Building vs Buying a Pinecrest Home | What to know and what to prepare for

An Insider’s Guide to New Construction Homes in Pinecrest

June 2022. In this episode of the “Better Decisions” podcast, our Pinecrest Territory Manager Daniela Zohlman interviews developer Aaron Zielski of ADZ homes, about all things construction and what to expect when building a home. I’m constantly being asked by clients if it makes more sense in this market to purchase a turn-key home, flip a home, or buy a lot and build and we dive into this in detail. We also uncover:

  • The ease of developing in Pinecrest in comparison to other neighborhoods/municipalities
  • Timelines of construction/ projects
  • What are some obstacles we have been faced with regarding supply chain and labor? Is it improving?

CHAPTERS: 00:00 Introduction, 00:45 ADZ Homes’ Experience and Strengths, 03:35 Buying a Home vs. Building a Home ,07:35 What to look out for when Buying a New Construction Home?, 13:25 The Most Challenging part of being a Developer? 16:08 The Difference between the different Miami Cities or Municipalities regarding building and permits?, 20:05 Supply Chain Issues, 23:55 The Numbers, 27:15 Miami Construction Trends, 30:50 How long will it take to build a Custom Home?, 33:20 Current and future projects of ADZ homes

Why do we see so many new construction homes in Pinecrest Fl

Pinecrest is known for being a great place to build not only because of the expansive lot sizes, but because of the way in which the city handles the plan approval and permitting process. According to Aaron, the City of Pinecrest is significantly easier to work with than other municipalities, are more responsive and tend to get permits approved on time, which is typically one of the project’s biggest obstacles. Additionally, the Pinecrest real estate market can easily support the introduction of high-end new construction homes as we have seen an increase of 7 on the amount of homes being sold over $7mm over the last three years.

Building vs Buying a New Home in Pinecrest

As an investor, buying and flipping can be extraordinarily lucrative, especially in a hot market such as the one we’ve been experiencing. Aaron cautions, however, to be mindful of one-off developers taking on these projects with no experience and doing mediocre work. As an end-user, you want to work with a real estate professional who will know exactly what to look for when it comes to quality and making sure you’re getting what you pay for. It’s much easier from a General Contractors perspective to build a custom home from the ground up and follow plans versus flip in many instances. On a flip you may come across some roadblocks that were unforeseen such as rotten walls or other structural issues that may end up costing more to remediate than what was budgeted for.

What to Know When Building your Own Home in Pinecrest Florida

The key to new construction timelines is patience and malleability, as things don’t always go to plan. Make sure you work with a trusted General Contractor who is realistic with timelines and doesn’t over promise and under deliver. Realistically, it could take a year or more to break ground from the moment the plans are submitted. If time is not on your side, call us to discuss other options that might have a quicker turnaround time such as doing additions to an existing house or finding a home that needs minor improvements.

Supply Chain Issues when Building your Own Pinecrest Home

The supply chain shortage has affected just about every industry and construction is no different. Not only has the cost of labor nearly doubled, the costs of materials such as lumbar were at an all time high in 2021 but have since come back down. The supply chain shortage has also delayed appliances from all over the world to be delivered up to a year after ordering, if not more. Make sure to factor in additional time to account for these delays.

Aaron was a delight to speak with and gave a ton of great advice to those considering building or remodeling a home. The Pinecrest market is proven to be a fantastic place to build as homes continue to rise in value and support the introduction of luxury new construction. Make sure to budget extra time and funds prior to taking on a new project and expect the unexpected. At the David Siddons Group we are a team of highly experienced real estate professions who will gladly point you in the right direction. Call us to discuss if buying turn-key, flipping, or building is right for you.


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