What are the best Floor Plans at Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale?

As a potential buyer of the Auberge Residences in Fort Lauderdale one of your most important questions might be: “What is the best floor plan at this luxury condo?”.  Whatever is the best floor plan of course depends on your personal preferences and is also budget dependent. In this blog we will give you an overview of what is the most desired floor plan (if money isn’t an object) and we give you pros and cons of some of the most desired floor plans.
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The Floor Plans at Auberge Beach Condo Explained


Auberge Beach Residences are comprised of two distinctly different towers.
The North tower which I will refer to as the “Cascade” Tower due to it’s unique shape, cascades towards the ocean. The Cascade Tower has only 57 units with 36 different floor plans each with their own uniqueness. This diversity makes living here an almost individual experience. Unlike living in a tower where stack upon stack is the same unit. The units in the Cascade Tower above the 3rd floor will enjoy unobstructed views to the North. This is due to the single family residential neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale Beach that borders the North side of Auberge. The residential landscape creates a lush park-like view next to the sparkling blue of the ocean. Units located on the east side of the Cascade Tower on the ’04 & ’05 lines are closest to the beach and have unique outdoor living terraces, some with private pools. In my opinion the terraces combined with our gorgeous weather, outdoor living and incomparable unobstructed views make these the best lines. Also, these units have breadth that lends an added sense of spaciousness. The North Cascade Tower was the first to sell out due to the limited number of units, unique design offerings and fabulous views. This is the iconic tower.
What are the best Floor Plans at Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale?
What are the best Floor Plans at Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale?
The South Tower at Auberge Beach Residences is more typical in design with fewer floor plan options. At 22 stories and 117 units with 22 floor plan options. Most of the units are flow-thru design. The developer was thoughtful with design consideration for views in the living areas that  look directly to the ocean and bedroom views  of the  city and Intracoastal. The best units are on the 12th floor and above considering the view obstruction from the building directly west of Auberge that blocks the few in the lower floors. The ’04 line above the 12th floor offers spectacular views and more width in the living areas . The ’03 line seems more narrow and is closer to the Cascade Tower so not as private a feeling.

The Preferred Floor Plans of the Auberge Beach Experts


Overall the design of Auberge Beach Residences is Ocean Centric for most units. The floor to ceiling windows offer light and airiness with maximum view expression. You can feel the movement of the ocean from the constant caress of the onshore breeze. Living at Auberge is quiet and sublime, true beachside living with no hustle bustle.

  • North Cascade Tower floor plan Y
    • This 4 bedroom,  5,5 bathroom unit offers 4,431 SF of interior and 4,323 SF of terrace space. It is a 2-story unit with on the upper level a living room and master bedroom and a wrap-around terrace with pool. The lower level offers additional bedrooms with a second wrap-around terrace and a second private pool. There is elevator access to both levels in addition to interior stairs.
  • South Tower floor plan MPH-03
    • This is an upper penthouse with wrap-around terrace with ocean and city/intracoastal views. The unit offers 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5,817 SF interior and 3,971 SF of exterior terrace with a private pool.

The best floor plan depends on your personal wishes. Do you like wide ocean views or do you like a large terrace? Contact us at The David Siddons Group to find your best floor plan. Based on your preferences we can choose the best floor plan for you at Auberge Beach Residences and find your unique home.

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