Mercedes Benz Places Miami | A Unique New Project or Just Another Car-Branded Condo?

A brand new Mercedes Benz branded condo has been announced. The new mega project besides 791 residences will offer commercial space and a luxury hotel will be located in Brickell. Those who follow my blog might know my standpoint on branded luxury condos that have little to do with the hospitality industry. Therefore I would like to dissect this condo and show you the good and the bad. In addition, I would like to show how this condo relates to other brand-new condos in Brickell.

If you would like to know more about the condo before you continue reading, here you can find all the price ranges, floor plans, and fact sheet of the Mercedes Benz Residences in Brickell.

Mercedes Benz Places Miami | A Unique New Project or Just another Car-Branded Condo?

Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami will certainly be bringing unique architecture to the Brickell Skyline

The Pitfalls of Branded Condo Towers

There’s a growing trend in the Miami real estate market for branded luxury condos, especially those linked to fashion and automobile brands. Now, these condos might seem appealing because of their fancy names, but I think you should be cautious. Just because a condo has a famous brand attached to it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great investment. The quality of a luxury brand doesn’t necessarily translate into the quality of a condo project; a brand is essentially just a marketing tool. Previous cycle buyers who were attracted to branded products often encountered disappointment when the anticipated high quality failed to materialize. Many branded condos experienced substantial decreases in resale value, with some sellers losing up to 50% of their initial purchase price.  So, before you jump into buying one of these branded condos, make sure you’re looking beyond the brand name. Pay attention to things like floor plans, architecture, and the expertise of the development team. And here’s a tip: check out hospitality-branded condos instead. They’re managed by well-known brands and are more likely to offer a commitment to excellence and quality services.

Reviewing the Mercedes-Benz Places in Brickell Miami

Having mentioned my concern with branded luxury condos,  let’s jump into the Mercedes Benz Residences in Brickell, Miami We will review the Mercedes Benz condo on:

  1. Location
  2. Density and Unit Mix
  3. The Floor Plans
  4. The Team
  5. Prices

1. Location of the Mercedes Benz Residences in Miami

The Mercedes Benz condo will be situated at 1133 SW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33130, USA. You can find its location on Google Maps here: Link. Accessibility is excellent, making commuting convenient It’s situated on the West Side of Brickell, so not as congested as the central Brickell area. In addition, it’s closer to US1 and I95, making it a less busy area. However, between this location and the city center, it’s about 3 or 4 blocks away before reaching the center. Furthermore, the location is more distant from the Bay compared to many other condos, which reduces the accessibility of unobstructed water views. If accessibility is one of your most important factors when choosing a Brickell condo, then this is your perfect location. If you want to be in Brickell to walk out and be near the office buildings, bars, and restaurants, then this might be less what you are looking for. 

Mercedes Benz Places Miami | A Unique New Project or Just another Car-Branded Condo?

2. Density and Unit Mix

The Mercedes Benz Residences Miami offers studios as well as 1 to 3-bedroom residences. The Mercedes Benz condo in Brickell offers 791 units in total, which makes it a high-density project. The residences start on floor 32. Below that level, the tower will feature 130,000 square feet of amenities and hospitality space, office space, a 174-key hotel, retail outlets, and parking.
Each floor offers between 7 and 16 condos which makes it a high-density project. In addition, the high amount of studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom units make it a project that attracts many investors who might put these units up for rent. We often write about the importance of looking for condos that are destined for primary homeowners who live in the condo all year or use it as a second home. These condos tend to fare better over time and have historically seen better resale values. In a condo with smaller units, the risk always exists that many of these units will end up on the rental market, which might affect resale values.

Mercedes Benz Places Miami | A Unique New Project or Just another Car-Branded Condo?

3. The Floor Plan at Mercedes-Benz Places Miami

The floor plans are relatively compact compared to other units in Brickell. Below, you’ll find a table showcasing various condos within similar price ranges currently under construction in the area, providing a basis for comparison.

One noteworthy aspect is that the one-bedroom units do not feature ensuite bathrooms, requiring occupants to leave their bedroom for bathroom access. While this may not pose an issue for everyone, it’s a detail worth mentioning. Otherwise, the condos appear to be thoughtfully designed, featuring spacious balconies and a well-planned layout.

1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms
Mercedes Benz 730 - 940 SF 1,077  - 1,700 SF 1,640 - 2,119 SF
1428 Brickell n/a 1,800 - 2,300 SF 2,700 - 2,800 SF
Cipriani 1,200 - 1500 SF 1,400 - 2,100 SF 1,900 - 2,100 SF
Baccarat 1400 SF 1,500 - 1,900 SF 2,100 - 3,100 SF

4 The team behind the Mercedes-Benz Residences Brickell

JDS Development Group is the developer behind this project. They have constructed an impressive amount of condos in both Miami as well as in NYC. JDS has long been active in the South Florida market, achieving record sales for Echo Brickell, Echo Aventura, and Monad Terrace by Ateliers Jean Nouvel.  In NYC, JDS is the developer behind the Steinway Tower on 111 W 57th street, which they created in collaboration with SHoP Architects, the architect of choice for the Mercedes Benz Residences. SHoP Architects is a New York-based global design leader. Notable projects include Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the American Copper Buildings and the supertall residential tower 111 West 57th Street in Manhattan, the new Uber Headquarters in San Francisco, the recently opened Collins Arch complex in Melbourne, Fulbright University Vietnam, Codrico Tower Rotterdam, and multiple diplomatic facilities including in Milan and Bangkok, under a Design Excellence contract with the U.S. Department of State. In sum, the team behind this project has a proven track record in large-scale residential projects.

5 The Prices

The Mercedes-Benz Places Brickell Miami is asking at an average of $1,600 per SF. This brings them in the same category of Ciprianiasking just below $1,600 per SF ($1,575), Baccarat asking $1,630 per SF, and 1428 Brickell which asks $1,680 per SF on average. As mentioned before the residences at Mercedes Benz are smaller than units in these competing residences, but ask the same price per SF.

In short, the Mercedes Benz Places offer more affordable units, which are also smaller. Working example;

  • A two-bedroom (Some with bed option) at Mercedes-Benz Places will give you 1,057 to 1,706 Sf for $1.45M-$2.4M
  • A two-bedroom plus den at 1428 Brickell gives you 1,800 SF for $2,65M-$3M
  • A two Bedroom plus Den at Cipriani gives you 1,400 to 2,150 SF for $2.3M-$3.2,

The Mercedes Benz Places Miami stands out, however,  as the sole new construction condominium in Brickell accessible with a $1M budget, giving it a significant competitive advantage.

Mercedes Benz Places Miami | A Unique New Project or Just another Car-Branded Condo?


In summary, this project represents the collaboration of a highly skilled team with a proven track record and extensive experience. It is characterized by higher density and a multitude of units on each floor, with a significant proportion being smaller studios or one-bedroom units. While this may appeal to some buyers, especially considering the prevailing trend of larger units in new condos, it may not align with the preferences of all purchasers. Despite offering lower prices compared to many competing condos, the cost per square foot remains consistent, indicating that the floor plans of the condos are generally smaller than those of competing projects. The project’s location may suit individuals requiring swift access to other parts of the city or the airport, but may not be ideal for those seeking a more centrally located residence.

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