What are Miami’s Best Neighborhoods?

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The Best Miami Neighborhoods For Raising a family in 2023

All the information below is pinned on the fact that most buyers are working with financial constraints. I feel there was no point telling home buyers how great a neighborhood is if they cannot afford to buy there. Of course, the right home means paying the right price. Our Smart Geek Analysis tools will help you recognize the right $ per sqft for the area and the type of home you want.

What are Miami's Best Neighborhoods to Live in 2022?
What are Miami's Best Neighborhoods to Live in 2022?

The above prices are a general indication of the lowest and highest sales prices per SF. Certain homes or condos might sell below or above the indicated price ranges.

Miami Beach – Best Neighborhood in Miami for Beach life

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Miami Beach DSG

Miami Beach is one of Miami’s most desired and best-known luxury markets. The most desirable Miami Beach homes are in the many gated communities. Some of the desirable Miami Beach communities are The Venetian Islands, Star, Hibiscus and Palm Island, La Gorce Island, the Sunset Islands, and Indian Creek Island. Other homes can be found on prestigious streets; North Bay Road and Pine Tree Drive.

Miami Beach is very desirable with tax refugees from the northeast and California, and during Covid, we saw the demand for single-family homes increase while inventory decreased rapidly. Many Hedge Fund CEOs and Tech entrepreneurs have found a new home in Miami Beach.

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Coconut Grove, Coral Gables and Pinecrest – Best School Neighborhoods.

An overview of the best private schools in Florida and the best residential communities around these schools. DSG

The Grove and Gables are the fundamental robust primary markets for homeowners, outperforming every other neighborhood in Miami over the last 10 years. These two neighboring areas are brimming with great schools (Elementary, Middle, and High School), local restaurants, and an abundance of parks and beauty. It won’t necessarily come cheap if you want to be east of the US 1.

Coral Gables is much larger than the Grove and offers more diversity. If you are looking for a home on the Golf Course or water, then the Gables is your best bet. Not that Coconut Grove does not offer spectacular waterfront homes, but the Gables has more options. The most desired gated communities in the Grove are Hughes CoveEntrada Estates, and the Moorings. While the Gables offers desirable communities such as CocoplumGables EstatesHammock Lakes, and Snapper Creek.

Pinecrest is known for its large homes on large lots. The area is one of Miami’s most desired neighborhoods with families as it is home to an A-rated public school and close to Miami’s best private schools. Compared to Grove and Gables, Pinecrest is more affordable per SF, although its prices have increased considerably since the start of Covid -19, its inventory has evaporated. Pinecrest is not a waterfront neighborhood, the top of the market stays far behind that of Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. The area has a great sense of community and offers many parks. All of the above are family-friendly and provide easy access to Miami International Airport.

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Ponce Davis – Best Luxury ‘None Waterfront’ Neighborhood.

Ponce Davis DSG

Ponce Davis is nestled between east and west Gables and is often mistaken for Coral Gables. It’s a small area (not indexed nor officially part of Miami Dade County), and buyers do not even know it is called Ponce Davis. This community is now a favorite among luxury buyers, with good quality homes starting around $6M. While the Gables and the Grove still offer homes for $1.5M. In Ponce, those are all gone. Many developers have constructed ultra-luxury homes (on dry lots) in Ponce Davis, which broke record after record.
Ponce Davis is family-friendly and close to the best schools (elementary, middle, or high school).

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South Miami and High Pines – Best Value

South Miami DSG

South Miami and High Pines are centrally located and are both desired neighborhoods. In the areas west of the highway, there is still a lot of value to be had. We see more developers buy land here to construct large, modern mansions. I have sold several multi-million dollar homes in the area, and luxury buyers are focused on this area as prices in Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and Coconut Grove have increased.

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Key Biscayne – Best Neighborhood for Boating

What are Miami's Best Neighborhoods to Live in 2020?

Key Biscayne is an island community with a very laid-back atmosphere and several A-Rated Public Schools and Private schools! Want to live near a beach without the abundance of tourists? Key Biscayne is a perfect place to live. One of the best neighborhoods in Miami if you are looking for a family-friendly and safe environment.
This island community offers many waterfront homes located either on the open ocean or minutes away from the open ocean. Key Biscayne saw a 280% increase in sales during Covid-19 and an 80% decrease in available inventory. Like most of Miami’s luxury home markets, this market is on fire!

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Surfside and Bal Harbour – Best Neighborhood for Beach Living.

What is the best neighborhood in Miami? DSG

Surfside and Bal Harbour are the most sought-after luxury beachfront neighborhoods. Close enough to the action, but not too full of tourists. Surfside is the new place to be for ultra-luxury condo buyers. The introduction of several new ultra-luxury Condos: Arte SurfsideFendi, The Surf Club Four Seasons, and Eighty-Seven Park (officially still in Miami Beach) has not only raised the profile of the neighborhood but is ushering in a new era of retail for the area: The new Tracey Anderson Gym, new coffee bars and fashion stores planned for the next 12-24 months.

Bal Harbour has been a luxury market for much longer, with condos such as Oceana and St Regis being the top of the class in this area.

South of Fifth is part of the South Beach area and home to some of the best Condos in Miami: Continuum, Apogee, and 321 Ocean. This market much like the rest of the beach market is very much in demand right now. Prices at Continuum have gone up by 50% in some cases. While in 2020 a 2 bedroom could be yours for between $3M and $4M, today it starts at $5M or even $6M. South of Fifth provides easy access to Miami proper.

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Brickell – Best for Urban life

The South Florida Pre-Construction Condo Market | Brickell Vs Miami Beach Vs Fort Lauderdale DSG

Brickell is the ‘Manhattan’ of Miami. The most densely populated urban area. Although Brickell is near the water, it does not offer a beach. Brickell is a great neighborhood to live in and have fun in. With so many shops and restaurants, it is ‘the life of the party. Downsides are the heavy traffic and a high rental base of inhabitants. This Manhattan-style living of drop the car and grab an Uber.

Brickell’s sales prices have gone up, and so did its rental prices. What used to rent for $3K is now renting for $5k what used to be $6K is now $9K. There are also many new condos in the urban core.

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