The 2018 Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condo Report

The 2018 Market Analysis for Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condos for Sale

The 2018 Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condo Report

A Soft Investors Market with Extremely High Levels of Inventory

The Sunny Isles Beach luxury market has been soft for sales through 2018. Just 9 sales so far this year over $3m and 2 pending up to August 1st 2018. Mansions of Aqualina and Porsche are the main two condos that feature multiple times in this list. There are no doubt a few others that may have sold in some of the remaining developer inventory for new condos in Sunny Isles. This is still a very small number considering as of 1st August there was a pool of 185 condo units available priced at $3m or more. Breaking this down: 88 are priced between $3m – $5m. 78 are priced $5m – $10m and 19 over $10m.

This market is typically made up of investors and second homeowners and to a much lesser extent end-users who occupy these condos as a primary residence. We have continuously and repetitively continued to tell our clients that these non-primary neighborhood markets are more sensitive to market corrections than neighborhoods where the majority of home owners live all year round. You will often find me referencing 3 different market types and their typical economic behaviour: ‘investor’ (the least robust), second home markets (the middle ground) and primary markets (the most robust)’.

The 2018 Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condo Report
The 2018 Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condo Report
The 2018 Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condo Report
The 2018 Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Condo Report

Underwhelming Brand New Towers 

One of the main reasons for this market’s slowdown is that in the last condo boom many luxury condos in Sunny Isles were overhyped and were sold on what many consider over exaggerated, under delivered promises and features. ‘The sky is the limit’s is the mentality that was pitched in terms of stylistic and cutting edge condo construction. The pitch was strong and huge amounts were spent by developer on attracting international buyers. Buyers were displaying a “followers” mentality and following other high end buyers into the market with little question and the prices saw a rapid increase.

When these projects were finally delivered they were disappointing to many. Owners also expected to flip these units for elevated prices and therefore listed them right after they were delivered. The problem with this market is also that the demographic that was heavily buying into this market suddenly experienced currency or economic problems in their home countries, which resulted in a drop in demand from their side. With many new products and a limited base of buyers, inventory rapidly escalated. We saw properties reselling for $4M while they were originally purchased for $5,9M. That is a massive price drop and very revealing for the state of the market.

For more information or my personal (uncensored) opinion about the different Sunny Isles Beach condos, please contact me personally at 305.508.0899.

Advice for Buyers of Sunny Isles Luxury Condos

If you are buying to make it your primary home, a second home owner, or an investor and really have an interest in the Sunny Isles market then I suggest you let us help you shop the market. There is a massive amount of inventory and without a doubt there are deals to be done with considerable discounted properties coming from very motivated sellers. Buyers must be careful though as there are a number of Condos being pushed as great investments with huge upsides and a level or unrivaled quality but this is just not necessarily true and buyers need to know which Condos are fragile economically. I don’t like to give my specific opinions of Condos in reports (particularly the ones to avoid) so please call me in person to discuss.

Advice for Sellers of Sunny Isles Luxury

Inventory in Sunny Isles Beach is rocketing. With more than 100 months of inventory it will take the market about 8 years to absorb the current supply. On the demand site we see very little movement as properties are overpriced and not what they were expected to be. Waiting longer to sell will not make a big difference. In order to sell your property you have to price it at or slightly below market value. Many less educated owners still do not see that they need to lower their price, so owners who move quickly will have an advantage. For those who need to 1031 exchange or keep there money in Miami real estate for other reasons, use the money you get from your Sunny Isles Condo sale to put into other markets where you might be able to recoup any losses – mid to low price range ($1m – $1.5m) primary single family home markets like Coconut Grove or Coral Gables where property values are still and gradually going up.

Contact David Siddons to know more about the Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Real Estate Market or for an unfiltered opinion about Sunny Isles’ condos (Which for legal reasons I cannot do in this report). Whether you want to sell or to buy a luxury condo in Sunny Isles Beach we can help you with insights and an excellent (digital) marketing strategy.

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David Siddons is a top producing Miami realtor with nearly $100M in yearly sales. He is known as a market analyst and he is the author of many of Miami’s most groundbreaking real estate reports.


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