 4,000 SF home, then you can [...]

What Miami Condos For Sale Can You Afford? Comparing the Different Miami Condos in Price per SF

October 21, 2019

Miami Condos for Sale | The Prices per SF for 150 Miami Condos for Sale Many buyers ask me: "What  Miami Condo can I afford with this budget, if I want at least a certain amount of SF?". To be able to attend these potential buyers better we created this overview of 150 Miami condos for sale and their sales prices per SF in the last 12 months (Nov 2018 - Oct 2019) The below graphs are showing the most desired Miami condos in Miami's [...]

Miami Luxury Homes for Sale | What Mansions Can You Buy for $8M+?

September 4, 2019

Are you moving to Miami? These are the mansions that you can buy with a $8M+ Budget This blog is for people who would like to relocate to Miami or already live in Miami, but don’t know the real estate market in each area. Within Miami we compare the different areas if you were to buy with a $8M+ budget. We show you 10 homes that sold in the last year for $7.5M and up in five of Miami's most desired residential areas. Below each [...]

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