What is my Miami Home Worth And Where do I go Next?

What is my Miami Home Worth? Name your Price, We Have Buyers!

If you read this and own a Miami property you already know you will be able to sell it tomorrow for a hefty profit. You know the market is extremely hot and you know it’s a good time to sell. BUT where do you go next? Exactly, a good question. We don’t want to tell you “Sell your Property for Top Dollar” without having at least a solution for your problem. We do understand your issue and truth be told: it’s indeed not always easy to find a new home in this market. However I’m speaking from experience when I say there are ways to move up in this market and to create a win/win situation.

Example of 2200 Tigertail Ave in Coconut Grove

In Q4. 2020 we represented a buyer that bought this home for $1,550,000. In Q3 2021 we flipped it for her for $1,831,000. 18% or $281K profit in 10 months. By the time it closed the new owner realized quickly the market was too hot and flipped it. He painted the old Mediterranean property completely white (previously yellow) and had it staged. It sold in Q1 of 2022 for $2,600,000 ($50K above asking) and a $770K profit in a matter of months. Our seller moved into a newer townhome in Pine Manor,  a private and quiet gated community in High Pines.

We have helped numerous clients who were in the same position as you are in right now. You want to profit from this market, without overpaying for your next home.

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I can share my own and my clients’ experiences so you know that whatever decision you make, it will be a well-informed decision
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What is my Miami Home Worth? |  Profit from this Market, without overpaying for your next home.

The Same Quality Home in a Better Area

Many owners comment on the fact that when they sell their home they won’t be able to get a better quality home in that same price range. The quality of your home might stay the same, but you might be able to find the same type of home in a more desired neighborhood, more desired street, better lot or in a gated community. Maybe the new house is less updated than your current house and will need some work done, but you will be in a better area, which ads to your investment and future returns. A strategy of many of our recent sellers.

Building or Renovating a Home

With the proceeds from your sale, you might be able to purchase a fixer upper or start building a home from scratch. This way you are building equity and new or updated homes are very desired in the resale market. I sold my home late 2021 and I bought a shell home from a developer, which I then completely customized. It is not always easy to remodel or build a home, but the added value is tremendous. I described my experience in a previous blog (linked below) as well as the experience of our South Miami agent Jorge who sold his home for top dollar and started building a home from the bottom up. Reading our stories will give you lots of insights. Can you can also call me at 305.508.0899.

Example of 4801 SW 74th Ter, Ponce Davis

We represented the buyer in 2018 when he bought this gem for $2,450,000. He added new floors, a new kitchen and new bathrooms and listed the home two weeks ago with us for $5.35M. We are currently under contract for a number far exceeding the asking price. What is my Miami Home Worth? Much more than they expected! The seller will be moving out of town for himself as well as for the resale market.

Example of  7610 SW 48th Ct in Ponce Davis

This spectacular home sold in 2020 for $5M and in 2021 for $9M . The seller is now investing in fixer uppers around town for himself as a primary property as well as for investment purposes.

Example of Two Park Grove A line Unit

In June 2020 unit 10A at Two Park Grove sold for $3M. In February 2022 we helped a client obtain this unit for $4.5M in an off-market deal. The unit is now, two months later, under contract again for a much higher price (contact me for details). The sellers are opting for a pre-construction condo and will move into an older property in the meantime to see if they can fix it up and sell it for a profit once their new condo is ready.

Example of 10120 SW 72nd Ave in Pinecrest

In Q1 of 2021 this property sold for $2,5M and exactly one year later it sold for $3,760,000. That is $1.26M in one year or a 50% profit!

Look for Less Expensive Areas and Buy a Bigger or Better Finished Home

Let’s say you sell a Coral Gables or Coconut Grove home for a good amount of money, but you cannot find a better home in the area nor do you have the energy to renovate or build a home. Have you thought of moving to other areas such as South Miami or Glenvar Heights. We have closed several deals in these areas in the last 12 months. Our clients have found spectacularly finished, new(er) homes in areas west of US1. The advantage of South Miami is that you are still close to Miami’s best private schools, the Gables and Brickell.

Off-Market Listings

You know that what you see listed for sale on Zillow or Realtor.com is just the tip of the iceberg? Many of the best deals are traded off-market. Why? Cause many sellers do not want to have the hassle of listing it or agents (like myself) proactively bring them clients who are willing and ready to make a deal. Now more than ever top agents are talking to one another about off-market listings on a daily basis. I have put three off-market homes under contract just this month. Besides the off-market listings I have, we also look for sellers based on the criteria we get from buyers. You tell us what you are looking for and my team will start searching for it! Please call me for more information at 305.508.0899 and I will share my listings with you.

Sneak Peek of our Off Market Listing in Coral Gables

  • 5 Bedrooms | 5.5 Bathrooms
  • 3,859 SF Interior | 10,000 SF Lot
  • 2020 Construction

This beautiful new construction was built in 2020, offering 5 bedrooms, and 3,859 SF of living area. The 2- story home provides for an open floor plan and lots of natural light. Additional features are wood floors, a modern open kitchen with kitchen island, modern bathrooms, spacious his-and-hers walk-in closets and a large terrace on the first floor overlooking the pool. The 10,000 Sf lot offers a covered terrace with summer kitchen, a pool and lost of privacy because of its lush vegetation. The property offers a 1-car garage and a carport

What is my Miami Home Worth? 

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David Siddons is a top producing realtor with Douglas Elliman. He is the author of several of Miami’s most influential real estate reports and forecasts.


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