Relocating to Miami

By David Siddons


Intro to Relocating to Miami

The first thing I should say is that I have been living in and selling Miami real estate for 15 years! I moved here from the UK, so when I talk about relocation it is something I actually understand because I did it myself and remember how daunting it was at the time I did it. More importantly, I am considered by some as the most analytical of all realtors and have analytical tools that no one else has!  Furthermore, because of our digital presence, I and my team have been to many the first and last stop for those who are moving here and needing professional guidance. Keep reading and you will learn why. Simply because we have all the information right here on the site and the tools to help you make the best decision.

When you are moving to Miami, you need a truly functional guide to help you with the most important matters. While most relocation guides focus on the best restaurants, nightclubs, sports, schools etc, we concentrate on more essential matters. You might not know whether to buy or to rent, you might not know whether you should focus on a single-family house or a condo and you might not know the market prices in each neighborhood. When you come into the city and you want to buy you need to understand all of that.

This is exactly why we created this Miami Real Estate Relocation Guide. For those who are not familiar with our city, we show you the right from the wrong and the good deals from the bad deals while scrutinizing each and every neighborhood for you by means of statistics as well as with our day-to-day experience. Scroll to the bottom and read our Q and A where we address the most commonly asked questions.

It is easy to get in touch with me for a deeper more personal chat. My tel number is: 305 508 0899. My email is: You will also find a form fill at the bottom of the page.

A track Record of relocating families and professionals

We have located dozens and dozens of families not to mention big  businesses. There is a reason why we produce such a comprehensive guide. It is because we do it so much!

Pro’s when you move here

  1. Low Taxes. Obvious but worth mentioning!
  2.  We are a social bunch! Why? There is always something to do in Miami. A very busy annual social calender: Formula one, the boat show, Art Basel, The food festival. And of course at a local level a bunch of other things make it a city with a dynamic social scene.
  3. Outdoor activities are too numerous to mention. Parks, Beaches, nature reserves are everywhere: Bike, hike, swim, run, wakeboard, dive, kitesurf, Tennis, Pickleball, Basketball. You might consider yourself super active or supremely fit. Here you will be in your element.
  4. Beach life! Its always 20 mins away…. And the water is warmer and clearer than anywhere else in the US!
  5. The city is clean. Very clean. If your coming from NYC or California you will be pleasantly surprised how clean. Little homelessness and a well organized city that’s well run.
  6. Geographically diverse but compact. Miami is a city and a village all at the same time
  7. Great Schools! The schools have become some of the best in the nation. As one relocating family from California said to me: “Florida believe in education not indoctrination”.
  8. The Food – With some many cultures the food is amazing!
  9. Miami is a salad not a soup. No one gets blended here. The dynamic nature of ‘frontier youthful history’ of Miami means it is not stifled by the status quo ‘old money special handshake’ environments that exist elsewhere. There is real Hussle and real business going on. Without the shackles of forcing conformity.
  10. Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit brings big investment money! Or is it the other way? We are not sure. What we do know now is that we have both, which makes for a pretty exciting cocktail.

I did not mention the weather because that is a given! Give me 10 months of glorious outdoors weather and a couple of overly humid months anytime over 10 months of rain and two months of sun!

What neighborhoods do we cover?

In short all of them! With territory managers in every corner and strong communication between them, you won’t have to flip-flop between agents. In fact, our team loves to work as a team, so when looking you’re going to experience getting two if not three agents for the price of one!

Here is the main piece from our best Neighborhoods in Miami article.

Insert here…..

What matters when picking a neighborhood




Schools – We have conducted several podcasts with the heads of admissions for many schools.

Good investment

Commute time to Work


Flood zone risk

The best relocating Videos

We have spent a huge amount of time producing worthwhile videos that are a ‘must-watch’ for relocating families.

Carousel of videos

What information we provide and how to navigate the site

Top 10 and ranking pages: We provide you with the top 10 Gated Communities, the top 10 waterfront communities, the top 10 luxury condos per area and many more.

Market Trends and Analytics tools: So you are not a local. If you don’t know the neighborhoods there is no way we would expect you to know the analytics! Many locals who have been here for years do not know the market figures. Fortunately, we do! Not only that but we will arm you with the statistics and analytics tools that only we have.

Market Statistics – image (details of specific sales from the last quarter all the way back to two years ago).

COST OF LIVING – Probably the number one thing everyone wants to see if $ per sqft. Check out our stats page which shows the numbers.

Condo Geeks and Home Geeks – A macro tool that allows you to take one step back from the hyper-focused to comprehend the neighborhood performance as well as being able to step back into a product-by-product analysis.

News and Reports: We Provide clients with our latest news articles, videos, neighborhood reports, neighborhood economic health score models, and showcased luxury condos. Our custom Miami real estate reports and forecasts combine niche data analytics with social narrative leading to actionable advice for sellers and buyers. Our reports are different than any other Miami real estate reports as we distinguish between different neighborhoods and price ranges.

Everyone loves a podcast: So you are making a move and while you in the process you may want to watch our podcasts which cover an array of subjects very useful for relocating families

(carousel of podcasts)

Our National Partners

One thing we have learned is that situational empathy is so very important. If you are moving from Brentwood California, The upper East Side, Westchester Connecticut, Toronto Canada or even further afield like Surrey England we have a huge geographical network and can draw comparisons for you with real understanding. Below for example we list some neighborhoods for example from other cities and their ‘sister city’’ in Miami. This will make the initial search far more relatable. We even started a them on our Instagram: ‘A tale of Two Cities’ that shows parallel properties.

Miami City                         Other City                        Why they are similar.

Coral Gables                       Brentwood                         Great for working wealthy families.

Neighborhood Tours

Check out below videos of our neighborhood tours and pictures.

Questions and Answers

Should I rent or should I buy?

This is a question that is best answered by referring to and looking at our statistics page. If the market is on the downturn then relocating families tend to go for a rental. With that said, its rare to see all markets turn down. Exceptional neighborhoods, gated communities, and special types of homes (new construction custom builds) tend not to drop, merely stabilize. Also consider that markets can also experience very high rental rates and for luxury home buyers the prospect of dropping $25k or more per month is less than attractive or fiscally sensible! Please call me for a more in-depth chat.

Of course, if you are trying to figure out where to live then renting can make sense. Just be aware of the rental costs. If you want to browse rentals please use this section of our website.

What is the safest neighborhood?

There are many safe neighborhoods (see best for families) but if you want to think about the neighborhoods with the highest level of security, these would often be communities and guard gates within wider neighborhoods that do not allow public entry.

Indian Creek Island, Fisher Island, Tahiti Beach are hyper-secure neighborhoods and communities impossible to enter without invite. Also, see the best-gated communities Blog:

What is the best neighborhood for families?

Coconut Grove and Coral Gables for Elementary, Middle, and High. Pinecest for High School. We wrote a specific article on the ‘Best Neighborhood for Families’.  Click here to read this article:

What is the wealthiest, Richest neighborhoods in Miami?

We wrote a complete article for that too!

Where are the best schools relative to the best neighborhoods?

Read our article which shows where the best private schools are relative to the family neighborhoods:

What’s the most walkable neighborhood in Miami?

This is going to be Brickell and Coconut Grove. For beach neighborhoods, it is South of Fifth.

What is the oldest most organically developed neighborhood?

This is easily Coconut Grove. Originally the first trading post in South Florida

Is the housing market dropping in 2023?

Although there may be correction in some lower level price pockets we consider the market will in most cases remain stable in neighborhood submarkets where inventory is very very low. Also specific subsectors like new construction custom homes will likely correct. The demand is just too high and inventory remains rock bottom (bearing in mind it takes 3 years+ to currently build one high level new home.

We have written a useful market that reflects on the Q4 psychology of home buyers and sellers: Mind the Gap:

What neighborhood is best for young professionals?

Brickell has long been the most popular with young professionals. Now, however, it is becoming more expensive, and lesser affluent young professionals are looking into Edgewater, midtown, and downtown for more affordable living costs.

What neighborhood has shown the highest appreciation over the last decade?

If you look at our home Geeks software and Combine it with other market statistics software you will see that it is not as simple as defining growth across an entire neighborhood. We can say that primary markets and luxury has accelerated enormously over the last couple of years. According to our last report between 2020 and 2022 Miami appreciated more than any almost any city in the US. The housing market appreciated in general 54% and Condos 45%

What neighborhood is at the greatest risk of correction?

Any neighborhood submarket that has a high percentage of rentals is more exposed to correction because its nature is always identified and influenced by investor psychology. When its up its great. When it does down it goes down hard. For specifics please refer to the reports section or call me directly. Historically however mid-range product in Brickell, Edgewater and Sunny Isles has been most at risk during times of correction.

Which neighborhood can I find a country club environment?

Key Biscayne has a combination of a Golf Course, Tennis, Sailing, and security which makes it feel as close to a country club environment as possible. It does not hurt that everyone drives around in Golf Carts! (even the kids). Please read this article on Key Biscayne as it explains all!

Which is better to relocate to: Miami or Fort Lauderdale?

It’s hard to answer this question. Honestly, we cover both areas, so choosing one is like deciding which of your children you prefer. With that said much like Kids, each City is better suited for certain things. So depending on what your priorities are will determine which is best. Want to watch a bit of fun discussion. Check out our well watched Video: Miami Vs Fort Lauderdale where myself and our FL territory manager Elaine Tatum duke it out in a friendly conversational face off!


For more information on moving to Miami please contact David Siddons
305.508.0899 |


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