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An Overview of all New Homes for Sale in Pinecrest


We invite you to have a look at ALL NEW HOMES FOR SALE IN PINECREST. This overview of listings provides you with all Pinecrest homes that are recently constructed or are currently under construction and will be delivered in the (near) future. You can further customize this search by choosing any of the additional criteria to narrow down the search results.

On the right side of this page you find all kinds of very useful information on Pinecrest and Pinecrest Real Estate that will enhance your knowledge of this market. The David Siddons Group are experts in luxury real estate with a special interest and knowledge in brand new homes. Contact us for any inquiry or to visit any of the homes you like.


New Homes for Sale in Pinecrest


New Homes for Sale in Pinecrest are easy to find. As a matter of fact the market has experienced a true change in recent years. Untill a few years ago most of Pinecrest homes were built in the years between 1960 and 1980 with a very American construction style: expansive, 1-story homes. As the Miami real estate market was experiencing a boom and surrounding areas saw rising prices, Pinecrest homes for sale became more and more attractive to buyers. The area, known for its large homes that sit on oversized lots (an acre lot is no exception in Pinecrest), looked far more financially attrictive than other Miami areas. As an additional selling point most Pinecrest homes for sale are located in excellent public schools districts.


The sudden surge in interest in the Pinecrest real estate market together with a growing clientele for (ultra) luxury homes created a new trend. Buyers as well as real estate investors and developers started to snatch up land or tear down properties in order to construct multi-million dollar mansions that were often sold right after they were constructed. The Pinecrest real estate market went from a market with a typical price tag of $500K – $1M to a market that offers equally as many multi-million dollar properties.


When you are looking for brand new homes for sale in Pinecrest you will find plenty of options in this neighborhood. As mentioned before the large lots allow for expansive residences with large gardens. Many of the brand new Pinecrest homes are contemporary or offer a contemporary style with a classic, Spanish Colonial touch to it.

When you are considering to buy a brand new homes in Pinecrest please be aware of the prices. All too often we see sellers ask for prices that exceed the market price by far. Because the brand new homes are customized and with many unique features it is easy for the selling party to justify the high selling price on these unique selling points. As hard it might be to make good market comparisons please do use a good buyer’s agent who knows the market, the numbers and who has dealt extensively with Pinecrest pre-construction homes.


I have extensively remodeled my own house and have guided several of my clients through the entire home building project (from the purchase of land or tear down property, to the requesting of permits and warning for pitfalls until the resale of the brand new property). Furthermore my wife is an established interior architect and designer who taught me how to spot cheap design and finishes from the high-end products.


Other Pinecrest Real Estate Options


We are specialists in analyzing the local real estate market and we provide a deeper understanding of the true values of these homes and the neighborhood they sit in, with essential neighborhood analysis and news. Make sure to check out some of our essential information links below:

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For more information on the Pinecrest Real Estate Market or Pinecrest Homes for Sale please contact David Siddons

David Siddons | 305.508.0899 |

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