The Best of Miami | Introducing the ‘Best Of’ Series

Everyone loves a “best of”. In this article and associated video we discuss the best of Miami real estate. On our site you will be able to find a variety of articles that discuss the best of Miami. From the best condos for sale, to the best gated communities and from the best neighborhoods to the best waterfront communities. Enjoy the read and please pick up the phone for any additional questions.

The Best Neighborhood in Miami – Gables Estates

Miami is home to many excellent neighborhoods, but Gables Estates tops our list of best neighborhoods in Miami. Gables Estates is a gated community just off Old Cutler Rd with approx. 170 homes.  Most of the homes in Gables Estates are located on waterfront lots with direct access to the open water.

Gables Estates is ideally located and provides for fast access to Miami International Airport, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Brickell. The community distinguishes itself because of its very large lots ranging from 30,000 SF to 200,000 SF.  This neighborhood is very private, secure and exclusive and therefore extremely desired with wealthy buyers.

In recent years there has been a boom of brand new construction homes in the community. Many of these new homes are by what I consider Miami’s best architect: Cesar Molina. Cesar Molina homes are recognized by their Balinese, contemporary style. Homes in Gables Estates range between $10M and $50M. In conclusion, Gables Estates is the most exclusive and luxurious neighborhood in all of Miami.

The Best Family Oriented Neighborhood in Miami – Cocoplum

The Best of Miami. We introduce our 'Best of" Series discussing the best Miami condos, neighborhoods, gated communities, schools & much more.

The best neighborhoods for families are the safest areas close to the best schools. There are many Miami neighborhoods that are excellent for families and to raise kids. Family-friendly areas include Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, Ponce Davis, South Miami and of course Key Biscayne.

For the purpose of this blog we zoom into one of the most family-friendly areas: Cocoplum. Cocoplum is also located in the city of Coral Gables. This community is gated, safe, and ideally located. Not only is it close to Brickell, the Grove and centrally located within the Gables, it is also close to all the best schools. Finally, Cocoplum offers a service package including a community pool, gym and basketball courts.

In sum, lots of things to entertain the kids all within a 10 min drive to Miami’s best schools. This area ticks all the boxes for families and therefore Cocoplum is without a doubt one of the best neighborhoods in Miami for families.

The Best Beach Club Environment

The Best of Miami. We introduce our 'Best of" Series discussing the best Miami condos, neighborhoods, gated communities, schools & much more.

The best neighborhood to live in Miami if you are looking for a beachfront condo or a beach club environment is a bit tricky. The reality is that it is less of a neighborhood conversation and more of a building conversation. In my experience, buyers fall in love with a condo and adapt to the neighborhood. Of course if being close to the beach is a non-negotiable for you, you will find your preferred place in Key Biscayne or anywhere along the beach.

One of the best neighborhoods for beachfront living has always been South of Fifth. Lately areas such as Bal Harbour and Surfside have given the South of Fifth area a lot of competition when it comes to high-end condos.

We have written two articles discussing the best Miami condos for sale. One focuses on the best new construction condos and one focuses on resale condos.  In these blogs we do get granular and talk you through these condos. Furthermore, we discuss the best floor plans, finishes and price points. You can also call us to find out what will be the best waterfront neighborhood to stay in Miami.

The Best Neighborhood for Boating Lifestyle

The Best of Miami. We introduce our 'Best of" Series discussing the best Miami condos, neighborhoods, gated communities, schools & much more.

The best neighborhood in Miami for boating is Key Biscayne. Key Biscayne offers beautiful inlets and fast access to the open ocean. Boating life on Key Biscayne is simply exceptional and the island has its own marina.  You can have small boats or large boats, the inlets provide for protection for the boats and the canals are deep enough to allow for sizable vessels. Key Biscayne is very walkable, offers a cozy village center, an excellent lifestyle and lots of activities for the entire family.

There are more areas that are excellent for boating, The Venetian Islands and the Sunset Islands for example are very desired with boaters as well. But for me the best neighborhood in Miami for boating is Key Biscayne.

The Best Realtor

The Best of Miami. We introduce our 'Best of" Series discussing the best Miami condos, neighborhoods, gated communities, schools & much more.

The best realtor in Miami fl, is someone who offers the best value. With other words; who can give you the best advice? Who knows the market, the product and who has access to product that is not available on the market. The David Siddons Group speaks with potential sellers on a daily basis and we have a large database of off market properties available for our clients.

Economics play a big role when purchasing a property. With our data, analytics and knowledge of the market we are able to explain to you why something is the best.

During the last years more and more properties have been traded off-market as the market has gone extremely hot. Actually, most of the prime real estate gets traded behind the scenes and it is therefore important to know there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Please know the value of a realtor and know that the best realtor in Miami is he/she who knows on and off-market listings and someone who knows how to analyze data and forecast the market.


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