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 New Construction Condos in Brickell for Sale


The David Siddons Group is a high performing group of realtors known for their excellent market analysis and many real estate articles. David Siddons specializes in the Brickell Estate Market and below the listings you will find a variety of Brickell related real estate topics such as Brickell real estate news, the latest condo developments and Brickell real estate reports and forecast. In the meantime please check out other Brickell Real Estate options here:



We provide you with an overview of all new Brickell condos for sale. You can specialize your search for a Brickell condo by using one of our filters like price levels, sq. footage or number of bedrooms.

On the right hand sight you will be able to see very useful material regarding Brickell real estate that will help you to fully understand this market. We provide you with neighborhood news and condo communities or you can scroll to any of the other Brickell real estate pages.


Brickell Condos for Sale


Brickell condos have been a hot topic in the last few years. After the 2007/2008 crash the Brickell condo market experienced a difficult time but quickly regained trust from international investors. With the rising interest in Miami real estate and the influx of foreign investors, Brickell condos became a hot asset and increased tremendously in value. With this enormous interest of national and international investors and the continuously increasing desire for luxury real estate products many brand new Brickell condos were announced. Between 2012 and 2015, 16 new Brickell pre-construction projects were announced, one more luxurious than the other.


The New Brickell Condos for sale


These new Brickell condos for sale attracted investors from all over the world and Brickell condo projects sold out at a very rapid pace. The sudden rise of the Brickell pre-construction condos had an impact on the resale market as most investors were looking for the brand new condos in Brickell.


Since 2015, the Brickell condo market noticed a small decline in sales. What became first evident in the resale market then started within the pre-construction market as well. As foreign investments started to stagnate due to economic hardship and weakened currencies, the speed at which condos were selling decreased considerably. As many brand new condos were already finished, the current condo owners, mostly investors, started to sell their units right away resulting in a massive increase in inventory. High amounts of inventory are an excellent indicator that prices need to be adjusted. A few of Brickell’s brand new condos are still not delivered, so it is to be expected that inventory will remain high for quite some time.


Should you buy a new Brickell condo?


At this very moment I would say that there are better investment markets than the Brickell condo market. If you are looking for a long term investment property and you are set on Brickell then we would suggest you do very good research with the help of a good agent. The new Brickell condos for sale come with all levels of luxury levels and finishes. Not all condos delivered what they promised and not all condos provide a good value/price ratio. We suggest you look at different new Brickell condos for sale and be careful you don’t pay above market price. As many Brickell condos sold for a surplus you want to make sure you can still get a good return on investment.

Always use a good agent who can compare the different new Brickell condos with one another and knows the market numbers.


Should you sell your new Brickell condo?


Owners of Brickell condos who want to sell need to be aware that prices will need to be adjusted in order to sell. In this buyer’s market with a lot of competing units you should not be expecting the same profit anymore than what you could have gotten in 2013/2014.  There is still a market for Brickell condos but buyers are more price conscious and have more choice.

In case you are looking to sell within the next 18 months, please give me a call and we can discuss your unit, market conditions and asking prices.

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