One Thousand Museum now has a Model Residence and we have the First Photos

Take a look inside the One Thousand Museum Model Residence

Take a look inside the One Thousand Museum Model Residence
Take a look inside the One Thousand Museum Model Residence

One Thousand Museum’s model residence is ready for buyers to preview. The developers team built an entire unit including Artefacto furniture to give us a better idea of what we can expect. While this model is ready to tour, the actual condo is still under construction and expected to be delivered in late 2018.

This model residence is one of the 4,635 SF half-floor residences. The building is said to have 70 half-floor residences that range in square footage from 4,600 SF to 4,800 SF, 4 Duplex Townhome residences which measure 8,300 SF, 8 full-floor penthouse residences of 10,300 SF and a Single Duplex Penthouse will be the most unique residence in all of Miami comprised of two stories with a private indoor pool and over 16,000 SF.

The warm and elegant model displays that futuristic look for which the late Zaha Hadid is famous. It also provides for spectacular views over the Bay and Museum Park and an abundance of natural daylight due to its  floor-to-ceilings windows.

The kitchen is impeccably finished and a true dream for those who like order and organization. The terraces are expansive and fit an outside living or dining area.

 In case you are interested in a One Thousand Museum Condo:

 * These half floor residences start at $5,5M
* Duplex town homes start from $12 million,
* Full-floor residences from $18 million
* The penthouse can be yours for $49 million (It includes a Helipad)


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