Rivage in Bal Harbour – Is this the Best New Construction Condo for Bal Harbour and Surfside?

Rivage Bal Harbour | Our Independent Review of the Lifestyle and Value

A review of Rivage, one of Miami’s newest ultra-luxury condos. This article is more than just a repetition of the developer’s fact sheet. This unbiased review covers the Rivage residences in Bal Harbour, exploring its residence features, lifestyle, and prices. We discuss the features we like, but we will also mention for which kind of buyer this condo does not work. In addition, we provide an in-depth analysis of the price per SqFt, and how it compares to other new or ultra-luxury condos in Miami.

This is just the beginning of the conversation regarding Rivage. You are welcome to contact me to get more specific about your individual needs and ambitions. We aim to assist clients in making better choices, and I hope this article will do just that. For more information on the residences or amenities, please click here.

Floor Plans at Rivage Bal Harbour

With only three units per floor, Rivage comes to the market with large floor plans. Residences go from 3,300 SqFt for the West facing C line (3 bedrooms plus den and office or gym) to the prime A-line, which offers 4,810 Sq ft of interior and faces the northeast (4 bedrooms plus den/service quarter). The penthouses will be extremely large, with some covering more than 10,000SqFt.

The demand for expansive units is high in Bal Harbour, where families love gathering for the best beachfront and exclusive lifestyle. However, only a few buildings offer condo residences with such expansive floor plans, and most of the units on the market are located in older condos from the 70s and 80s, often requiring a gut job renovation.

As the condo market shifts towards end-users and is less investor-driven, the hybrid of a single-family home and a condo has never been more desired. When it comes to floor plans, Rivage in Bal Harbour offers just that: large terraces, pantries, 3+ bedrooms, a separate living and family room, private elevator access, galleries, and plenty of closet space. Even the smaller floor plan provides an expansive living space, indoor and outdoor living, and generous closet space in every bedroom. The developer will deliver an exceptionally finished product to the new residents. The choice of having only over 3,300 sq ft units fits the Bal Harbour demographic with families coming from around the world.

Privacy and Low Density

Rivage in Bal Harbour scores high on privacy and low density. As this new construction condo only offers 60 residences with 3 residences per floor, it is considered a low-density project. Not everyone can access the condo, as the building will have a gated entrance at the street level. This gate will ensure only residents and their invitees can enter the lobby. Every residence has a private elevator, and this condo offers a private air-conditioned two-car parking garage.

Rivage in Bal Harbour. Read the independent review

Rivage is the first new condo in Bal Harbour since Oceana Bal Harbour (2016)

The Bal Harbour Location

Bal Harbour is an extremely desirable location, offering great walkability to shops and restaurants. Residents of Bal Harbour often gather for drinks or dinners at the famous Bal Harbour shops. The beachfront condos in Bal Harbour enjoy the oceanside boardwalk, where residents happily walk and ride around the neighborhood.

The location, 10245 Collins Ave, almost at the edge of the Haulover inlet makes the views particularly dynamic and engaging. Residents of this part of the beach love the dynamic views. They enjoy views over the ocean and are able to watch the sailboats and yachts of every size going in and out from the Intracoastal waters into the ocean.

This is an additional advantage of the location compared to the average oceanfront location. Because of this, the northeast corner A line is expected to be more desirable and is also the largest floor plan featuring four bedrooms, five bathrooms, two powder rooms, and a den/service quarter.

This is definitely something extra that this location offers compared to the average oceanfront location. Because of this feature in the location, the NE corner A line is expected to be more desirable and is also the largest floor plan featuring 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 powder rooms and a den/service quarter.

The Finishes

The units at Rivage will come fully finished with closets and blinds already installed. Residences count with 10-foot-high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. The dining and entertainment areas are accented with linear cove lighting. In addition, units are delivered with custom kitchens, (Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances), bathrooms, and closets designed by Rottet Studio and provided by Falma Italia. The primary bathrooms are equipped with natural stone flooring and walls, plus bespoke bathtubs, mirrors, and light fixtures. Every bedroom in this condo offers a fully finished wardrobe in every bedroom. Finally, select residences will boast a private pool and outdoor kitchen.

The Downsides of Rivage in Bal Harbour

  • Medical Offices. Rivage will have medical office space in the building. This might not be the worst thing for many people, but it does take away from the privacy element and might make building/valet areas busier during certain hours.
  • HOA FEES: Buildings that are low-density, but amenity-rich tend to have higher HOA fees than other buildings
  • Only large units: If you want a smaller unit, 1-2 bedrooms in size and below 3000 SF, this is not the project for you. 

The Prices at Rivage in Bal Harbour

The average price point per SF at Rivage is around $3,500

  • With the most desired A line asking between $3,873 and $4,331 (From $18,632,900 to $20,832,900)
  • The B line is asking between $3,353 and $3,628 (From $14,613,900 to $15,813,900)
  • The C-line is asking between $2,397 and $3,595 (From $7,904,900 to $11,854,900)

Please note that this is calculated based on the current inventory. There might be units that are lower or higher priced.

Comparing the Prices of Rivage in Bal Harbour to other Luxury Condos in Miami

Is Rivage worth the price? This question only makes sense when you compare them to other luxury condos around Miami. In the first print screen below, taken from our Condo Geeks software, we show Miami’s most luxurious condos*. With an average asking price of $3,500 per SF, Rivage is competing with the top of the market such as the Surf Club Four Seasons ($3,700 per SF) and Faena ($3,200 per SF). Of course, these are average prices, and we need to compare them on a unit-by-unit basis, but it does serve as an initial comparison.

*Prices are taken over 2022

Comparing the Prices of Rivage to other New Construction Condos

In the graph, you will see that Rivage will trade for a high dollar amount per SF. The condo will compete with the best condos that Miami has to offer. The Shore Club residences are priced higher than Rivage, for more information about this project, please call me directly. I have all the details but am not allowed to share them publicly due to the high privacy around the project.

Is it worth the price? Call me directly for my unfiltered opinion and find out.

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