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    Client Testimonials of the David Siddons Group

    August 2, 2017

    Norman Cooper – Buyer & Seller

    ⇒ “As far as I am concerned, David Siddons IS the best realtor in Miami”
    ⇒ “David Siddons finds you the right fit whether it is a end-users home or an investment property”

    Lucy Robelo – Buyer & Seller

    ⇒ “He really takes the time and looks for what you need and what you like”
    ⇒ “He does the work for you, unlike many other realtors”

    Podrog Family – Buyers & Sellers

    ⇒ “You said trust me, we are going to market and sell your house. And you did, you had a contract on our house in 6 days”
    ⇒ “The level of professionalism was outstanding, the listing video, the marketing”

    Jon Gottleib – Buyer & Seller

    ⇒ “He was highly effective in bringing potential buyers into the house as we were looking to sell and at the same time had a feel for us and got to know us as people and find the right house for us “
    ⇒  “There were some houses that we thought were a good deal but David pointed out some of the flaws and kept us from moving into a house that just wasn’t right for us “
    ⇒  “David made me see the house we ended up buying, one day before it hit the market and we made an offer the next day”

    Sebastian Diaz – Buyer & Seller

    “David was knowledgeable of the market”
    “Buying a house with David made it so much easier than we thought it would be”
    “One of the most brilliant real estate agents we have here in Miami”

    Joao Alvarez and Rita Tavares – Buyers & Sellers

    “Cris with all her expertise and talent helped us find a new place in Coconut Grove”
    “highly recommend hiring her next time you need a new place for your family”

    Grovenor House Condo for sale

    Vila-Biaggi Family – Sellers

    On very rare occasions you receive the service from Brokers that we received from you in the sale of our Unit at Grovenor House (GH).
    We had been romancing the sale of our Unit for two years, and finally on August 8, 2017, we gave you the go-ahead to sell it and by the end of August, we had already agreed with a potential buyer the sales price.
    Afterwards, Hurricane Irma came through Puerto Rico and Florida, causing minor damages to GH.  Then came Hurricane María and there were no flights going in or out of Puerto Rico, and limited communication, which reduced my participation in the resolve.
    In one of those opportunities we spoke on the phone, you told me of some water spurge, but had already taken care of it and in the process being dried and fixed. When I finally got into GH on October 12, everything had been fixed and I couldn’t notice any change whatsoever from the day we had last visited GH on August 7th.
    I am very grateful for your team support, Marianela and yourself in making this sale a reality, not only for the success of same, but also being able to deal with a very professional group.
    The Importance of a Good Miami Listing Agent

    Xavier Rocoplan Seller Coconut Grove, Buyer Ponce Davis

    Following David’s advice was instrumental and we really felt we were working with David as a team. Very impressed also in David’s local market knowledge to build fair expectations both on the buy and the sell side. Last but not least, David has been extremely diligent & responsive managing the buy/sell processes. Highly recommend – it makes a difference to feel receiving value for money from these agent fees!” Xavier Rocoplan 4801 SW 74th Ter, Miami, FL 33143

     David Siddons

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