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An Independent Review

This article was written with the purpose of independently reviewing the St Regis Residences in Brickell. Besides analyzing the project’s features I will compare it against other top new construction and resale condos in Brickell.

Like yourself, I also got a first glimpse of the project through the developer’s renderings and videos. Curious to know more I visited the sale center. As I have 15+ years of experience selling real estate and sold hundreds of new construction units, I know what to pay attention to and what questions to ask. Being very familiar with St Regis’ location, finishes, and floor plans and being able to stack this up against the competition, I believe I can give you an unbiased review.

As always, whether you are reading in detail or skimming for information. Enjoy the article and don’t forget to read my conclusions at the end!

Introduction to St Regis Brickell

This review shows an overall analysis of the value and quality of the lifestyle at St Regis Brickell Miami. This is just one review of the many that we offer on all new construction condos across Miami. 

Article Overview:

  1. Direct Access to Floor Plans, Renderings, Prices and Condo Rankings
  2. Video Review of St Regis Brickell
  3. The Pedigree of the St Regis Brand – Hospitality Branded Condos Outperform non-branded condos
  4. Primary Residences and Well-Considered Floor Plans
  5. Review of Location. The Importance of being on the south side of Brickell
  6. The Lack of Large, Luxury Residences in Brickell
  7. The Economics of the Building: Comparing its prices to other Brickell New Construction Condos as well as resale condos
  8. Who this condo is NOT for and what possible alternatives.
  9. A table with our top 10 Condos of 2023-2028
  10. Conclusions and advice

1. Access to Prices, Floor Plans and Rankings

Download Prices, Floor Plans and Drone Tour
Download Prices, Floor Plans and Drone Tour

2. Video Review of St Regis Brickell

3. The Pedigree and Experience of the St Regis Brand


St. Regis is an established hospitality brand. This condo offers all the services commonly seen in a St Regis hotel such as their signature spa, Tea Room, and the Cognac room. It has the St Regis amenities and butler services but does not have the hotel element in the building. Hospitality-branded Condos have historically performed very well in Miami. With a pedigree of experience, they proved to be more economically resilient than other condos. Take St Regis in Bal Harbour, the Ritz Carlton in Sunny Isles, or the Four Seasons in Brickell or Surfside. St Regis is not branded just for the sake of branding but provides a superior experience to the residents in service and amenities. Their performance is a testament to that.

Below I have provided a graph showing the past performance of the hospitality brands against the general market. If you track their appreciation in percentage, you will see that the increase of these buildings exceeds competing buildings without a brand name. Furthermore, some ‘non-hospitality’ branded condos that entered the market with a brand name as part of their selling strategy performed the worst.

Another advantage of the St Regis brand is that the brand will not allow for cutting corners. The team behind St Regis in Brickell is one I highly regard and one that enjoys a proven track record. However, we all know construction costs have increased considerably and value engineering is one way to save money. In the case of St Regis, the brand cannot afford anything less than perfection.

4. Primary Residences and Well-Considered Floor Plans

There are no cheap seats on this condominium floor plan. With that said, the front two-facing units are the most desirable and expensive. Every floor offers four residences. The smallest residences are still expansive (the two-bedroom units measure 2,600 SF). There is no abundance of small units in the condo, which is the case in many other Brickell condos. This tower will cater to a high-end buyer and is, therefore, more likely to be bought by primary residents comparable to investors. As a result, there will be a higher ratio of end-users in the future and fewer renters. Ask me for data on rental-dominated condos against more primary condos. I can show you how the two differ in appreciation performance.

The floor plans embrace the modern way of living with lots of open spaces, a great flow, and a large social area that enjoys expansive water views from the moment you enter. Quick note, unrelated to floor plans, the 4+ bedroom residences will get 3 parking spaces with additional valet service. Maybe not important to some, but unique for the Brickell market to get that many parking spots with a unit.

What Floor Plan Do I Prefer?

If you ask me about my preferred floor plan the answer is the B line. Important to know is that in Miami, the Southeast units tend to be most desired as they are facing the water and receive more sunlight. The B-Line is such a South East facing floor plan. In addition, it has a deep east-facing terrace and an additional terrace facing south. You need to be over the 20th floor to clear the neighboring condo in the south and enjoy unobstructed views.

I would also recommend the A-line, however, I heard last week that the entire line is sold out. They have not even broken ground and the entire line is sold!

The Importance of Views

With our guidance, we can help you understand the views. This WILL AFFECT FUTURE VALUES. Why? Because direct water view units are in much lower abundance than partial or city view units. Consider New York, as a much older city, buildings with views over the Hudson or Central Park have seen incredible increases in value because their views have remained the best. Increasingly the neighborhood gets denser, so you will find fewer and fewer of these. We use our drones to show clients what the views will be like from any elevation. Below a certain floor level, the views drastically change on both front and back.

Buyers who combine units to create even larger residences are also potentially making a wise decision. An unusually high number of unit owners have already opted for this at St Regis. Larger units are hard to come by in Brickell. Over time I have seen many units sell as combinations and the subsequent staggeringly high appreciation. Consider our combined 87 Park units (1102/1106), which we sold for $21,000,000 – 25% more than the owner originally paid.

My Preferred Floor plan at St Regis Brickell

5. The Location of the St Regis Brickell Miami

St Regis Brickell will be built on one of the last waterfront lots that are available in Brickell. The residences are located in the South part of Brickell. This part of Brickell, in my opinion, is much better than being in the core of Brickell. St Regis allows easy accessibility to the center of it all but without the limitations of the heavy traffic. Many residents that live in the center or close to the infamous bridge experience heavy traffic in peak hours making it harder to enter or exit the financial district. Brickell remains the best location if you like a vibrant city core and is excellent for those working in the financial sector.

5 A. The Marina. Miami condos with a private boat dock are very scarce. If you want to live in a condo that offers a marina/yacht club, this is the condo for you. The St Regis Residences offer pick up and drop off service for yachts up to 100 ft. In addition, residents can charter a yacht in the private yacht club. For now, it is not clear yet, whether the marina will have slips for sale/rent, how many they will have and what size of vessel can be docked.

6. The Lack of Large, Luxury Residences in Brickell

The word ‘luxury’ in Miami Condo marketing has been applied too casually for many years. In truth, Brickell is NOT home to that many luxury condos! In my opinion, St Regis is the first new legitimate ultra-luxury condo since the Four Seasons Brickell. Built-in 2004, the Four Seasoned delivered exclusivity, elegant floor plans, and luxury amenities. Before this, it was Bristol and Santa Maria. These projects, although still very desirable, are now very dated. The fact is, St Regis is a brand new condo and the first one to fill the demand for luxury condos in Brickell, making it unique. If you want to know how I define true luxury, please give me a call. My opinion is from years of feedback and conversations with luxury owners and buyers.

7. The Economics

Not enough to take our opinion. Lean into our market analysis to see if it makes economic sense. Prices are subject to change but as of September 2023, St Regis Brickell sells on average for just below $2K per SF. A high price for what we are used to in the Brickell market, but also a very unique product we have never seen before. A product that although desired, is hard to come by.

Comparing it with other Brickell New Construction condos the average is slightly higher, but you need to factor in St Regis’ Bayfront location.
Looking at the overall average for Miami condos whether it’s pre-construction or resale, St Regis offers a competitive price tag very much in line with the market.

Screen1: Comparing the average prices per SF of the different new construction condos within Miami
Print screen 2: Condo Geeks screen of Brickell condos that sell for $3M+
Screen 3: Condo Geeks screen of Miami condos that sell for $3M+

8. Are there any Downsides?

We do not want to sound sycophantic or one-sided in our analysis, so we detail a few things to consider when you are thinking about buying into this project. We do not believe that anything is 100% perfect. I think agents who tell you everything is amazing are not doing you any favors as a client. I have seen agents who focus on the good and not the bad. This is just not honest and forewarned is forearmed!

  • The most expensive condo in Brickell: St. Regis will be the most expensive condo to be built in Brickell ever. Although I do believe it is worth its price tag and is a far superior product to anything else that has been built in Brickell, it is important to mention this.
  • High HOA: A boutique project that offers the amount of amenities and services that St Regis does, is expected to have a higher-than-average HOA.
  • 2027 Delivery. St Regis is one of the last new construction condos to be delivered.

Alternative Condos to St. Regis Brickell

In case the St Regis in Brickell is not the right condo for you or the wait is too long you might consider these resale condos:

In addition, you might consider these new construction condos:

9. A table with our top 10 Condos of 2023-2028

Ranking Condo Average Price per SF Start Prices Amount of Units Year Finished Independent Reviews Video included in review
# 10 CIPRIANI $1,575 $1,600,000 397 2027 Click here
# 9 THE RESIDENCES AT 1428 BRICKELL $1,680 $2,500,000 189 2026 Click here
# 8 St Regis Brickell $2,200 $4M 149 2027 Click here
# 7 RIVAGE $3,580 $7,000,000 60 2026 Click here
# 6 Six Fisher Island $4,000 $15M 50 2027 Click here
# 5 VITA $2,235 $5,800,000 65 2024 Click here
# 4 THE SHORE CLUB $5,500 $6,000,000 49 2026 Click here
# 3 The Four Seasons Private Residences Coconut Grove $3,500, $4,000 $5.9M 70 2027
# 2 THE PERIGON $3,250 $4,000,000 73 2026 Click here
#1 The Residences at Mandarin Oriental $2.600 $5,000,000 220 2028 Click here

10. Conclusions and Advice regarding St Regis Residences in Brickell

St Regis specifically caters to individuals seeking expansive residences that provide the same functionality and benefits as a traditional single-family home. Based on my own experiences, I firmly believe that the closer a condo residence comes to emulating the advantages of a house, the more successful it is likely to be.

Brickell doesn’t currently offer a wide selection of true primary residences that can serve as viable alternatives to single-family homes. Finding a spacious 4-bedroom unit, especially one that exceeds 3,000 square feet, is no easy task in this area. In fact, there are relatively few luxury residences available. While the demand for such units is on the rise, only a handful of new condominiums are being developed to cater to those seeking large primary living spaces.

Taking into account its exceptional Bayfront location (with few waterfront lots remaining), its focus on primary residences, and the esteemed St Regis brand, I have a strong belief that this condominium will perform exceptionally well.

Why Work with Us?

We enjoy full super-broker status with most of the developments. This means we get first access to information and inventory. As super brokers, we enjoy all the benefits of having this status but by using us you still get independent advice. We are not limited to just one project and are therefore providing you with what the entire market has to offer. We provide you with the pros and cons of the location and the floor plans and we will compare prices with other new and resale condos. There are subtle nuances when it comes to buying pre-construction and therefore it is essential you work with an independent agent who has 17+ years of experience in selling pre-construction. We know the reputation of developers, we know what to look out for and we know what questions to ask.

I have sold hundreds of new construction condos and resale condos over my career. I have provided independent advice about the new condo market for over a decade and I have observed consistent patterns and trends over that time. My experience will not only guide you towards the best unit but also protect you from terrible mistakes. I challenge you to quiz me on any building in any market. I will honestly give you the good, the bad, and the ugly no matter what the cost.

Want to know more?

You can schedule a meeting with me via the Calendly link below. You can also send me an email ( or call me on my cell (305) 508-0899. If you want to know more about me, read my bio.


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