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The Best Communities for Palm Beach Oceanfront Real Estate

Dreaming of a beachfront home in South Florida? In this “Best Beachfront Homes for Sale in Florida” Blog Series, the David Siddons Group travels along the A1A with stops at some of the Best Beachfront Single Family Home Neighborhoods on the east coast of South Florida.

We review our top picks in a 5 part series that covers Beachfront Living near Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Vero Beach and culminating with Miami-Dade. The commentary includes neighborhood highlights and sales statistics to provide you with the insight and knowledge needed to find the right neighborhood for your beachfront home.

The David Siddons Group are beachfront real estate experts that will help you avoid pitfalls and missteps when purchasing beachfront property. We offer broader perspective that goes beyond localized enthusiasm. Now let’s get to the beach and find the best communities for Palm Beach Beachfront homes for sale.

Part 3: The Best Palm Beach Beachfront Homes for Sale

Manalapan Homes for Sale

Located on barrier islands to the south of Palm Beach lies the beachside community of Manalapan. This community has the land area of a mere 0.4 miles, but within this small stretch of islands are some of South Florida’s most significant estate homes. Manalapan is an area comprised of two separate land areas that are nestled between locally known, Lake Worth Lagoon (Intracoastal Waterway) and the Atlantic Ocean.  Town property owners, with the approval of the Board of Directors, are made members of the La Coquille Club without any imposing initiation fee or annual dues. This private club is part of the exclusive Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa which is a premiere beach resort according to Condé Nast Traveler.

  • Manalapan is low lying at just 3′ above sea level.
  • Elevation: 3′ per Worldwide Elevation Map Finder
  • Population 466
  • Public Schools B and C rated

Palm Beach Homes for Sale

The Palm Beaches are in a class unto themselves. A discussion about beachfront living begins with Billionaire’s Row. As the name suggests this area is home to the rich and famous. Last year three of the most expensive residential sales in the “world” were in Palm Beach in the neighborhood known as Billionaire’s Row (located south of Mar-a-Lago). One of these sales was an addition to an accumulating portfolio of properties for one buyer. This buyer now owns every house on Blossom Way. His last purchase was $99M. That’s one way of not worrying about the neighbors. Palm Beach offers opulence and beauty combined with society and art on an island of filled with natural beauty. The Breakers Resort on the island offers an incredible oceanfront golf course and spa. Palm Beach residents also enjoy divine shopping along famed Worth Ave. You never need to visit the mainland again, but when you do the Executive Airport, International Airport and Brightline Train Station are all close by.

  • Elevation 7′ per
  • Population 8,802
  • Public Schools A & C  rated

North Palm Beach Homes for Sale

There are two standout neighborhoods for beachfront living in North Palm Beach. The first is Lost Tree Village. The words that best describe this neighborhood would be, understated elegance. The neighborhood is known as one of the most beautiful & refined gated golf communities in the country. Membership is required to the Lost Tree Club for golf, tennis and dining. Beachfront homes in this neighborhood are highly sought after. Just next to Lost Tree Village is another outstanding beachfront neighborhood, Seminole Landing. Club membership is not required for home ownership. Should you desire a golf club membership the exclusive Seminole Golf Club. This club consistently ranks among the too 100 golf clubs in the US. One if the newest members is Tom Brady (of football fame).

Looking for incredibly beautiful beachfront living in a gated private neighborhood then North Palm Beach might be where you find your next home.

  • Elevation 10 ‘ per Worldwide Elevation Map
  • Population 13,158

Jupiter Island Homes for Sale

Three words are used to sum up the Town of Jupiter Island: Seclusion, Solitude and Tranquility. These words are included in a description of Jupiter Island from a long ago legal case that stated, “The community is unique- it is the one and only, different from all others, having no like or equal.” If you seek a home in a quiet beachfront haven then Jupiter Island is perfect for you. The island and surrounding area that includes Tequesta and Jupiter are water centric. The ocean is an important aspect of the area but also the inland rivers and canals offer beautiful waterfront properties as well.

  • Elevation 10′ per Wikipedia
  • Population 920
  • Public Schools C and B rated


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