The Best Miami Beach Neighborhoods that are Non-Waterfront

Introduction to The Finest Non-Waterfront Neighborhoods in Miami Beach

When people think about homes in Miami Beach, they often picture luxurious $50 million waterfront mansions with breathtaking views of the bay and downtown skyline. While these waterfront properties are a dream for many, there’s another side to the Miami Beach housing market that’s equally appealing and more affordable.

Not many are familiar with the Non-Waterfront home market in Miami Beach, which offers a fantastic community for those seeking the space and privacy of a home within specific budget constraints. Let’s explore this housing market and see how it stacks up against other sought-after neighborhoods across Miami.

Real Estate for Non-Waterfront Homes

Property prices for Non-Waterfront single-family homes in Miami Beach can range from just below $1M on the low end to $12.5M on the high end.

Properties on the low end of the price spectrum are typically older homes that need full renovations or properties that need to be demolished entirely. These are being sold for land value. These homes usually have lower ceilings, unattractive floor plans and are situated on smaller lots.

The properties being sold at the top of the market are new construction homes in prime areas, on a good sized lot, and impeccably finished throughout. However, most homes are sold in the $2M to $5M range as the average sales price is $3.1M and trades at $1,000 per square foot. 

New Construction Non-Waterfront Homes

As the prices for waterfront properties keep pushing records, developers and owners have turned to non-waterfront homes for more budget-friendly new construction properties. New construction single-family homes range in price from $3M all the way up to $12.5M for properties built in the last 5 years. Properties located in prime areas of Miami Beach trade on average at $1,600 per square foot. These are properties that have been tastefully finished and located in areas like Sunset Islands (dry lots), Hibiscus Islands (dry lots), Nautilus, Bayshore, and Lakeview. Properties not as detailed or properties located on busy roads such as Alton Road trade on average at $1,061 per square foot. The new construction of single-family homes is a blend of contemporary, tropical modern, and ultra-modern. My personal favorite is tropical modern where earth tones are used with new design. 

The Best Miami Beach Neighborhoods that are Non-Waterfront

Comparing Miami Beach to Other Neighborhoods

Comparing Miami Beach Non-Waterfront vs Waterfront

Miami Beach Waterfront and Non-Waterfront Homes
Average $ per SF Average Sales Price Average $ per SF LUXURY)* Average Sales Price Luxury
Non-Waterfront $1,019 $3.100,000 $1,286 $4,400,000
Waterfront $2,733 $17,700,000 $2,913 $23,500,000

Comparing Prices vs Other Prime Neighborhoods

Miami Beach Non Waterfront vs Other Desired Residential Areas
Average $ per SF Average Sales Price Average $ per SF LUXURY)* Average Sales Price Luxury
Miami Beach Homes $1,019 $3.100,000 $1,286 $4,400,000
Coral Gables Homes $785 $1,990,000 $895 $3,350,000
Coconut Grove Homes $1074 $2,600,000 $1,200 $3,580,000
Pinecrest Homes $756 $3,100,000 $848 $4,600,000
Miami Shores Homes $600 $1,200,000 $754 $2,100,000

*Luxury refers to homes with a price point of $2.5M and above. For Miami Shores this is $2M.

Top 4 Non-Waterfront Neighborhoods

Sunset Islands

Only 102 Non-Waterfront homes in Sunset Islands making it one of the most exclusive neighborhoods and places to own in Miami Beach. Sunset Islands holds the record for the most expensive Non-Waterfront home ever sold for $12.5M. Sunset Islands is very private, guard gated and minutes away from the desirable Sunset Harbour neighborhood where shops, dining and gyms are located just a few minutes from your doorstep.


Located in Mid Beach, the Nautilus neighborhood sits just off the Julia Tuttle Causeway making transportation to the mainland easily accessible. Nautilus is filled with tree lined streets, Polo park, restaurants and café’s on 41st street a few minutes away. Mount Sinai Medical Center is also located in Nautilus making it an attractive option for those working in the medical field or those who needs to be close to hospitals. Lastly, Nautilus sits just west from some of the best hotels located on the beach including Soho Beach House, Edition and Faena Hotel.

The Best Miami Beach Neighborhoods that are Non-Waterfront

Lakeview / La Gorce

The neighborhoods of Lakeview and La Gorce are some of my favorite neighborhoods in Miami Beach. With some of the best streets like North Bay Rd, Pine Tree Dr and La Gorce Cr, this neighborhood offers stunning properties and in a great location. Bal Harbour dining and shops are 10 minutes north while everything South Beach has to offer is 10 minutes south. Very quiet and surrounding La Gorce Country Club, a private golf and tennis club.


Located just east of Miami Beach Golf Club, Bayshore is comprised mostly of single family homes and small apartment buildings. The draw of the Bayshore area is the close proximity to South Beach, Lincoln Road, Sunset Harbour and South of 5th. Some of the better streets in this neighborhood are Meridian and Prairie Ave which offer golf course front homes.

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