What Are the Best Coconut Grove Condos For Sale in 2023?

The Best Condos for Sale in Coconut Grove

In this article I outline what I consider the best Coconut Grove condos for sale. I recognize the fact that whatever condo works best for you is very personal. Therefore I have written this article in a way that every type of buyer can find the right product.

Before I start I would like to mention that a condo is only as good as the floor plan you are buying. As I always say, it is the line-by-line and unit-by-unit analysis that matters when we are talking about good condo investments. Please use my Condo Geeks Software to compare the different Coconut Grove condos to one another or call me at 305.508.0899 for a personal chat.

What What Are the Best Coconut Grove Condos For Sale? the Best Coconut Grove Condos For Sale in 2022?

Park Grove

Park Grove is one of the best Coconut Grove condos for sale and even one of the best within Miami. If you are looking to replace a single-family home, this is the ideal condo for you. Park Grove ticks all the boxes: superb floor plans, excellent finishes, high ceilings, the best views, great amenities and a top location. Park Grove is relatively low density compared to many other Coconut Grove condos and provides for private elevator access. This luxury condo has performed very well since it was launched and prices have increased year over year.

Tower 1 is the project’s most prestigious tower, which is also located closest to the bay. All of its units offer unobstructed bay views. Within Tower 1 the best floor plan is the A line. This spacious corner residence offers 3,200 Sf, a deep terrace and gorgeous east and southeast views over the bay.
In tower 2 many buyers choose the A line for its space and the corner unit aspect. The only downside of the A line residences in tower 2 is the fact it looks into tower 1. The B and C Lines in tower 2 however offer unobstructed bay views.

Most of the residents at Park Grove’s tower 1 and 2 live here all year round. The condo is considered a primary residence for most of the buyers.

Grove at Grand Bay

Grove at Grand Bay is one of the newer Coconut Grove condos. This project by the famous Bjarke Ingels Group Architects offers 2 towers fondly referred to as the “Twisted sisters”. The project offers many different floor plans ranging from 2 bedrooms to 6 bedrooms, with the majority of units offering 3 or 4 bedrooms. The project offers high ceilings, is well finished and also privates for private elevator access.

Between the two towers, the south tower is preferred. The north tower is located more towards the back and looks into the south tower. The best lines are the are 01 and 02 lines (the 02-line has my preference). The 02 line provides for southeast views. Grove at Grand Bay has an industrial feel with concrete polished floor and pillars in the unit. This latter aspect isn’t much of an issue in the large units, but for the small units this might lead to very noticeable loss of space.

Grovenor House

Grovenor House was built in 2005 by visionary Miami developer Ugo Colombo. Despite the condos age, the condo is still performing very well partly because of its timeless design. The Grovenor House condo is a very steady project that offers superb finishes, well considered floor plans and amazing views.

The project offers smaller 2 bedroom units and several larger units. All of the residences in this project offer bay views, but our preferred floor plans are the 01 and the 02 lines. Both are large corner residences offering 3 or 4 bedrooms.  The amenities include tennis courts which is a unique feature for the market.

The Residences at Vizcaya

The Residences at Vizcaya is a true luxury boutique condo with only 18 condos. These residences remind many of single family homes on the water, because of its waterfront location and the large floor plans (most are around 4,000 SF). A condo that is very much created for those that want the lock up and leave concept of a condo, but do not want to give up on space. The residences do not only offer lots of interior space, the terraces are also spacious and in most units they come with a private pool. The project also comes with private elevators.

Building amenities at Residences at Vizcaya include private marina, a pool, private cabanas and sundeck, a fitness center and a 24/7 concierge services.

Vita Grove Isle [New Construction]

Vita Grove Isle is a brand new construction condo on Grove Isle. The Vita project is one I am extremely bullish about, much like the feeling I had about Park Grove when that was first introduced. The Vita project is located on Grove Isle, a gated and private island just off the coast of the Grove’s mainland.

I have so much to say about the quality of Vita, but in summary the floor plans are superb with very deep balconies. The views are unobstructed and will forever be this way. And last but not least the finishes are unlike any I have seen in my career. This project was really developed with end-users in mind who want comfort, functionality and quality. This project by Ugo Colombo is really one of my favorites in all of Miami. Please contact me for more information.

Tools to Assess the Best Coconut Grove Condos For Sale

Contact me for a more personalized approach regarding the different Coconut Grove condos. Besides my on-the-ground experience and knowing the pros and cons of each condo I’m also the owner of Condo Geeks. Condo Geeks is a software that can compare any Miami condo to its competitors and that can track the condos performance over time, essentially telling you whether the condo is resilient to economic change. In this blog I explain the software in further detail.



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