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Miami Real Estate Predictions for 2023/2024

September 22, 2023

David Siddons and Ana Bozovic Forecast the Miami Real Estate Market Introduction to the 2024 Miami Real Estate Predictions In this blog post, we explore the Miami real estate market's outlook for 2023 and 2024. We delve into the state of the Miami Real Estate Market in 2023, and examine both the luxury condo market and the housing market. We highlight the prime areas to consider for living and investment in 2024, and what areas or markets to avoid. Our track record reflects a consistent [...]

Wealth Building Through Real Estate: Orlando Montiel’s Tips for Success

June 16, 2023

In this captivating episode of the Better Decisions Podcast,  join us as discuss the world of real estate and wealth-building strategies with the incredible Orlando Montiel. Orlando is a successful real estate investor and coach, a financial advisor, and a radio and TV program host. From personal finance to negotiation techniques, migration trends, and the thriving Miami real estate market, this episode offers valuable insights to help you make better decisions. Discover Orlando Montiel’s unique journey from being a Miami Dolphins Coach to becoming a [...]

How to sell your property for the best price

January 23, 2023

Introduction This article will give you insights into the new era of luxury real estate marketing and how we are pioneers in this field. As later on in this blog, things might get too detailed and technical, we started this blog with a 3-minute recap of why you should list with us. For more details and our vlog on digital marketing, please keep scrolling down. Why You Should List with US - In 2 Minutes! Is it the right time to sell? Find out here! [...]

Leaving Los Angeles for Miami | Comparing Luxury Markets, Lifestyles and Neighborhoods

January 4, 2023

Maya Vander (Selling Sunset) on Leaving Reality TV and Miami vs LA In this episode of the Better Decisions podcast, I speak with Maya Vander. Maya is a Miami real estate agent, who starred in the Netflix show Selling Sunset. We discuss the differences between being in a reality show and the day-to-day life of a real estate agent. In addition, we discuss other topics such as the Miami luxury real estate market, the difference in lifestyles and neighborhoods, Measure ULA, and why some of Maya's clients [...]

Miami is Calling | Measure ULA and the Impact on the Los Angeles Real Estate Market

December 20, 2022

Will Angelenos relocate to Miami in light of the new Measure ULA? Click here for all our "Better Decisions" podcasts Measure ULA aka the LA Mansion Tax In this podcast, I speak with Los Angeles real estate agent Juliette Hohnen about Measure ULA and its effect on the LA luxury real estate market. Measure ULA or the LA mansion tax is a new law that will come into effect on April 1, 2023. This law imposes an additional tax on luxury homeowners when they sell [...]

The Alarming Changes in the Miami Home Insurance Market

November 23, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Home Insurance in Miami Welcome to this podcast about the alarming changes in the Miami home insurance market. In this episode of the Better Decisions Podcast, I sit down with Lawyer Hugo Garcia. Hugo is a managing shareholder at Florida General Counsel who helps homeowners seeking advice on insurance coverage and defends homeowners in insurance claim litigations. This is one of our most requested and arguably most eye-opening podcasts yet. Myself and Hugo discuss the changing Florida and Miami home insurance industry, [...]

Real Estate Marketing Done Right

November 4, 2022

Welcome to our Real Estate Marketing Done Right podcast. In this episode of the Better Decisions podcast, we speak with Jesse Stein, a successful marketeer and tech entrepreneur. Jesse has been extremely successful in the digital marketing domain and is currently running the company Audience.Co. David and Jesse discuss the importance of sophisticated, value-adding real estate marketing and what it takes to stand out. CHAPTERS of real estate done right: 00:00 intro 01:00: About Jesse and his early beginnings as a marketeer 06:15 Handwritten Notes and the Start of 'Audience' 11:45: Integrating the different parts of [...]

As the Miami Real Estate Market Shifts, Who is MOST Vulnerable?

October 11, 2022

What Will Happen to Miami Real Estate Prices in 2023? Welcome back to another episode of the Better Decisions podcast. In this episode David Siddons speaks with mortgage broker Paulo Rodriguez of CrossCountry Mortgage LLC. In this podcast we discuss the state of the Miami real estate market and answer the most common question that we are asked every day: 'What is going on in the market today?' This podcast focuses on the state of the Miami real estate market as it pertains to the start [...]

Migrating Families and the Challenges of Finding the Right Miami Private School

October 3, 2022

In this episode of the “Better Decisions” Podcast, David Siddons Meets with Debby Lichtner. Debbie is the Director of Admission and Enrollment Management at St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School. Both David and Debby have worked with many migrating families over the last few years and discuss the difficulties and challenges these families face. They talk about how to choose the right school for your kids and how to navigate the private school system in Miami. CHAPTERS IN THIS PODCAST: 00:00: Introduction 01:15: About St Thomas Episcopal Parish School 02:58: [...]

The Evolution and Livability of Downtown Fort Lauderdale

September 28, 2022

Our Fort Lauderdale expert, Elaine Tatum, met Jenni Morejon while attending board meetings for the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority. Jenni Morejon is a self-described enthusiastic community builder with more than two decades of experience in urban planning and development. She is the former director of the Sustainable Development Department for the City of Fort Lauderdale, has served on the Board of Directors of the Greater Ft Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and the Chambers Downtown Council, and is the Chair of the Fort Lauderdale Downtown [...]

Condo Geeks | The Tool to Analyze and Forecast the Miami Condo Market

September 8, 2022

In this new episode of our 'Better Decisions' podcast David Siddons interviews Salil, Owner of SmartGeeks and Co-Founder of Condo Geeks. The podcast discusses the importance of data driven decisions and how Condo Geeks is an absolute must when buying or selling a Miami condo. The Chapters: 00:00 Introduction, 00:40 About Salil Gupta, Co-founder of Condo Geeks, 02:50 Learning from the mistakes of a bad investment, 06:45 The Creation of Condo Geeks, 09:10 The challenges of finding accurate data, 12:20 The Condo Geeks Software Explained, [...]

New Construction in Miami: To Buy, To Build or to Renovate

July 22, 2022

A Guide to Miami New construction | Should you buy, build or renovate? July 2022: In this new podcast David Siddons interviews Dany Sebaaly, Top General Contractor and owner of the luxury remodel firm Builcore. They discuss everything from home constructions & renovations to condo build-outs, the challenges of finding good labor, construction timelines & costs and much more. Many buyers are looking for brand new construction homes in Miami, but are cautious about the increased prices in this market. Yes prices of new homes [...]

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