One Thousand Museum: Is this the Best Luxury Condo in Miami?

Is One Thousand Museum the Best Luxury Condo in Miami?

This article and our other associated articles will endeavor to answer the question: ‘Is this the best Luxury Condo in Miami?’ Our analysis of the building will break down the superiority of this building over others and provide enough data and information to help buyers recognize that we are truly analytical experts in this market with the optics that make us an essential partner when looking to buy.

Is One Thousand Museum the Best Luxury Condo in Miami?

Let’s look at the variables for the ‘Best Luxury Condo in Miami’, and what we score 1000 Museum at, along with our observations. As always it is important to recognize the line in the buildings that your looking at, because this can make or break the result.

Finishes: 9/10
The finishes are without a doubt one of the best developer finishes we have seen. The building has really been created with an eye for detail even comparing it to other ultra-luxury Miami condos. No need to retrofit better doors, appliances or kitchens. Whatever unit you pick however will need upgrades to lighting, wall units, wall paper and window treatments.

Location (proximity to main attractions of Miami): 7/10
 Easy access to everything; 15 minutes to the Beach, 5 minutes to Brickell and 5 minutes to Wynwood. Only thing that detracts is that it’s not on the beach and the surrounding streets are not that walkable (see walkability score).

Amenities and Services: 9/10
1000 Museum received 5 stars from Forbes Travel Guide  for its services and lifestyle and it is the only residential building in the world to have an exclusive partnership with Forbes Travel Guide. Need we say more? No direct beach access, so if you want an immediate beach experience or service this won’t be for you.  The condo does have a South beach beach club with transportation. Also One Thousand Museum offers a helipad. So if you own a helicopter or frequently use one, this is the Miami luxury condo for you.

Exclusivity: 8/10
One Thousand Museum only offers 84 residences, which are  full-floor units or half-floor units. No small 1 or 2 bedroom units are found here. All units are 4 bedroom units or bigger. The one drawback is that the neighborhood does not have the most exclusive feel.

Buying a Miami Luxury Condo


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Views: 7/10.
Great city and inter-coastal views. No direct ocean views, but honestly you are unlikely to get complaints for the view. The back views however are less than optimal as you see the freeway.

Floor plans: 9/10
Truly functional as a family home.  Each floor plan provides for a lot of natural light; there is light in every single room even within the bathrooms and walk-in closets, which changes the look and feel of the units. The flow of the units is also amazing with large corridors and high ceilings. Furthermore the majority of the columns are on the exterior of the building providing the residents with open, ample living rooms. Nothing feels cramped and all units have a home-like flow and feeling to them.  Terraces are decent although not as big as some other top competitors.

Walkability: 6/10
This is the Achilles heel of this project, as there is not a lot to walk to right now apart from a café and a couple of restaurants downstairs.

Value: 9.5/10
At around $1,300 per SF this is about 50% more affordable than the competitors (see table below for price comparisons with some of Miami’s most luxurious condos)

Is One Thousand Museum the best luxury condo in Miami? Comparing the different prices per SF of Miami luxury condos

*Average price per SF based on listing prices per SF

Comparing One Thousand Museum to other Miami Luxury Condos for Sale

-Click on picture to enlarge-

Is One Thousand Museum the best luxury condo in Miami? Comparing One Thousand Museum to other Miami luxury condos

The table above is our personal rating of other luxury condos in Miami. We looked at the individual factors as also discussed above, while also taking its price point into consideration.

One Thousand Museum scores 8.1 on this scale. We love the finishes, the architecture and the large floor plans with a great flow. The reason this condo scores slightly lower than many other top condos is the location and the walkability. The area is simply not as developed as the areas in which other luxury condos are located. The views received a lower score as well (7!), which is obviously very subjective.  Some people might prefer bay views and night lights over ocean views and complete obscurity during the night.

For those that do not care about what kind of water views the condo offers (Please know that the very high floors at 1000 Museum still provide for some views over the ocean) or care less about the exact location this condo offers very large floor plans, a homely feeling, lots of light and a helipad at an average of just $1,300 per SF!!!

In the end it is all about personal taste!!

Contact me today for more information on One Thousand Museum and other Miami Luxury Condos for sale so we can look at each condo with the criteria that matter to you!!

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