What are the BEST Golf Course Front Neighborhoods in Miami?

What are the best Golf Course Communities in Miami with the best Miami Golf Course backed or fronted homes.

I spent my early years living in London – well outside the edge of London, but more importantly in a house that backed up to the edge of a world renown PGA Golf Course. I can tell you from first hand experience that there is nothing quite like living on the fringe of a golf course. Perhaps it’s the sense of space, feeling in touch with nature, perhaps it’s the sense of expansive green grass and trees that makes your vista so amazing (without the expensive landscape bills). Or maybe it is the convenience of having a space to walk the dog, run or actually play golf that is so appealing. Regardless, the value of Golf Course fronted or backed homes is undeniable.

In this blog we explore the best Golf Course fronted neighborhoods in Miami, with cited examples as well as our trade mark analysis of Golf Course homes and what you can expect to pay for such benefit. What is the % of premium you pay for a home on the Golf Course compared to other homes in that area that are not on the golf course? Whether you are working to a budget or simply want the best of the best, this is the blog for you! There are 6 communities in all to consider. 4 in Coral Gables and 2 on Miami Beach.

If you are buying a Golf Course front home you will understandably pay a premium. How much of a premium? The table below shows you how much you will pay for a non-golf course front home in the neighborhood and then for a home on the golf course. To compare apples with apples we only selected dry lots (waterfront lots on the Golf Course are extremely scarce).

What are the BEST Golf Course Front Neighborhoods in Miami?v

The Miami Home Backed or Fronted by Golf Course.

It all depends on whether you want the great yard views or the living room views.  Most homes that overlook the golf course from the front (Living room usually) are not right on the golf course and are separated by a road. This gives you the great views, but spares you the invasion of your privacy. Homes that border to a golf course via the backyard are often directly on the golf course, which can of course lead to a lack of privacy and/or receiving golf balls in your pool.

Depending on which golf course spot your home borders to is also essential for the value. Just behind the ” Tee Off” spot (The spot where golfers begin their round of golf) is of course less desired, because there are more people and less privacy.

Coral Gables Homes for Sale on the Granada Golf Course

The Granada Golf Course, a nine-hole Par 36, is the most accessible Golf Course in the Gables, but also one of the smallest. The Golf Club belongs to Miami’s most popular nine-hole courses. There are two streets that provide for Golf Course front homes which are North Greenway Dr and South Greenway Dr. Both are prestigious and desired streets that offer golf course views from the front. Both streets are known for their spectacular old Spanish style homes. Granada Golf Course homes are fronted by the Golf Course unlike many other Gables golf courses where homes offer backyard views.
The average price in the last 1.5 years for homes in the area is $390 per SF, while homes with golf course views trade for $420 per SF.  Homes overlooking the Golf Course sell between $320 and $550 per SF. For dated or not well-kept homes expect to pay somewhere between $300 or $400 per SF. For well-finished homes or homes with a great structure or great renovation potential, expect to pay in the high $400’s t0 the high $500s per SF

Featured Property on the Granada Golf Course: 1100 S Greenway Drive, Coral Gables

This fully renovated Golf Course Estate was designed by architect H. George Fink and offers a rich Coral Gables history. The main house “Vista Verde” (named after its golf course views) offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, staff quarters with a separate entrance and 5,855 SF under air. The entire house has been meticulously upgraded and features: new T&S roofing, LaFinestra impact windows, Godoy Kitchen and Bathrooms, Travertine and tile floors, Cedar Ceilings, a Wine Cellar, a laundry room, a video security system, an elevator and much more.
The 12,869 SF corner lot is walled and gated and offers manicured landscaping with monster turf, a Clearwater pool, a roofed pool house and travertine patio. Vista Verde offers 2 full guest suites each with private bathrooms and 1 with a kitchenette. This spectacular historic home is truly one of a kind!

  • 4 Bedrooms & Staff Quarters | 3 Bath rooms | 5,855 SF (Adj) | 12,869 SF Lot
  • Two full Guest Suits each with: 1 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom (Only one offers a kitchenette)
  • Asking Price: $3,195,000

Coral Gables Homes on the Biltmore Golf Course

The Biltmore Golf Course is an 18-hole, 71-par championship course, originally designed in 1925 by legendary golf course architect Donald Ross and updated for the modern game in 2018. Unlike the Riviera Golf Course, that is divided in three sections by several streets, the Biltmore Golf Course is one large golf course and therefore there are less homes located on the Golf Course.  While there were 26 sales around the Golf Course only 3 sales where of homes on the golf course. We had to go back 2 years (June 18 to June 20) to get three sales. Most of the homes here border the Golf Course with their backyard ,while just a handful of homes overlook the golf course from the front.

Homes in the area trade between $300s and the high $500s per SF with an average of $ 435 per SF. The 2 homes located on the Golf Course sold for $562 per SF for a well-done property and $308 per SF for a dated, 7,000SF+ estate. The latter estate was on the market for almost 3 years and the 7,000 SF home needs serious updating.

Coral Gables Homes on The Riviera Golf Course

Arguably the most exclusive Golf Course in the Gables as this is a private 18-hole golf course with an exclusive club house on the premisses. Homes here are extremely desired not only for the Golf Course, but also for the ideal location (proximity to the University of Miami and Hospitals). Most of the homes here border the Golf Course with their backyard while just a handful of homes overlook the golf course from the front.

Looking at the values of Coral Gables homes (in the last 1.5 years; Jan 2019 – June 2020) that are on the Riviera Golf Course compared to homes in the same area that are not we see a value that is on average almost $100 per SF higher ($490 per SF). In total 17 homes sold around the Riviera Golf Course of which 6 where on the Golf Course or overlooked the Golf Course. The four highest sales per SF for dry lot homes in the last 1.5 years were achieved by golf course homes. Of the non golf course properties only 17% achieved $450 or more per SF. We did not notice a clear price per SF difference between homes that are fronted or backed by a Golf Course.

Miami Homes for Sale on the Deering Bay Golf Course

Deering Bay is a gated community in the very south of Coral Gables. The community is home to the Arnold Palmer Signature golf course that is widely considered to be the top private club in the area.  Set on a tough 6,500 yard track that takes golfers through mangrove forests, bay front views and past the occasional endangered American Crocodile, Deering Bay’s scenic course proves to be enjoyable to all skill levels.  In 2007, The Arnold Palmer Design Company was hired to oversee a complete renovation and re-grassing.

There are just a few homes (Approx. 35) on the Golf Course or looking over the Golf Course. These homes are located on two streets ; SW 144th street, which has front views and Deering Bay Dr, which has backyard views. This community doesn’t have the same luxurious wide golf course views, which the other communities have. If you want to have ample vistas over the golf course you will have to opt for one of the condos. Nonetheless, we wanted to mention this community for those who like to be close to a golf course in a gated community with partial golf course views. Only one home sold in the last 2 years, 13686 Deering Bay Dr  sold for $1,550,000 or $410 per SF.

Miami Homes on the Miami Beach Golf Course

The Miami Beach Golf Course is a large Golf Course community in Mid Beach. It is surrounded by 1). Alton Rd, homes on Alton Rd are separated from the golf course by a rather busy, ample street, 2). Chase Ave and Meridian Ave, separated from the golfcourse by a small street and 3).Prairie Ave whose homes are directly on the golf course (with their backyard) although most of these homes are shielded from the golf course by means of high trees and lush landscaping

In the last 1.5 years, 25 homes sold in the area and 8 of those were located next to the golf course. The Alton Rd homes trade for the lowest price per SF as there is a large road intercepting the views. While homes in the area sell for an average of $480 per SF, the homes on the golf course or with good views over the golf course (Chase, Meridian and Prairie) traded on average for $575 per SF (all well-finished or well-kept homes).  One of the homes directly on the Golf Course was 2804 Prairie Ave. This completely renovated home sold for $630 per SF, which was the highest price achieved for a dry lot golf course bordering home in the last 1.5 years. As mentioned before, this property doesn’t have ample views over the golf course as it is separated by lush landscaping. In the last two years one waterfront home on the Golf Course sold (3260 Chase Ave). This remodeled mid-century home offers 2,150 SF and sold for $1,390 per SF or $2,650,000.

Miami Beach Homes on La Gorce Golf Course

The La Gorce Golf Course and Country Club located in Miami Beach offers an 18-hole championship golf course. La Gorce Country Club is considered one of the most exclusive country clubs in South Florida, which can largely be attributed to its invitation-only membership. With the exception of 10 homes all homes border the Golf Course with their backyard. Of the 37 homes that sold in the area only 6 were located on the Golf Course. The average sales price for dry lot homes in the area is $500 per SF while for golf course backed or fronted homes the average sales price is $600 per SF.

Golf Course backed homes that are well done homes or homes that need minor updating trade for around the $600 per SF while homes that are very dated or trade more for their land value sell for around $300 or $350 per SF.

Miami Golf Course Homes on Indian Creek

Indian Creek Island (often referred to as “Billionaire Bunker”) is a gated island community in the Biscayne Bay with only 40 homes and an ultra-private 18-hole golf course.  The Golf Course is very hard to access as you have to be invited by a member. Needless to say it doesn’t get better than Indian Creek.  The 250 acre island offers just 40 homes that are all located on extremely large and waterfront lots. All of the homes on Indian Creek are backed by the Indian Creek golf course. So while you can access your yacht in the front you have an ultra-private golf course in the back.  Indian Creek Island homes for sale barely hit the market but when they do expect $20M+ price tags. Because of the extreme luxury and scarcity of such homes, the enclave is known for its record breaking sales.

Only one house sold in the last 2 years located on 38 Indian Creek Island Rd.  This rebuilt and remodeled (2017) Estate offers 8 bedroom and 10,403 SF and sold for $17,027,500 or $1,754 per SF.

Miami Beach Homes on the Normandy Shores Golf Course

Normandy Shores Golf Club is one of the most accessible golf courses in Miami Dade.  Though this is a public course, memberships are available, and it is located in the gated community of Normandy Shores. As this gated community is built around the golf course, a large amount of the homes are located on the golf course. Golf course homes in Normandy Shores tend to be much more affordable than (golf course) homes elsewhere in Miami. With an average sales price of $800K or $330 per SF, this community definitely offers some of the most affordable homes around a golf course. We did not see a significant price difference between golf course homes and homes that are not located on the golf course. If you are looking for a golf course home with front views look out for properties on Fairway Drive, while for backyard views you will need to be on South Shore Drive.


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