What is the Best Condo in Coconut Grove?

We take a look at the Best Coconut Grove Luxury Condos in 3 categories!

If you are looking for Coconut Grove luxury condos this is the article for you. Of course the best condo is Coconut Grove is a very personal matter. Therefore we divided this blog into three different sections and provided you with several options.  This is where our expertise and knowledge comes in. We rarely form an opinion without basing it of statistical data or ‘inside market knowledge’. As always give me a call for a more granular chat! Tel: 305 508 0899

About the Coconut Grove Condo Market

Coconut Grove luxury condos are more commonly used by primary residents than in any other Miami neighborhood. This results in a steady performance of the Coconut Grove buildings. Depicted above is the Coconut Grove condo market performance over that last decade, which shows a steady value increase. This screenshot was taken from our condo geeks software. This software allows you to track a condo’s historic performance and to compare condos or condo market to one another. 

The very first building that I visited over a decade ago in Miami was Grove Hill – at the time probably the best condo in Coconut Grove. I sat on my now wife’s terrace and marveled over the superb view of the marina and bay and enjoyed the fact I could walk over the road to ‘Fresh Market’ arguably the nicest supermarket in Miami. Coming from the UK it was to me quite magical.

The market has come along way since then and many new Coconut Grove condo’s have made their way into this neighborhood that was and still is dominated by the presence of single family homes.

The demographic and dynamic of Coconut Grove has always been very different to that of the urban ‘Condo’ core (Brickell, Downtown and now the emerging Edgewater neighborhood) as well as the South Beach and Miami Beach Condo market. The ‘needs and wants’ of the population  tend to focus on more ‘laid back’ and / or family orientated requirements.

The Grove have superb parks (Kennedy Park is the main one) and the population is fewer renters and far more permanent property owners (Primary owners). The age of inhabitants tends to be more 30’s and up as opposed to Brickell’s 20 something population, and this understandably shows when you look at the local affluence. With this in mind all these factors have made for a far more robust market.

What is the Best Condo in Coconut Grove?

What is the Best New Construction Condo in Coconut Grove?

The best new construction condo is Vita Grove Isles. This is actually an easy one to answer, because that is currently the only Coconut Grove condo under construction.

Vita in Grove Isle ticks all the boxes of a luxury condo. It is located on Grove Isle, which is a private island just 2 minutes away from Bayshore Dr. The Island will be completely revamped by the developer incl. a new seawall. The Vita project offers amazing floor plans with high ceilings, deep balconies and the best of finishes. This project truly exceeded my expectation when it comes to finishes. Amenties are of course what one can expect from a truly luxury condo in Miami. The views from the island are spectacular and given the island location there will not be any obstructions in the near future. For more information on why this project stands out please click here.


What is the Best ‘Resale’ Condo in Coconut Grove?

Coconut Grove offers a handful of luxury resale condos. First of all the newer One Park Grove and Park Grove Tower Two. These are two very well performing condo towers with well-considered floor plans, superb finishes, great views and excellent services and amenities. Tower 1 is closest to the bay and most desired with buyers. Demand for Park Grove units for sale is very high.

Another very desired product is Grove at Grand Bay. This OMA-designed condo offers spectacular architecture, spacious floor plans and great amenities. The project offers two towers with mesmerizing views over the bay and the marina. Also a very well performing condo.

Finally Grovenor House. This is an older condo that is still very much desired with buyers. This 2006 construction is well managed and has shown a steady performance in the last decade. Where the building shines is the excellent views, good floor plans ,location and amenities which are very good: nice gym, tennis, big pool, easy parking.

Our Choice: Park Grove Tower 1

What is the best Boutique Condo in Coconut Grove?

What is the Best Condo in Coconut Grove? the Residences at Vizcaya are one of the best coconut grove luxury condos

Residences at Vizcaya is located at 3535 Hiawatha Ave, Coconut Grove. The location is just off South Bayshore Rd but set back far enough to not be disturbed by busy traffic. This boutique Condo was developed by G3 Construction and funded by the Bimbo family (most famously known as the Mexican Bakery giants). This Condo built in 2010 is rather unit for the very small number of units it has (just 18). All units are size able. In fact the smallest is around 2700 sqft.

What is striking about the residences at Vizcaya is that only a handful of residences reside full time in the building and most owners have a unit as second or third home. So, its always very very quiet – you may never see a soul using the pool. Many through flow and very large units, some with jacuzzi’s on the terrace and almost all with summer kitchens. This Condo makes owners feel like they are living in a house on the water. These residences belong to one of the best luxury Coconut Grove buildings.

Our Choice: Residences at Vizcaya


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