Where to Find the Best Waterfront Communities on Miami Beach?

The Best Waterfront Communities on Miami Beach

The Best Waterfront Communities on Miami Beach: The Venetian islands are desired among Miami’s tax refugees

As more and more affluent families flock to Miami from different parts of the country, the interest in upscale waterfront neighborhoods in Miami Beach is going up. Miami Beach has always been a place where wealthy individuals invested, but now, according to Business Insider, more hedge fund professionals and other high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are becoming property owners in the area.

In this blog, we delve into the top waterfront communities in Miami Beach. Plus, we offer convenient links for you to directly explore available properties. Join us as we explore the finest coastal living options in Miami Beach!

Waterfront Communities Miami Beach

Community amount of Homes Lot Sizes Price Ranges Search Homes for Sale
Venetian Islands 300+ 6,000-27,000 $2.5M-$40M Venetian Islands Listings
North Bay Road 200+ 10,000-60,000SF $6M-$50M North Bay Rd Listings
Hibiscus Island 150 9,000-38,000 $5M-$20M Hibiscus Palm and Star Island Listings
Palm Island 150 6,500 - 60,000 $3.5M-$40M Hibiscus Palm and Star Island Listings
Star Island 35 40,000-87,000 $25M-$80M Hibiscus Palm and Star Island Listings
Fisher Island 23 Condos and 8 Homes n/a $2.2M-$30M Fisher Island Listings
Indian Creek island 40 53,000-118,000 $25M-$80M Indian Creek Listings
Sunset Islands 50-80 per Island 6,000-35,000 $5M-$40M Sunset Islands Listings
La Gorce Island 58 12,500-75,000 $4.5M-$35M La Gorce Listings
Allison Island 50 16,000-26,000 $8M-$25M Allison Island Listings
Biscayne Point and Stillwater 300+ 2,500 - 15,000 $900K-$30M Biscayne Point and Stillwater Listings
Normandy Isles and Shores 300+ 6,000-16,000 $900K-$10M Normandy Shores Listings
Altos Del Mar 24 6,000-17,000 $10M-$30M Altos Del Mar Listings

The Best Waterfront Communities in Miami Beach

Venetian Islands

The Venetian Islands consist of 6 man-made islands in the Biscayne Bay between Midtown/Edgewater and Miami Beach. These islands are connected by the Venetian Causeway, which is a private tollway between Miami’s mainland and the Beach.
The Venetian Islands are desired by buyers for the many waterfront lots. In recent years investors snatched up empty lots or torn-down properties to construct brand-new contemporary mansions, which is desired by today’s buyers

  • Price range: $2.5M – $40M
  • Number of homes: Di Lido island is the most dense island with approx. 200 homes
  • SF range of Lots: 5,000 – 20,000 SF+

North Bay Road

North Bay Road is a prestigious street in Miami Beach stretching from 20th Street all the way up to W 63rd Street. This street is very desirable because of the many waterfront homes. Many of these waterfront lots are quite large with 20,000+SF and just like on the Venetian Islands, investors have bought many of the dated homes or empty lots and constructed luxurious and contemporary Miami mansions.
Some might argue the southern part of North Bay Road (Closer to 20th Street) is better as it is closer to Sunset Harbour with better views, while others prefer the northern part with the larger lots above 41st Street.

  • Price range: $6M – $50M+
  • SF range of Lots: 6,000 – 50,000 SF+

Hibiscus Island, Star Island and Palm Island

This exclusive island trio is located in the Biscayne Bay between Downtown Miami and the Beach along the McArthur Causeway. The homes are known to be owned by international jetsets and celebrities. Homes on the islands are large and located on large lots. The most exclusive island is Star Island.

  • Price range: $1,2M – $28
    • Star Island: $25- $80M
    • Palm Island: $3.5M – $40M
    • Hibiscus Island: $5M – $20M
  • Number of homes:
    • Star Island: 35
    • Palm Island: 150
    • Hibiscus Island: 150
  • SF range of Lots:
    • Star Island: 40,000 – 87,000
    • Palm Island:  6,500 – 60,000
    • Hibiscus Island: 9,000 – 38,000

Fisher Island

Although this blog is more about Miami Gated Communities for single-family homes, we couldn’t ignore Fisher Island. This island is arguably one of the most exclusive and private enclaves in all of Miami. Exclusive Fisher Island can only be reached by helicopter or ferry and is only accessible upon invitation from one of its residents. Fisher Island is self-regulated and offers a golf course, tennis courts, 24-hour security, a marina, and a school. Fisher Island is America’s wealthiest zip code and attracts many New Yorkers looking for a primary residence in Miami

  • Condo Community with 23 condos and around 8 private homes
  • Price range: $2.2M – $30M+
The Investment Value of Fisher Island - A Fisher Island Condo Analysis DSG

Indian Creek Island

Indian Creek Island is a 250-acre private island with only 40 residences around an 18-hole Golf Course which belongs to the best in the nation. Known for its extremely large waterfront homes, Indian Creek belongs to Miami’s most exclusive communities and is often referred to as “Billionaire Bunker”, topping Zillow’s list of most expensive streets in the USA with an average home value of $21.48 million.

The extremely safe community enjoys maximum security by means of police control via boat, jeep, and Jet Ski 24 hours a day.  

  • Price range: $25M – $80M
  • Number of homes: 40
  • SF range of Lots: 53,000 – 118,000

Sunset Islands

The Sunset Islands are a group of 4 islands located in the Biscayne Bay just north of the Venetian Islands. The island group is one of Miami’s most desired residential areas as the 24/7 guard gated community offers superb real estate in an excellent location.

  • Price range: $5M to $40M+
  • Number of homes: Each island has between 50 and 80 homes
  • SF range of Lots: 6,000 to 35,000 SF.

La Gorce Island

La Gorce Island is a guard-gated Island community in Biscayne Bay. The tropical and lush island offers various styles of homes, which are located on large lots. Some of the homes are located on waterfront lots while most of the homes are located on an interior lot. Many of the waterfront lots come with a boat dock. Like other island communities, homes for sale on La Gorce Island are desired because of their exclusivity, privacy, and the tranquility that comes with island living. Besides the waterfront location, La Gorce Island is also close to other main areas of Miami and therefore desired by buyers.

  • Price range: $4.5M – $35M
  • Number of homes: 58
  • SF range of Lots: 12,500 – 75,000

Allison Island

Allison Island is an 8.5-acre island in the beautiful Biscayne Bay of Miami Beach. The South of the island is called Aqua and is home to many townhomes and condos (3 midrise waterfront condos and 46 townhomes), while the North of Allison Island is known for its many waterfront homes. Single-family homes on Allison Island are located on spacious lots (16,000 SF+) and offer unobstructed views over the water as well as La Gorce Island or Indian Creek Dr. Homes for sale on Allison Island are desired, because they offer a great deal of privacy and tranquility although they are just minutes away from the action of Miami Beach. Allison Island is also desired by boaters for obvious reasons.

  • Price range: $8M – $25M+
  • Number of homes: 50
  • SF range of Lots: 16,000 – 26,000

Biscayne Point and Stillwater

The island group is located on the northwest tip of Miami Beach, just north of Normandy Isle and south of Surfside. Biscayne Point is made up of two peninsulas that extend into the Biscayne Bay, called Biscayne Point (Southern peninsula) and Stillwater (Northern peninsula). Most homes are waterfront and enjoy amazing views over the Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. Biscayne Point is close to the beaches and all its entertainment while the community gives you a feel of tranquility and privacy.

Biscayne Point is desired by boaters and golf lovers as the waterfront community is surrounded by two golf courses: Indian Creek Country Club and the Normandy Shores Golf Course.

  • Price range: $900K – $30M
  • Number of homes: 300+
  • SF range of Lots: 2,500 – 15,000

Normandy Isle and Normandy Shores

Normandy Isles and Normandy Shores belong to the private and gated island community of Normandy Isles. The island community is the most affordable of all Miami Beach gated communities with home prices already starting at $500,000 or less. This island still offers many dated homes that can be bought for good prices and remodeled into a multi-million dollar mansion. Normandy Isles offers a great amount of waterfront homes. The northern part also called Normandy Shores is more exclusive than its southern counterpart and home to a 18-hole golf course called the Normandy Shores Golf Club.

  • Price range: $900,000 – $10M
  • Number of homes: 300+
  • SF range of Lots: 6,000 – 16,000
  • Price range: $900,000 – $10M
  • Number of homes: 300+
  • SF range of Lots: 6,000 – 16,000

Altos Del Mar

Situated directly along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline, Altos Del Mar stands as the sole oceanfront community for single-family homes  in Miami Beach. Positioned between 77th and 79th Streets, this intimate gated community represents the highest elevation in Miami Beach, ensuring an exclusive and exceptional residential experience for its inhabitants. Altos Del Mar residences showcase some of the most exceptional architectural elements in Miami Beach homes.

  • Price range: $10M – $30M
  • Number of homes: 24
  • SF range of Lots: 6,000 – 17,000 SF

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