Avenues School Miami | The Best Miami Neighborhoods around Avenues Miami

The Best Communities around Avenues the World School Miami

As many New Yorkers are making the move from NYC to Miami so does one of their most prestigious schools. Avenues, one of New York’s most elite schools is opening in Miami to meet demand. The Avenues school, which also has campuses in São Paulo and Shenzhen, has acquired the campus that formerly housed Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame High School and is located in the up and coming Buena Vista neighborhood of Miami.

For those families who are moving to Miami from NYC or anywhere else in the nation/world we would like to provide you with the best communities around Avenues School Miami.

Transit times between Miami’s best neighborhoods and Avenues the World School in Miami. Please click on the upper left icon to be able to identify the different Miami neighborhoods for single-family homes and to see the different pins in each of these areas that show you the transit time it takes to get to the school in the morning.

These are the Best Miami Neighborhoods around Avenues School Miami

Coral Gables Homes

All You Need to Know About Relocating to Coral Gables DSG

Coral Gables is one of Miami’s most desired neighborhoods and arguably home to some of Miami’s most exclusive gated and waterfront communities and real estate options. A top choice for luxury home buyers, this area is close to Miami’s best private schools, very safe and offers many waterfront homes for sale as well as gated communities. West Coral Gables offers more affordable options than South (east) Coral Gables as the southeast part is closer to the water and offers more waterfront homes (direct bay front or on canal inlets close to the ocean) and all of the exclusive gated communities. The west offers many desired canal front homes as well as golf course homes.

Coconut Grove Homes

Single Family Homes for Sale in Miami | Single family homes in Coconut Grove Miami

Coconut Grove is one of the preferred options for single-family home living for families. The area is known for its bohemian chicness and its laid back lifestyle. The Grove offers several boutique stores and cozy restaurants and bars where local families meet in the weekends. The area is extremely safe, close to the financial center of Brickell and also close to Miami’s best private schools. Just like the Gables, Coconut Grove offers many waterfront homes often in gated communities with direct access to the open bay.

Pinecrest Homes

The Best Gated Communities in Pinecrest, Florida?

Pinecrest is one of Miami’s most desired areas, mostly because of its A-rated public school district and proximity to Miami’s best private schools. The area offers homes for a lower price per SF than Coral Gables and Coconut Grove and land as well as average home sizes are considerably larger. In recent years Pinecrest has seen a large increase in brand new ultra-luxury homes. Not all of them offer the same level of finishes, but great deals can be made in this market and your dollar certainly stretches further here than in the Grove/Gables.

Miami Beach Homes

Avenues School Miami | The Best Miami Neighborhoods around Avenues Miami

Miami Beach offers a great deal of superb and ultra-luxurious real estate. Home to many exclusive gated communities, often located on islands, Miami Beach is a dream for boat lovers. Desired waterfront areas are the Venetian Islands (known for their many new construction homes), Sunset Islands, Palm, Hibiscus and Star Island, North Bay Road (known for its large waterfront lots), Pinetree Drive and homes around the La Gorce Golf Course. Not officially part of Miami Beach, but often mentioned in one breath is Indian Creek. This ultra luxury Island offers 42 waterfront properties that are backed by a golf course. Do not get your hopes up though, homes here seldomly become available.

Key Biscayne Homes

Avenues School Miami | The Best Miami Neighborhoods around Avenues Miami

Key Biscayne is an island in the Biscayne Bay and home to some of Miami’s most exclusive real estate. This is a paradise for boat lovers and those who want to live on the water. Key Biscayne offers many waterfront homes and all of them with easy and fast access to the open ocean. Although Key Biscayne has always been a Miami favorite in recent years people have preferred the Gables and the Grove as they offer larger lots, more affordable prices and are closer to the city’s best private schools. Key Biscayne is home to good private schools and an A Rated public school and offers several public beaches and remains one of Miami’s most desired neighborhoods.

High Pines and Ponce Davis Homes

4800 Pine Dr. Avenues School Miami | The Best Miami Neighborhoods around Avenues Miami

High Pines is a small area located close to Coral Gables. High Pines offers high value homes, many of which are brand new constructions. Homes here are still more affordable than in most part of the Gables although this is also because of its mostly smaller lots (lots of 15,000SF+ are rare). Many families opt for High Pines homes for sale as they are close to many of Miami’s best private schools. High Pines Homes are selling between $750K and $3M.

Right next to High Pines we find Ponce Davis. Ponce Davis is closer to the Gables and offers larger homes on larger lots (Many are larger than 20,000 SF). Ponce Davis Homes for sale are selling between $800K and $6M+. Just like in High Pines this area is desired with families, because it is a family friendly neighborhood close to Miami’s best private schools and ideally situated close to the Gables and Brickell.

Miami Shores Homes

Miami Shores is a hidden gem that has captured the attention of homebuyers seeking a blend of coastal charm, family-friendly ambiance, and a vibrant community spirit. In this real estate article, we will explore the reasons why Miami Shores has become an enticing destination for prospective homeowners. From its prime location and family-oriented environment to its cultural offerings, and investment potential, we will delve into the allure of Miami Shores as a haven for homebuyers.

Belle Meade Homes

An area closer to the Avenues School in Miami is Belle Meade. The hidden and private gated community of Belle Meade can be found in the Upper Eastside of Miami. Belle Meade homes are located on dry as well as waterfront lots and have increased in popularity in recent years with the development of surrounding areas. There are always exceptions, but most Belle Meade Homes offer 1,000 to 3,000+ SF and sit on lots of 4,000 to 15,000 SF.  Homes are priced somewhere between $350,000 and $4,000,000, although prices might exceed this last number. These prices translate into prices per SF of $250 to $600. If you are looking for a Belle Meade Waterfront home for sale you need to expect prices of $1M+ or $500 per SF+. With the arrival of Avenues we expect an increase in demand for homes in this area.

Bay Point Homes

The Different Neighborhoods of the Upper East Side in Miami

This area is located right next to the new school. Bay Point Residences belong to Miami’s most exclusive homes for sale. Bay Point is an affluent gated community in the Upper Eastside, known for its exclusivity and waterfront mansions. There are approximately 250 homes in Bay Point, which are 24/7 protected by private security.
Bay Point homes vary from 2,250 to 5,500 SF + and are located on large lots that range approximately from 12,000 SF to 25,000 SF. The waterfront enclave sees sales prices that range from $1,3M to $25M and more. The sales prices per SF range between $480 and $1,600 per SF. Needless to say the excellent location, the waterfront lots and the security is what attracts many buyers to this chic area.
Although the entire enclave is known for its high-end homes, the most exclusive Bay Point residences can be found along Sabal Palm Road, which is the road along the bay offering homes with direct access and views over the Biscayne Bay

Morningside Homes

Morningside is a residential historic sub-neighborhood within Miami’s Upper Eastside. The waterfront residential area is located east of Biscayne Boulevard, south of Belle Meade and north of ultra-chic Bay Point.
Since the neighborhood was established between 1920 and 1940, there is a majority of Mediterranean, Art Deco, and vernacular style houses. Like in every Miami neighborhood we see more and more contemporary homes, although many home builders respect the authentic look of the neighborhood and try to adapt their brand new homes to the original style. Morningside homes for sale vary widely between 1,200 SF and 5,000 SF+. Most properties are located on 5,500 to 25,000 SF+ lots and sell anywhere between $450K to $1,7M. This translates into a sales price per SF of $225 to $650

More About Avenues School Miami

Avenues is an elite school based in New York with campuses in São Paulo, Brazil and Shenzhen, China. Avenues says it hopes to begin offering programs for Miami students in 2021 and open its full campus in 2022. It plans to serve students aged 2 to 18. Avenues’ New York campus charges $54,000 a year. 

Because of the high amount of tax relocations from high tax states like New York and California it is becoming much harder to get into elite private schools in the area, according to Business Insider.

Miami schools say they are seeing a sharp uptick in demand as a result:

  • Palmer Trinity School – says the number of families from New York and New Jersey have doubled in the past year.
  • Miami Country Day School – has seen an uptick in applicants from New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston
  • Gulliver – has been seeing “strong interest from families relocating to Miami both from high tax states and around the world,” and has a wait list for certain grades
  • Ransom Everglades – says their waiting lists are always full


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