The Best Floor Plan at the Cipriani Brickell Residences


I’ve had the privilege of visiting the sales center of the Cipriani Brickell Residences multiple times. As a result I have valuable hands-on experience in evaluating their floor plans. It’s through these visits and countless conversations with clients inquiring about specific floor plans that I’ve built a deep understanding of the different lines at Cipriani.

Over time, I’ve honed my ability to discern which floor plans truly make sense. I have learned which plans offer benefits that go above and beyond not only within the building but also in comparison to other properties. With years of experience in selling luxury condos, I’ve gained insights into what really works and what doesn’t. You see, a floor plan on paper can be vastly different from the experience of walking through the actual unit. It’s astonishing how often I’ve witnessed buyers envisioning a certain layout when making their initial decision, only to realize upon moving in that it doesn’t quite suit their lifestyle.

In this regard, I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to be married to a star interior designer (Design Solutions). Through our partnership, I’ve come to understand the importance of proper “place planning,” which is a fundamental aspect of excellent interior design. There are the discoveries I’ve made along the way of selling new construction for 15 years. Whether you’re delving into every detail or just skimming for key information, I hope you find this article enlightening. And please, don’t miss my concluding thoughts at the end.

1. Access to Prices, Floor Plans and Rankings

Download Prices, Floor Plans and Drone Tour
Download Prices, Floor Plans and Drone Tour

Our Preferred Floor Plan at Cipriani in Brickell

The Best Floor Plan at Cipriani Residences in Brickell

While Cipriani Residences in Brickell offers several good floor plans, today we focus on the Canaletto Collection. This unique set of floor plans is located on floors 62-78. This selection is a true primary residence, designed to match the comfort of a single-family home. It is ideal for families that would like to reside in a unit all year round. This particular line on the higher floors, offers

  • 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms
  •  3,500 SF Interior
  • 1,200-1,700 SF Wrap-around terrace with 180-degree views* (Sunrise to sunset)
  • Extensive southeast views overlooking the bay in the east and Coconut Grove towards the south
  • Generous and open living room with an open floor plan
  • Service Quarters (unique for this line at this level)
  • Private elevators (uniquely offered with this line at this level)

In addition, the developer gives buyers the option to upgrade the unit with different finishes. The Canaletto collection starts selling from $5.9M to $7M.

Top Units for Sale at Cipriani

Click on the pictures to see all the details and renderings.

Unit 7501 | 4 Bedrooms | 3,495 SF | $7,068,900

Unit 6301 | 4 Bedrooms | 3,495 SF | $6,510,900

Unit 7303 | 2 Bedrooms  + Den | 2,018 SF | $3,806,900

Unit 6502 | 2 Bedrooms  + Den | 2,018 SF | $3,816,900

How Competitive are the Prices?

We have studied the prices of all of Miami’s new construction condos. With an average asking price per SF of $1,575, the Cipriani Brickell Residences are very competitive. New construction condos in Miami start selling around $1,000 per SF and go up to $4,000+ per SF. The units in question start at $5.9M for 3,494 SF of interior space. That brings the price per SF to $1,688 for Cipriani’s most prime floor plan. The Residences at 1428 Brickell, another luxury condo in the Brickell area is selling at an average of $1,680. Baccarat’s average asking price is $1,630 per SF, and Villa in Edgewater is asking $1,650 per SF.

For an exact price analysis of the different units and how they compare to pre-construction or resale condos, please contact me!

Want to compare this project to other new Condo Constructions in Miami and Fort Lauderdale?

If you want to consider or compare this to other projects in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Please visit our complete new Condo construction page where you can find details of every single project being built between 2023 and 2028: CLICK HERE. If you’re ready to know more, then simply call me direct, email me or book a calendly appointment below to chat.

David’s Conclusions

More and more primary buyers are now looking at the condo market, which will only increase the demand for large units. In addition, these primary residences make more sense economically, as primary residences will always outperform investment-class product that is used for rental income. My experience tells me that the more a condo residence replicates the benefits of a house the better it will do.

Brickell does not offer many truly primary residences. It is not easy to find a spacious 4-bedroom unit, especially one that is 3,000 SF+ with a wrap-around terrace. Brickell has never had many primary residences or residences that can substitute a home in terms of size and functionality. We have Four Seasons Brickell, and condos such as Asia, Santa Maria, or Bristol. While offering large floor plans, some of these condos do not offer expansive terraces and are too dated for many buyers. Therefore the 01 line units at the Cipriani Brickell Residences offer something unique that is most likely to appreciate over time.

Why work with me to buy your pre-construction unit?

As an independent analyst, I have researched, studied, reported, and MOST importantly helped hundreds of buyers purchase new construction and resale condos for over 15 years. I am available to help, partner, and guide you to the best units without bias. I hold ‘super-broker’ status within the real estate community. In addition, I’m one of the few agents to be hired as a consultant on the development and marketing of four luxury projects over the past five years. I understand intimately the process, strategies, and legalities of new construction. Moreover, I have an insider’s understanding of how they work, advertise, market, legally operate, and sell – both the good and bad!

My experience and connections allow me to navigate my way to direct dialogue with the developer on your behalf. Advising, protecting, and executing luxury pre-construction condo deals at the best prices and with the best terms for my clients. My advanced software allows me to provide a clear understanding of new and resale value history to clients. My Top 10 New Construction Condo Rankings enable buyers to see how any new condo stacks up against the competition throughout Miami. Finally, my understanding of project specifics and statistics is unmatched. Want to know more? Call me for an impartial chat at (305) 985-0642 and let me openly and freely share my knowledge with you. You can also email me: or register on the Calendly app for a Zoom call.

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