What Are The Best Miami Suburbs?

Which Areas Near Miami Will Best Suit your Lifestyle?

When discussing the best Miami neighborhoods, we often refer to the suburbs. Miami itself is just a part of the larger Miami Dade area. Unless you are looking for a condo in the urban core or home in Coconut Grove, the chances are high that you will end up in any of the suburbs.

Shown above is a map of the city of Miami. The Miami area includes several desired residential neighborhoods such as Coconut Grove, Brickell, Downtown Miami, and Edgewater.

What are the Suburbs of Miami?

Suburbs of Miami include the desired areas of Coral Gables, which is more like a city near Miami, Pinecrest, High Pines, Ponce Davis, and Key Biscayne. Additionally, cities or beach towns nearby such as; Miami Beach, Surfside, or Sunny Isles. I have divided this blog into sections:

  • Best Suburbs for Families / The Safest suburbs of Miami
  • The Best Suburbs for condo life
  • The Best Suburbs near the beach
  • The Wealthiest / Most Exclusive Suburbs in Miami

The Best Miami Suburbs for Families

The best areas in Miami for families are quite predictably the suburbs. Besides Coconut Grove, the most desired neighborhoods for families are Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Ponce Davis, High Pines, South Miami, Palmetto Bay, and Key Biscayne. Why are these suburbs so desirable? They are all safe neighborhoods close to the city’s best private and public schools. Additionally, close to the financial heart of Brickell and other offices in or near the Gables area.

Another city or suburb of Miami is Miami Beach. This neighborhood is not as desirable to families as it’s a little further from the best schools. It is an area with beautiful single-family homes, many of which are waterfront.

What Are The Best Miami Suburbs? DSG

Pictured: A waterfront, gated community in Coral Gables

The Best Miami Suburbs for Condo Life

The best suburbs for condo life are Surfside, Bal Harbour, South of Fifth, Sunny Isles, and Key Biscayne. These are all known for their high-end condo living. Key Biscayne arguably offers the best-priced options for condos on the sand, also Sunny Isles. Bal Harbour is home to high-end condos such as Oceana and St Regis. Surfside is an ultra-luxury beachfront destination with some of Miami’s best condo options: Surf Club Four Seasons ResidencesArte SurfsideFendi Residences, and Eighty-Seven Park. South of Fifth positions on the southernmost tip of Miami Beach. SOFI provides ultra-luxury living with many desired condos such as ContinuumGlass 120 Oceanand Apogee. Sunny Isles offer many ultra-luxurious condo residences. Here at DSG, we prefer the Ritz Carlton Residences, the Turnberry Ocean Club, and the recently announced St Regis

What Are The Best Miami Suburbs? DSG

Pictured: Surfside, a high-end beach community just north of Miami Beach

The Best Suburbs near the Beach

The beachfront suburbs are the same areas as mentioned before for the condos. Most of the condos in these areas are located right on the sand and offer direct ocean access. Some of the condos will also offer private beach access and beach services. Key Biscayne offers the most affordable prices per SF. Surfside and South of Fifth will top this list for prices per SF.

What Are The Best Miami Suburbs? DSG

Pictured: Key Biscayne

The Most Exclusive Suburbs of Miami

Most of Miami’s suburbs are very exclusive and attract wealthy residents. Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Ponce Davis, Key Biscayne, and Miami Beach are the most prestigious towns or cities close to Miami. Not all pockets are equally desired or luxurious. For the most luxurious areas within Coral Gables, you need to be east of the US1, closer to the water. This is where we find many gated communities along Biscayne Bay. For Pinecrest, the most exclusive homes are North of 104th street. Key Biscayne offers many homes near the water as well. Focus on Mashta Drive and Harbor Dr to find the island crème de la crème properties. Miami Beach offers specific pockets that are more exclusive than others. These islands are desirable: Venetian IslandsStar Island, Palm Island, and the Sunset Islands. Other desired locations are La Gorce Island and homes along N Bay Road.

For condos, the most exclusive ones can be in Surfside, South of Fifth, and the course on Fisher Island.

What Are The Best Miami Suburbs? DSG

Pictured: The Venetian Islands

What is Miami’s Most Famous Suburb?

Several exceptional communities within the Miami neighborhoods are probably the most famous for Celebrities. The islands of Star, Fisher, and Indian Creek have a high concentration of Celebrities. 

On Miami Beach look to North Bay Rd and Allison Island. On the mainland, go to Tahiti Beach, Gables Estates, and Ponce Davis. Unsurprisingly these also tend to be Miami’s most expensive neighborhoods.


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