Mastering Miami’s New Construction Market

Insights from Top Developer David Martin of Terra

Navigate Miami’s dynamic new construction market with us. Gain firsthand insights from developer and industry leader David Martin of Terra, as he shares the decision-making process and unique strategies that set his company and projects apart. Explore the driving forces behind project performance and unlock the key to market success. Our podcast is here to equip you with the knowledge to confidently navigate the market and make informed decisions.

David Martin’s Vision

For David Martin, his work isn’t just about constructing buildings; it’s a mission to build sustainably and drive the city’s progress. As the leader of Terra, he prioritizes grasping the needs of communities and fostering Miami’s neighborhoods. Their innovative property development strategy focuses on enriching family life and supporting local communities through eco-friendly projects and sustainability efforts. David’s commitment to nurturing familial connections rather than merely facilitating transactions is evident in projects like Park Grove and Grove at Grand Bay, where architectural brilliance harmonizes with a strong sense of community.

Breaking the Norm with Research

David conducts comprehensive market research, engaging in interviews with potential buyers and top brokers to pinpoint the target audience. By putting hypotheses to the test and speaking directly to end users, he gains crucial insights into their preferences, such as unit size, ceiling height, and flow. This approach results in projects that are tailor-made to meet the needs of end users, leading to their overall success. Terra’s Grove at Grand Bay condo, developed post the Global Financial Crisis, stands as a prime example. Through extensive interviews with end users, many units were customized to meet buyer expectations, a departure from the trend of large-scale condos in Brickell. Instead, Terra opted for low-density condos with premium amenities, resonating with new empty nesters seeking safety and urban living. By building just 98 units, Terra catered to the demand for exclusivity and comfort, carving a niche in an untouched luxury market. The success of Grove at Grand Bay, reflective of Terra’s portfolio, underscores the market’s receptiveness to such tailored offerings.

What Are the Best Coconut Grove Condos For Sale?

Terra’s successful Grove at Grand Bay project in Coconut Grove

The Key to Success in the Miami New Construction Market

Some of the best lines or floor plans within Terra’s projects saw a 100% increase in value compared it its pre-construction prices. Certain floor plans within particular buildings and neighborhoods prove to be an excellent formula for a sound investment. Let’s say the A Line at Park Grove is a prime example. Our team has plenty of buyers lined up for an A-line unit, but current owners do not want to sell, no matter how great the offer you present them. They simply do not know where to go from there, as nothing compares.

In desired areas like Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, we are dealing with limited home inventory, while more and more people want to spend more time or move permanently into South Florida. These people cannot find what they are looking for in the housing market and therefore look at luxury condos without compromising what they had in a home. They want space, staff quarters, offices, and room to entertain. By listening to what the market wants and delivering top quality in the right place, you deliver a product that everyone wants.

Our Market today

Generic Condos and the Long-Term Outlook

Currently, some areas of the market are experiencing an oversupply. The trend towards larger condo units for permanent residents has led to an abundance of generic condo options, particularly in the rental market. This market seems to be saturated, Rental numbers are correcting and now we see investors hesitating whether they should pull the trigger. This market seems to be saturated, and investors are hesitating whether they should pull the trigger. The more generic condos are investor-driven markets and investors look at cap rates, cash flow, and value. If the rental rates are decreasing the underlying assets will need to decrease. It will take some time for the market to react and prices to adjust. Once that happens, investors come again.

In the long term, however, we are a healthy market with a growing population and economy. For the rate at which we are growing, we are still undersupplied. Please note that of all companies that announced their move into Miami, only 33% have made that move. You will require a long-term vision as this market fluctuates more than primary markets. It is essential however to choose a condo that is well-managed. A good condo association can make all the difference. The success of the condo largely depends on how effectively the association manages its budget.

Primary Condos are Thriving

If you want a better return, even in the short term, you should opt for a primary product and avoid generic products. Primary product, targeting end-users, is always a better choice and more economically insulated. If you look at Terra’s projects that are well-locatedwell-constructed, good-quality condos targeting end-users, you can see two trends:

  • Their product consistently experiences high demand, with buyers eagerly awaiting resale units or scarce floor plans to come to market.
  • Owners are reluctant to sell because they enjoy their residence and do not have a better option to move to.

These successful projects always enjoy a high demand, no matter the economic cycle we are in. This high and consistent demand provides for resilient growth. That’s the vision David aims to realize with all his projects.

The True Investment Value of Eighty Seven Park, Miami Beach

Eighty Seven Park brings Primary Living to a historically investor-driven Miami Beach

Misdirection in Miami’s New Construction Market

Unfortunately, misdirection still persists in new construction projects, with some products lacking in quality. Some developers cut corners or overpromise on what they can deliver, leading to delays. This raises the question: how does this continue to occur? Many developers have short-term objectives or enter the Miami market temporarily, completing only a couple of projects without much concern for their reputation. Additionally, there’s often pressure from investors to maximize returns, leading to value engineering or cost-cutting measures. These compromises may include aspects like kitchen cabinets, doors, and elevator speed, which are crucial to end-users. As a result, buyers may find themselves needing to invest extra money to upgrade their units to achieve true luxury standards. As we always say; look at the developer’s track record to see what and how timely he has delivered in the past.

Striving for Excellence: Terra’s Quest for Quality

Miami-based developers like Terra must uphold their standards and deliver on their promises without cutting corners. Identifying the target audience and accurately estimating project costs are crucial lessons for developers. The end goal is to provide a quality product and satisfy buyers. In addition, Terra constructs low-density condos with premium finishes, ensuring meticulous attention to detail for each residence. The emphasis on quality appeals to discerning buyers seeking a home rather than merely an investment vehicle. Developers catering to investors may prioritize quantity over quality, capitalizing on investors’ lesser focus on details.

Delivering on promises is a commitment, and while mistakes may occur, it’s crucial to respond effectively. One challenge lies in assembling the right team to execute complex design-driven projects. Terra constantly adapts to manage changes and upholds the original schedule. Their focus is on meeting end-user needs rather than simply completing the project. Lessons learned are applied in real-time, with David and Terra prioritizing top-notch product delivery. They are willing to make significant changes to enhance buyer satisfaction.

The Surge of the Coconut Grove Condo Market

Terra has developed numerous standout projects in Coconut Grove, contributing significantly to the area’s rise in condo market value. Here are the three main reasons behind this increase:

  1. The environment is a big factor. The air quality is good, there’s waterfront access, a nice breeze, and lots of trees that make it feel peaceful and unique.
  2. High Barriers to Entry. It’s hard to build new condos in The Grove. There are strict zoning rules and not many places where you can build. Plus, The Grove is a small area that you can drive through in about 15 minutes.
  3. There are good schools in the area, like UM and public, and private schools for kids from 5 to 18 years old. Families move here for the education options, which helps create a strong community feeling.
AREA Price per SF TOP 5 SALES 2023/2024 Price per SF TOP 5 SALES 2018/2019 Market Appreciation in %
West Coral Gables - Homes $1825 $645 183%
Miami Beach - Homes $4715 $2,010 135%
Coconut Grove - Condos $2731 $1,208 126%
Pinecrest - Homes $1369 $652 110%
Surfside - Condos $4,792 $2,366 103%
South Miami - Homes $896 $459 95%
Ponce Davis - Homes $1,465 $759 93%
Key Biscayne - Homes $2,506 $1,339 87%
Coconut Grove - Homes $1,870 $1,069 75%
High Pines - Homes $1,062 $611 74%
East Coral Gables - Homes $2,662 $1,545 72%
The Roads - Homes $838 $495 69%
Bal Harbour - Condos $3,462 $2,065 68%
Shenandoah - Homes $735 $450 63%
Miami Beach - Homes $3,773 $2,495 51%
Brickell - Condos $1,802 $1.230 47%
Edgewater - Condos $1,523 $1,033 47%
Downtown Miami - Condos $1,537 $1,086 42%
Sunny Isles - Condos $2,490 $1,835 36%
Fisher Island - Condos $2,968 $2,289 30%
South of Fifth - Condos $4,040 $3,334 21%
Miami Beach - Condos $3,430 $2,960 16%
Key Biscayne - Condos $2,362 $2,173 9%

The Latest Scoop on Terra Projects

Terra has successfully completed several financially lucrative projects for end users, such as Park Grove, 87 Park, and Grove at Grand Bay. What’s next for the group?   David Martin recently acquired a property in Coconut Grove, on which they are planning to develop a special residential offering focused on integrated wellness. This encompasses not only the specifications of the units but also the creation of a vibrant social wellness club. Additionally, Terra is  in the process of securing a two-acre rooftop park, enhancing the building’s wellness and food & beverage amenities. These initiatives align perfectly with the Grove community’s values of health and mindfulness. Only 10% of The Grove is available for condos, making our project both rare and difficult to replicate. Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming ventures.


There’s often misdirection or impure motivations in real estate, so it’s crucial to buy from developers known for their sincerity and ability to deliver on promises. David Martin has discovered a successful formula for vertical living in the sky, which aligns with my long-standing belief in the primary owner model for residences. Therefore, Terra’s projects have seen impressive performance, with primary-focused condos consistently outperforming investment products. Every purchase is an investment, so it’s essential to choose wisely. We have real data to support these claims. Feel free to ask any questions or challenge me—I welcome your input!

Condo Name Delivery Year Units for Sale Appreciation Rate in last 5 years
Eighty Seven Park Miami Beach 2019 87 Park Units for Sale 20%
Grove at Grand Bay, Coconut Grove 2024 Grove at Grand Bay Units for Sale 88%
Park Grove Tower 1, Coconut Grove 2019 One Park Grove Units for Sale 70%
Park Grove Tower 2, Coconut Grove 2018 Two Park Grove Units for Sale 78%
Mr C Residences, Coconut Grove 2024 Mr C Residences n/a
Five Park, Miami Beach 2024 Five Park n/a
Villa, Edgewater 2026 Villa Miami n/a

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