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The Ugly Truth of Waterfront Homes in South Florida

February 16, 2024

The ultimate guide to South Florida Waterfront Homes Fort Lauderdale and Miami Comprehensive Insights into Waterfront Living in South Florida. We provide unfiltered discussions about the dos and don'ts when searching for a waterfront property in South Florida. We offer easily scannable tips, direct links for property searches, and recommendations for the finest waterfront communities. With over 20 years of experience selling waterfront properties, we bring a keen understanding of common buyer struggles and areas of potential misunderstanding. Not all Miami Waterfront Homes are Equal Waterfront [...]

South Florida Waterfront Homes: Miami vs. Fort Lauderdale

October 28, 2023

Waterfront homes in Miami and Fort Lauderdale With the recent move of Lionel Messi to Fort Lauderdale, the city has received more attention than ever before. Now Fort Lauderdale is more on everyone’s radar we decided to do a podcast on the difference between waterfront living in Miami vs Fort Lauderdale. In this article, we will discuss where the market is, where it is heading, and our favorite neighborhoods in each city. Search Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes for SaleSearch Miami Waterfront Homes for Sale Waterfront Living [...]

Waldorf Astoria Pompano Beach | An Independent Review

October 12, 2023

Introduction to the Waldorf Astoria Pompano Beach In this blog, the David Siddons Group examines the anticipation of the Waldorf Astoria’s arrival in Pompano Beach. As more project details unfold, we will analyze and compare the Waldorf Astoria to other branded offerings in the area. The goal of this article is to provide an independent assessment of the Waldorf Astoria Pompano Beach. I will compare the Waldorf Astoria not only to other new condos in Pompano Beach but also to existing condos in the area. [...]

Miami is Calling | Measure ULA and the Impact on the Los Angeles Real Estate Market

December 20, 2022

Will Angelenos relocate to Miami in light of the new Measure ULA? Click here for all our "Better Decisions" podcasts Measure ULA aka the LA Mansion Tax In this podcast, I speak with Los Angeles real estate agent Juliette Hohnen about Measure ULA and its effect on the LA luxury real estate market. Measure ULA or the LA mansion tax is a new law that will come into effect on April 1, 2023. This law imposes an additional tax on luxury homeowners when they sell [...]

The Alarming Changes in the Miami Home Insurance Market

November 23, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Home Insurance in Miami Welcome to this podcast about the alarming changes in the Miami home insurance market. In this episode of the Better Decisions Podcast, I sit down with Lawyer Hugo Garcia. Hugo is a managing shareholder at Florida General Counsel who helps homeowners seeking advice on insurance coverage and defends homeowners in insurance claim litigations. This is one of our most requested and arguably most eye-opening podcasts yet. Myself and Hugo discuss the changing Florida and Miami home insurance industry, [...]

What are the Best Private Schools in Florida and Where Should you Live?

May 17, 2022

Where to Live to Be Near The Best Private Schools in Florida? We often get calls from families that are looking to move to Florida, but they are unsure where in Florida they would like to live. Making sure they buy a home close enough to the right school for their children is one of the most important factors in their final decision. For these buyers we wrote this blog in which we discuss South Florida's best private schools and where to live to be [...]

Will the Florida Housing Market Continue to Increase in Value in 2022?

December 15, 2021

Predictions for the Florida Real Estate Market in 2022 Since May 2020, Florida real estate prices have gone through the roof. The combination of low taxes, low mortgage rates and a more nimble, mobilized post-Covid workforce led to a rapidly decreasing inventory. It also leads to bidding wars and record breaking prices. In this extreme market many are asking: “Is the Florida Real Estate Market in a bubble?“, “Will the Florida Housing Market continue to increase in value in 2022?“. In the below article, we [...]

Relocating to South Florida | 5 Reasons to Love Lighthouse Point Real Estate

October 27, 2021

5 Reasons You Will Want to Move to Lighthouse Point in South Florida Lighthouse Point in South Florida is a private and exclusive suburb of Fort Lauderdale, just 12 minutes south of Boca Raton. Some relocation buyers might have never heard of this community and therefore we wanted to provide you with 5 reasons why you should look into this area before making a final decision about your move to South Florida. Search directly for Lighthouse Point Waterfront Homes for SaleSearch directly for Lighthouse Point [...]

The Investment Value of Lighthouse Point Waterfront Homes for Sale

October 27, 2021

Lighthouse Point in South Florida is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, located just north of Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale (15 min drive) and south of Boca Raton (12 min drive). This very private and exclusive community offers 5700 residences of which 80% are single-family homes. The community provides for 18 miles of waterways and therefore most of the Lighthouse Point homes are located on a waterfront lot. If you are looking for a tranquil waterfront community outside of major cities like Miami or Fort [...]

Moving to South Florida | Everything You Need to Know From a South Florida Real Estate Specialist

July 2, 2021

Moving to South Florida | The David Siddons Group is your Complete Resource for South Florida Real Estate As relocation specialists we get daily calls from people who would like to move to South Florida, but don't know where to begin. The David Siddons Group is the answer. Our Territory Specialists cover from Miami to Vero Beach and all points in between. This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions and for more specifics we encourage you to reach out to us. [...]

Oceanfront Real Estate in Vero Beach: Step Inside Two of the Newest Beachfront Projects in Vero Beach

March 25, 2021

Inside Two Brand New Beachfront Projects in Vero Beach: Blue at 8050 Ocean and Indigo Vero South Florida real estate expert Elaine Tatum from the David Siddons Group takes you inside two of the newest beachfront projects in the Vero Beach Area. Both projects offer condos as well as waterfront villas starting at $1.5M. Click on the video in which Elaine Tatum visits both projects or scroll down to read more about them. Oceanfront Real Estate in Vero Beach: Blue at 8050 Ocean Twenty-one exclusive [...]

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