The Best Condo in South of Fifth? Continuum South Beach

Continuum South Beach is one of the most desired condos in chic South of Fifth, the southernmost part of South Beach. South of Fifth is known for its luxury condos with superb views, units and amenities. We wanted to give you an overview of which condos are the best performing condos in the sense of prices, demand, exclusivity and investment value. There are many quality condos in South of Fifth, such as Apogee or Murano. Continuum however is our number 1 for a variety of reasons.

The South of Fifth Condo Prices

The table below shows you the average prices per SF for South of Fifth condos in the last 5 years as well as an indication of increasing or decreasing prices per SF over time. You can see the “golden condo years” of 2013 to 2015 displaying rising prices while 2016 and 2017 are showing corrections. While doing this analysis we noticed that Continuum South Beach is taking up in demand again and prices have seen an increase again in 2018.

The Best Condo in South of Fifth? Continuum South Beach

Note: Apogee, Marea and One Ocean have very limited number of sales so price changes are not as statistically significant as with other condos

Demand vs Supply in South of Fifth

The Best Condo in South of Fifth? Continuum South Beach

The demand and supply relationship (or Months of Inventory) is very important in real estate. It explains you how much demand there is for a specific condo and it is an excellent indicator for future price movements. In the table above we can see the South of Fifth condos ranked on “Months of Inventory”. The months of inventory tell you how long it will take to sell all current listings assuming no new listings will enter the market. The luxury ($1M+) market is showing a balanced market between 12 and 18 months. A balanced market is a market in which neither sellers nor buyers have a significant advantage and prices are stable. If the inventory passes the 18 months we speak of a buyers market. A sellers market means that sellers have the upper hand. There is more demand than supply, which might lead to rising prices. Continuum South Tower is seeing the 5th best supply/demand curve in South of Fifth with 32 months of inventory, which is a buyers market. In the past few months many units were sold and inventory has decreased at both towers.

The best performing condos on the “Months of Inventory” scale are the more affordable and more dated South Pointe Tower and Yacht Club and brand new One Ocean which is located on a dry lot.

Have a look at all the current Continuum South Beach listings here

Continuum Expert Website

We offer a website dedicated to the prestigious Continuum Condo Towers in South of Fifth, known for its resort-style oceanfront living.

This site is ideal for those looking to buy or rent at Continuum or those who own a unit at Continuum and are looking to sell. This site offers everything from basic condo information and video tours to floor plans and from current listings to the latest condo news and market developments. We do not only focus on the performance of Continuum, but we also look at the performance of the South of Fifth neighborhood and the values of Continuum’s biggest competitors to give you a holistic overview of the market. Additionally we like to add value by forecasting the market and to predict what will happen in the months to come based on elaborate market information and our daily experience with the South of Fifth Market.

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