La Baia North Bay Harbor | A Brand New Miami Condo in Bay Harbor

Coming Soon: La Baia North in Bay Harbor

You might have heard of La Baia Bay Harbor Islands. A boutique condo project with 68 residences and a private marina. This project sold out in no-time and they actually broke ground last April (2022). If you missed out on this project, you are now getting a second chance with la Baia North.

What do we know so far?

La Baia North Bay Harbor is very similar to the first project. Both are boutique condos although the second phase offers even less units, 57 in total. As always in the second phase they have learned more about the market and the buyers and La Baia North has some changes. They now do not offer 1 bedrooms anymore but purely 2,3 and 4 bedrooms. The project will offer a private marina for its residents, making it a boaters paradise.

The residences will range in size between 1,400 and 2,200 SF and will start selling at $1.3M.

The Team Behind La Baia

La Baia’s development team is quite the line up. The developer is Ian Bruce Eichner, the big name behind Continuum in South Beach. He made South of Fifth what it is today and Continuum has been one of Miami’s best performing condos, year over year.  The architect of this project is internationally acclaimed Luis Revuelta and landscapes and pool design are done by the renowned Enzo Enea. Interiors are by NY based Durukan Design and construction is by Suffolk Construction. 

La Baia North Bay Harbor | A Brand New Miami Condo in Bay Harbor

Launch of La Baia Residences

La Baia North will be launched in September 2022! We will share all the information on floor plans, finishes and prices once it becomes available. Please remember we are market analysts who do not simply regurgitate developer information. We analyze floor plans, we look at finishes and we compare condos against others to see how they rank in value. We also use our ‘Condo Geeks’ analytical software to compare La Baia Bay Harbor to other condos in the area.


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