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Are you looking for a qualified and experienced real estate agent in Coral Gables? David Siddons is a top-producing Coral Gables realtor with over $2 Billion in career sales. Part of our success lies in the fact that David lives in the area (Ponce Davis)  himself and therefore knows the market and its lifestyle like nobody else. More important to know is that we are true market analysts and the authors of several of Miami’s most influential real estate reports and forecasts. Finally, we have one of Miami’s most trafficked real estate websites with an overwhelming online presence and state-of-the-art digital marketing.

The David Siddons Group exists of David Siddons and 7 territory managers who live and work in their respective areas of expertise. The Coral Gables market is handled by David Siddons and Jorge Salazar. Besides the territory manager, our team consists of a Marketing Director and Manager, Operations Director, full-time contract and listing coordinator as well as a videographer and social media expert.

The Best Coral Gables Realtor is the One with the Most Knowledge of the Market

If you are reading this, then you are probably looking for an agent. For a buyer, it should be clear that the agent with the most knowledge and understanding of the market (analytical, economic, and human), would be the one you call. You want to hire an agent who knows the market and the numbers, who can make sure you do not overpay for a property. Your agent should also be aware of where we are in the economic life cycle of the Coral Gables real estate market. Knowing the real estate cycle and its previous bottom and peak prices means you can anticipate at what price point you are getting a good deal and at what price point you are buying at the peak of the market. In other words: you need a real estate market analyst!

Market Analytics Tools Finally, we would like to share our Market Analytics tools with you, tools that help us with creating our reports and that is one of the main reasons our site is so heavily trafficked and buyers trust our market knowledge.

Our added Value

We have 15+ years of experience in the Miami real estate business. We have studied the market for over 12 years and understand the pros and cons of each moment within the real estate lifecycle. Among clients, readers, and industry peers we are known as market analysts, and our real estate blogs, videos, reports, and forecasts have provided us with a prominent name in the Miami real estate industry. As market analysts we not only understand the numbers, but we understand the human behavior behind the numbers. Take a look at our reports and you will see it’s not just numbers. Is is a dialogue that explains the human behavior and macro-economic factors behind the data.We combine the latest statistics with buyer and seller psychology.  If knowledge is power then we could be considered the most powerful team of agents in Coral Gables, at least by analytical standards. We have been writing articles and supremely detailed ‘actionable’ reports for over a decade now. I say actionable because our reports do not just give a bunch of arbitrary statistics, but actual actionable advice for buyers and sellers specific to their price point).

Choose from All Coral Gables Homes, not just what is on the Market

Why limit yourself to listed Coral Gables homes if we can offer you so much more? Many of our clients bought a house that wasn’t even on the market. As a team, we will go out of our way to find your dream house even if it means approaching owners of off-market properties. We have a large database of Coral Gables homeowners and we often reach out to specific off-market properties upon request of potential buyers. Moreover as top-producing Coral Gables realtors, we are constantly in contact with other agents communicating which new product is coming up and as a result, we know about new properties before anyone else does.

Some of our Most Recent Sales in Coral Gables (Representing Buyers)

The Best Coral Gables Listing Agent know how to market your property to the right audience with the right message

Miami is not a market that attracts merely local buyers. Miami is a global city appealing to investors from all over the globe and the latest influx of buyers is from the northeast and California. If your realtor has no website or a website that does not rank with the major search engines how will anyone ever find your listing?

As of recently, we have been picking up listings that have been previously and unsuccessfully listed by other agents. Often big listings have been entrusted to agents with little to no web presence. Moreover, 99% of all real estate searches start online.  In Miami we have been inundated with relocating buyers and not only do they look for properties. Before they start looking for real estate, they look for guidance on the best neighborhoods, schools, gated communities, lifestyle and sales statistics. This helps them focus on the area or neighborhood they want to buy in. We proved this kind of information and are therefore preferred by many buyers.

We offer a strong digital presence and a world of information that makes us the number 1 real estate website in South Florida (We have  the N1 real estate website as chosen by South Florida Agent Magazine).

Progressive Digital Marketing

Besides the more traditional market methods such as professional photography, video production, email blasts, and open houses we offer a much more advanced digital marketing. We are pioneers when it comes to digital marketing. Besides having a large footprint and 250+ organic top 3 Google rankings* we also invest in Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. We run these campaigns for Coral Gables homes for sale targeting specific keywords related to Coral Gables homes. This will help potential buyers find our page when searching for homes in the Gables. Our custom-designed property pages are set up to capture leads, so we collect the information of potential buyers. On our property page, we can use “Hackboxes” and “Tripwires”. Both can feature a video or pictures of your property as well as links to learn more about the property. Below the Google ads, additional links will be displayed, including one with your address that will direct users to a custom page. Once they click on that call to action, the visitor is redirected to a custom page where we tell the story of your home and can add videos, floor plans, and more.

* This means that when you put a term in the Google Search Engine you find our website in the top 3 results




Our website gets 4K visitors daily, looking for Miami luxury properties. We can retarget these visitors with banner ads for your property. Anybody who visited the site to look at Coral Gables homes will be retargeted and see the ads like the ones illustrated below.



Do you want to know more about our Digital Marketing? In one of the podcasts, we interview marketing expert ‘Stephen Matsumoto’ in which we explain how we market digitally. I don’t pull punches or use marketing buzzwords. I truly understand the process and can expose your home to the widest and best possible audience.

Some of our Most Recent Sales in Coral Gables (Representing Sellers)


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These are the most commonly asked Google Real Estate Related questions

Do you live in Coral Gables yourself?

I have lived in Coral Gables for the last 8 years and just recently moved to Ponce Davis, which is a small neighborhood between east and west Coral Gables

Are you able to explain this Digital Marketing and its advantages in further detail?

Yes, that is what I mostly do when I go on listing presentations. I understand this topic is quite new or “dry” for some people and I always provide more background and explanation in a phone call or during a listing presentation.

Do you also do any traditional marketing?

Yes we do!

  • We do send email flyers to our massive database of buyers and agents.
  • We will text blast to our buyer database
  • We will personally call clients and agents to tell them about the listing
  • We will have professional videos and pictures taken
  • We will promote your listing on Youtube and our social media
  • We organize open houses and brokers opens

We do all the “old-school” marketing, but in addition to that we also provide more cutting edge marketing tools.

You mention buyers find your page, but how do I profit from that as a seller

Our enormous following and readers have subscribed to our website because they trust our opinion. We know how to capture the right buyers for your property and once they are in our system they will receive our email flyers/text blasts with your property information. They will be retargeted with a banner ad of your property once they enter the internet or if they are looking at Coral Gables homes for sale, we will have a pop up or mention of a “special deal” which is your property. With other words we will bring special attention to your listing on a website with over 40K visitors per month and we know how to target these people with ads even when they are not on our website


For all our analytics we are agents driving some very unique and advanced tech. We Provide a granular and custom experience that empower our clients with the insight and tools to understand the most complex behaviors of any local markets.

  • Analytical

    Over 100 reports produced to date

  • Knowledgeable

    Over 1800 published articles and counting

  • Experienced

    Over $2 billion in real estate sales

David Siddons

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