The Unique Location of the Perigon Miami Beach

An independent review of the location of the Perigon in Miami Beach

Location is one of the most important qualities when buying a condo. In this article, we will discuss the location of the Perigon in Miami Beach. We will detail the good and the bad about the location.

The Perigon condo in Miami Beach stands out because of its finishes, floor plans, location, and more. We will discuss these unique features in a series of blogs. In this blog, however, we would like to focus on location.

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Where is the Perigon Located?

The Perigon is located at 5333 Collins Ave in Miami BeachThe new construction condo sits right on the sand of Mid Beach, a quiet residential area of Miami Beach. Unlike the South Beach area, the Mid Beach area is more tranquil. This also means the beach is less crowded, and fewer tourists.

Why do People Choose this Location?

Buyers choose Mid Beach because it is close but not in the middle of all the action. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to get to Bal Harbour and the same amount of time to get to South of Fifth. You are close to the best restaurants, nightlife, and shopping, but you come home to a residential and tranquil area without all the tourists.

There has been a shift in the way luxury buyers look at locations. While South Beach used to be the desired market, now more and more luxury condo buyers are flocking to the more quiet or residential areas. Surfside and Bal Harbour are good examples of these. The two latest brand-new luxury condos on Miami Beach, Eighty Seven Park, and 57 Ocean, have also opted for a more secluded location along the beach.

The Perigon Miami Beach | Is This New Miami Condo Worth the Price?

Where can I grab a coffee or go for dinner?

The area around Perigon is residential. It is not an area where you walk out into a coffee shop. If you want to be in the core of everything, this is not the condo for you. However, there are plenty of restaurants or coffee shops nearby. These venues are around 43rd and 44th and Collins Ave (9 blocks away). In this section, we find the Nobu Hotel with its namesake restaurant, Soho Beach House (Cecconi’s restaurant), the Eden Roc hotel, and the Fountainbleau Hotel with Hakassan, Scarpetta, or La Cote. In addition, there is Cafe Bernie, a more relaxed and informal waterfront bar for locals.

If you don’t mind taking the car and driving 15 minutes you will be in the Bal Harbour shops, the desired South of Fifth area, or in Sunset Harbour for casual dining among locals.

The Perigon Miami Beach | Is This Miami Condo Worth the Hype?

The Best Way to get around | Bikeability

Behind the Perigon, we find the Miami Beach Board Walk. Imagine taking your (electric) bike and being 5 minutes from the nearest restaurants. It will take you less than 10 minutes to arrive for an afternoon at Soho Beach House, drinks at Nobu, or dinner at the Faena District. The Miami Beach lifestyle is all about the outdoors, feeling the fresh sea breeze in your hair, and having an active and healthy lifestyle. I see more and more electric bikes in units. Ever since the pandemic, an increasing amount of people have bikes. Many out-of-town buyers are also very much used to walking or biking and appreciate the ability to do this on a safe and well-developed boardwalk. Likewise, you can opt to walk or take your car. It will take you 15 minutes to go shopping or take a bite at the Bal Harbour Shops, 15 minutes to have a nice dinner at Carbone in South of Fifth, and 15 minutes to enjoy the Design District.

The Perigon Miami Beach Location | The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Boardwalk of Miami Beach

The Perigon Miami Beach | Is This New Miami Condo Worth the Price?

Frequently asked questions

How is the Traffic?

Traffic in that part of the Beach is quiet. The rush hour is in the afternoon from 4 PM to 6 PM. It does not get super crazy. If it takes you 15 minutes to get to Bal Harbour or South of Fifth, then during rush hour, it will take 30 to 35 minutes.

How are the surrounding condos?

Perigon Miami Beach is one of the few ultra-luxury condos in the area. The first ultra-luxury condo 57 Ocean, arrived about a year ago. Another ultra-luxurious condo in the Mid-Beach area, albeit more towards the south on 3315 Collins Ave is Faena. The area, however, is home to a handful of successful luxury condos such as Akoya, MEIThe Bath Club, and the Caribbean. The Miami condo market is getting more luxurious and as oceanfront land is limited, we expect this area to see more new luxury condos in the future. The Perigon and 57 ocean are the frontrunners like Eighty-Seven park was for North beach and the Four Seasons and Fendi Residences for Surfside.

How are the west-facing views?

The exact location of the Perigon allows for breathtaking views to both the east and the west. Unlike many other condos on the actual beach, the views to the west are unobstructed. No buildings will block your views, so you will overlook the homes along Pine Tree Drive and the La Gorce Country Club.

How is the beach?

The Perigon will offer its own private beach club between the boardwalk and the condo. This means you will have your own chairs and service. The beaches in the mid-beach area are less touristic and quiet. The area is not home to high-end hotels and private clubs, so you will not have the same beach service as in areas such as South of Fifth or South Beach.

Is this area prone to flooding?

The area can flood in case of heavy rainfall or a hurricane. The Perigon is built according to the latest codes and standards. This condo will be elevated (13ft) above the rest of the area and offers a 13 ft seawall. This will be the safest new condo against hurricanes in all of Miami. For more information about safety and elevation levels, please read our follow-up blog.


Nothing is ever perfect, and you will always have to compromise. Do you like to be in the action of it all, or do you want a tranquil area? Do you like to be surrounded by beach clubs, or would you rather stay in your own private beach club with the ability to drive to a larger one if you feel like it? The upsides of this location definitely outweigh the downsides.

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