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I have visited the Perigon sales gallery several times. Some visits were with clients, while others were to assess the project and compare it to other new, high-end condominiums. It is no secret that the Perigon is one of my preferred condos in all of Miami. In my independent review you can read why I think this condo is so unique and worth every dollar.

After 15 years in the industry I know how to evaluate a condo and I know what type of condo will thrive and which one is just a hype. However, you are not buying the condo, you are buying an individual floor plan. Therefore I would like to focus on the best floor plans in this project  that demonstrated exceptional value and distinctiveness within the market. Having specialized in selling luxury and penthouse units for this long, I can attest to what actually works.

My opinion and observations about the Perigon Floor Plans are presented in this article. Whether you choose to delve deeply into the content or skim for key information, I hope you find it enjoyable, and I encourage you to explore my conclusions at the end of this article.

Accessing key information

By downloading the below information package you will have access to prices (01 Line and penthouse require a phone call), floor plans, brochure, drone tours and our unique condo ranking system.

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Download the Information Package

Our Preferred Floor Plan at the Perigon: The 06 Line

The Perigon building is a unique architectural structure resembling a series of intricate diamonds interconnected. One specific floor plan that deserves special consideration is the 06 line. This particular layout essentially forms a substantial cube, offering 3,808 square feet of interior space along with 2,240 square feet of exterior space featuring deep 10-12 foot terraces. It’s worth noting that as you ascend higher in the building, the 06 line expands even further.

In South Florida, we place significant emphasis on our outdoor terraces, which, interestingly, are not factored into the price per square foot. Even though it is not a space under Airco, these terraces are indeed livable and highly functional for dining and entertainment purposes.

Although this unit faces west, its strategic positioning and design allow for captivating 45-degree ocean views. The west-facing vistas from this condo are undeniably breathtaking. The condo’s location at 5333 Collins Ave offers panoramic views of the expansive Intracoastal waterway to the west, including the picturesque mansions along Pinetree Drive, La Gorce Country Club, and the stunning Miami skyline. Notably, unlike other areas along the beach, there are no low-rise buildings or multi-family projects to the west. The developer owns the land across the street and has no plans to obstruct these remarkable views.

The Perigon is elevated by 13 feet, with the fourth floor already positioned 60 feet above ground level. This elevation ensures that the views remain unobstructed, regardless of the specific floor level you choose to purchase.

While we’ve emphasized the exceptional value offered by the 06-line, it’s important to mention that many of the Perigon’s floor plans are outstanding. The 01-line, in particular, stands out as it encompasses the eastern side of the condo, offering splendid views of the ocean.

How Competitive are the Prices of Perigon Miami Beach

As of October 2023, the starting prices for the project are $4M. The 06-line however starts selling for $10,250,000 (5th floor unit), which is $2,500 per SF. In the screenshot below you see how this $2,500 per SF compares to other prices per SF in existing condos in the beach area. From the table, you can see that $2,500 per SF is a very competitive price point even seen in condos that are not brand new. Given the features and price point of the 06 line, you can see how this particular floor plan offers the potential to appreciate. 

The Perigon Miami Beach. The Best Condo Floor Plan & Key Features Discussed by Top Realtor and Analyst David Siddons

Other Factors that Make the Perigon Miami Beach Stand out!

Personalization of finishes

Furthermore, the developer offers the opportunity to personalize your home according to your preferences. Buyers can select the type of flooring (wood, stone, or porcelain) and choose between kitchen color options (walnut or white oak). Additionally, there are various closet configurations to suit individual needs. The quality of these finishes is set to a very high standard, surpassing the earlier build-outs we used to see. This elevation in quality is a response to the rising expectations of new buyers, primarily hailing from northern regions, who demand a certain level of excellence in their residences. Having experienced the finishes at the Perigon’s sales center, I can confidently attest to their satisfaction; they are exceptionally well-executed.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount considerations in this project. While many Miami condos are indeed secure, they often lack controlled access. At the Perigon, real security gates are in place, offering enhanced security compared to other condominiums. Furthermore, the condo’s elevation of 13 feet above sea level and the presence of a seawall prevent onlookers from the beach, ensuring greater privacy. For the discerning buyer seeking a high-level condo with exceptional privacy and security, this project offers compelling reasons to consider it.

Onsite Private Restaurant

The Perigon also boasts an exclusive residents-only restaurant, helmed by Chef Shaun Hergatt, a Michelin-starred and award-winning executive chef based in New York. His experience overseeing food and beverages at the esteemed 432 Park Residences in NYC ensures an understanding of the discerning tastes and preferences of residents. This culinary experience allows for fine dining within a community of neighbors and their guests, with access restricted to invitees only.

Strict Building Code

Another noteworthy feature is the focus on resilience against natural elements. While new condos meet the latest building codes, the Perigon places a significant emphasis on this aspect as a key selling point. It incorporates architectural elements that can withstand natural forces such as hurricanes and rising sea levels at a higher grade. Consequently, this condo is more easily insurable, resulting in lower homeowners’ association costs. The current estimated cost per square foot is $2.35, which includes reserves.

David’s Conclusions

In the interest of transparency, I must admit my personal appreciation for this project. What I aim to convey is a realistic portrayal of what to expect once the condo is delivered. Will the developer fulfill their promises, and how functionally designed will it be? The developers, Mast Capital and Starwood Capital, have an impressive track record of delivering high-quality products. This project offers spacious floor plans with both architectural and functional features that are highly practical. It is not merely built on the reputation of luxury but on the proven expertise of architects and developers behind some of Miami’s most successful projects.

Having conducted extensive research in the Miami condominium market over the past 15 years, a recurring trend emerges, emphasizing the importance of meeting the needs of end-users. The tailored design of the generous residences at Perigon Miami Beach reinforces our strong confidence in this condominium’s potential for outstanding performance.

There is much more to discuss. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly to delve deeper into the details or schedule a meeting through the Calendly app provided below.

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