The Best Miami Neighborhoods For Raising a family in 2023

The Best Miami Neighborhoods to move to and raise a family


What are the Best Miami Neighborhoods For Families? We wrote this article for those buyers who are researching the best neighborhood environments to raise their children but do not necessarily know Miami. The questions we answer here are not just: “What is Miami’s best neighborhood to raise a family?”. We also provide real-world solutions to the question; “what should I buy for my needs and my budget?”

Without a doubt aspects such as safety, walkability, parks, and excellent schools (private or public schools) will come into play here. Although Miami has excellent neighborhoods to raise a family, several areas stand out. As you go through these options, you will notice how prices differ. We have decades of experience selling real estate across South Florida. Furthermore, given most of the team have kids in the local schools, we are perfectly poised to help you find the perfect nest for your family!

As a bonus, we have attached links to the market statistics for each neighborhood. That will give you an immediate sense of $ per sqft in these neighborhoods (divided across multiple price points). This is effective at assisting buyers in figuring out where they can buy within budget, It also gives you a sense of who the market favors: buyers or sellers. Finally, when assessing specific homes to buy, you can gauge how that home ranks against sold homes. 

Cost of Homes

For a quick analysis of cost, I have included below the stats as of Jan 2023. You can currently expect to pay the following $ per sqft for homes in these neighborhoods in the $3m-$5m range: Coconut Grove – $901 per sqft, Coral Gables $805 per sqft, Pinecrest $758 per sqft. Of course for more specific stats, divided by price point and more, click the stats links within each neighborhood section.

Coconut Grove – The Best Miami Neighborhoods For Families

Along with the Gables, this is by far Miami’s most preferred neighborhood to raise children. An organic, old neighborhood with 24/7 police patrols and a high walkability score. Coconut Grove was one of the first trading posts in South Florida and so one of its oldest neighborhoods. The tree-filled streets are safe for walkers, runners, and cyclists, and ‘slow down signs our kids play here’ can be found frequently. The Grove offers several family-friendly parks, ideal for young families who want access to kids’ playgrounds, picnics, weekend soccer games, and dog parks. Coconut Grove also offers some of Miami Dade’s best private schools with desired options like Carrollton or Ransom.

Why live in Coconut Grove

Many Groves indicate they love living in the neighborhood for its mix of Bohemian chic and high-end lifestyle living. There is an incredible array of restaurants and cafes, both high-end and laid-back. Superb local boutique stores, bookshops and ice cream parlors located on walkable and scenic streets make this one of the most charming neighborhoods.

Different areas of Coconut Grove

This neighborhood can be divided into North Grove, which borders Brickell, and South Grove, which is closer walking distance to shops and restaurants and buffers Coral Gables. The center of Coconut Grove offers many townhomes. Townhomes are great entry-level properties for families with very young kids. For those with more substantial budgets ($5m++), there are a few gated enclaves: Camp Biscayne, The Moorings, Devon Ct, and Ye Little Woods being the most prominent. These enclaves have waterfront homes. 

Coconut Grove also offers Family-Friendly Condos.

The Grove is also ideally located with quick access to Coral Gables and Brickell and a 20 to 30-minute drive from the airport or the Beaches. In a recent poll among top agents, the top 3 of Miami’s most desired residential markets were announced, which included Coconut Grove.

The neighborhood is predominantly a single-family home market, but does play home to the ultra-luxury condo: Park Grove, A 5-star complex with three towers located in a 5,2-acre waterfront park that offers large unit ideal for families or buyers looking for a spacious condo.

Coral Gables – The Best Miami Neighborhoods For Families

Difference between Coral Gables and Coconut Grove

One of Miami’s most desired real estate markets and home to some of Miami’s best private schools, the Gables is very desirable amongst young families starting and wealthier families where the sky is the limit. Coral Gables and the Grove are somewhat comparable in many ways in specific pockets (they are located to the East of US1 side by side). Of course, Coral Gables is very safe, streets are walkable, and there are many parks. Additionally, Coral Gables is home to some of the best schools in Miami, like Gulliver and St Philips. The difference, however, is that there is a much higher concentration of wealth in Coral Gables.

South Coral Gables

Once you get into the Southerly gated communities of Coral Gables, the top-end prices, in general, accelerate well away from the Grove. In short, there is a higher degree of $5m and even $10m homes in this market. Once you enter neighborhoods like Old Cutler Bay, Gables Estates, and Tahiti beach, a $15m price point becomes a starting point for waterfront homes.

Commuting to work from the Gables

As many people work in the Gables or Brickell, living in Coral Gables is ideal for those who want to minimize travel time. Coral Gables offers a high amount of gated and very private communities. Many of these communities are located on waterfront lots and offer amenities like tennis courts or children’s playgrounds. The safety aspect of the gated communities makes them very desired among families.

Coral Gables is predominantly a single-family home market, but recently there has been increased interest and supply of luxury townhomes and condos. Unrelated to raising children, but of value in family recreation, Coral Gables is home to several excellent public and private golf courses.

Gated Communities and the various areas

Coral Gables is one of the largest neighborhoods. It is of value to understand and appreciate the difference between homes East of US1 and those West of US1. The difference between the East and West sides of US1 can be as much as 20% between two homes that may appear equal on the surface. When you bring in the waterfront variable, this difference only grows. 

As mentioned already, it is also important to understand the difference between the gated communities of Coral Gables and those that sit outside of those communities. As this neighborhood is home to the highest number of gated communities in Miami, it is advised to read this article that covers gated communities. 

Pinecrest – The Best Miami Neighborhoods For Families

Need space and a lot of room for the family to run around? Want to be close to Gulliver or Palmer Trinity? Then this neighborhood is ideal for you. Pinecrest is one of Miami’s safest and most desired neighborhoods. The city of Pinecrest is located just south of Coral Gables and is known for its excellent public and private schools. Pinecrest is a great area to raise a family and is often more affordable than Coral Gables.

Why do families live in Pinecrest?

Many families are looking for Pinecrest homes for sale, because of its excellent school district (for elementary, middle, and high school). This is one of the reasons why Pinecrest is in the top 3 most preferred residential areas in Miami. One of the best public schools in Pinecrest is Pinecrest Elementary (Pre-Kinder till grade 5). For families looking for private schools, Pinecrest offers Gulliver (Pre-K till grade 12). Gulliver is one of Miami’s most desired and prestigious schools.

The different Pinecrest areas for families

There are different quadrants of Pinecrest, and only a local expert such as myself is able to quantify the differences. For example, North Pinecrest is above 112th and between Red Rd and Ludlum to the west, and 88th to the North is the most desirable section and can in no way be compared to homes below 120th. This is just an example to show the specificity of knowledge required when selling this market!

Other Areas that could be considered in the Best Miami Neighborhoods For Families

3 Excellent Miami Neighborhoods For Raising a family in 2022 DSG

Of course, the Best Miami Neighborhoods For Families mentioned in this blog are not the only great ones for families in Miami. Miami offers many other areas with proximity to excellent private schools, access to top-rated public schools, golf courses, and child-friendly activities. Most importantly, there are subsections and communities within these neighborhoods which are lesser known to those from outside of Miami, but to those within, are well regarded: Ponce Davis, South Miami, and High Pines, for example. Please check out our best communities section. Key Biscayne and some parts of Miami Beach are family-friendly, as well as the lesser know areas such as High Pines, South Miami, and Ponce Davis. For complete details of all the best 11 neighborhoods in Miami please click here to read that article.

Proximity to the best private schools

The best three neighborhoods for raising a family are located around the best schools in Miami. We have written a specific blog article that shows the exact private school locations to assist further: (Elementary, middle and high schools. The blog link below reveals all the homes within a 20-minute drive of these schools. I have set the list of the best school and identified the key homes that are 20 minutes or less driving commute to the school during rush hourClick here to read this article


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These are the most commonly asked Google Real Estate Related questions

Is Miami good for raising a family?

As a father of two young girls, I will firmly say yes to this. For a variety of reasons. First of all, Miami is a safe place to live. In addition, it is home to some of the country’s best private and public schools. Because of Miami’s year-round warm climate, children enjoy lots of outdoor activities and sports allowing for a healthy lifestyle. Miami also offers many green areas and public or private parks where children can play. Finally, Miami offers beaches, the zoo, the Frost Museum of Science, and Miami’s Children’s Museum.

What Part of Miami is Best for Families?

Whatever works best for you and your family is objective and depends on your personal needs. However, nearly 99% of all our clients that are families want to live in the area around the best private schools. These areas are Pinecrest, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Ponce Davis, or South Miami. Another desired neighborhood is Key Biscayne and many parts of Miami Beach. Miami Beach, however, is further from many private schools, but that might not matter to some families.

Is Miami Safe?

Although often associated with crazy nightlife and beach parties, this is just a tiny part of Miami. Many families that moved here from NYC, LA, San Francisco, or Chicago were surprised about the real Miami. I mean the part of Miami where people live all year round with their families. The crime rates in family-oriented neighborhoods like Gables, Grove, Pinecrest, and Key Biscayne are very low. As mentioned before, I am a father of two girls who could not imagine a better or safer environment for my children.

Living in Miami Is Worth the Money?

The Miami lifestyle is very unique within the USA. I have helped many relocating families to find a home in Miami, both from abroad or from within the USA. None of them have moved out voluntarily so far. Everyone who moves to Miami loves the lifestyle, climate, and families from cities like LA or Chicago often comment on its safety. It is an ideal place that caters to many different kinds of people, and it is worth it.

Miami’s real estate industry has seen significant growth in recent years, and it is an excellent market that is always expanding and appreciating. The city invests lots of money in sustainable growth, creating jobs, and attracting businesses. It is an exciting time to live in Miami, and if I may speak for myself and my clients, it is definitely worth the money.

What are the Best Miami Suburbs?

Most single-family residential areas are located in the suburbs of Miami. The best ones for families (Safety and proximity to top-rated schools) are Pinecrest, Coral Gables, High Pines, and Key Biscayne. For additional information, you can read our related articles on the right-hand side of this article.


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