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    Pinecrest Homes for Sale

    An Overview of all Pinecrest Homes for Sale


    As specialists in analyzing the local real estate market we provide a deeper understanding of the true values of these homes and the neighborhood they sit in, with essential neighborhood analysis and news. As we are the only group in Miami to provide this kind of close quarters analysis, make sure to check out some of our essential information links below:


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    We invite you to have a look at ALL PINECREST HOMES FOR SALE. This overview of Pinecrest listings can be customized according to the criteria which you choose and can be displayed however you like, on a map, grid or a list.

    On the right side of this Pinecrest Homes page you find all kinds of very useful information on Pinecrest such as communities or other Pinecrest real estate options Don’t hesitate to give us a call in case you see a property you like.


    Pinecrest is a very desired residential area in Miami just South of Coral Gables. Pinecrest homes for sale are within the top 3 of most desired Miami homes together with Coral Gables homes and Coconut Grove homes.


    Pinecrest Homes for Sale


    Pinecrest homes for sale are very sought-after because they are large size homes on large size lots. Pinecrest homes are often located on an acre of lot and Pinecrest lots are seldomly smaller than 15,000 SF. The size of these homes together with the excellent school district is what attracts many young families to the Pinecrest area. Many Pinecrest schools or schools within the Pinecrest school district are public schools that belong to the country’s highest rated schools. For private schools Pinecrest children can easily reach any of the great private schools in the Grove or Coral Gables.

    Finally Pinecrest homes for sale are more affordable than likewise homes in Coral Gables or Coconut Grove. Many buyers therefore opt to get more value for their dollar.


    Pinecrest really saw a complete real estate evolution in the last few years. Pinecrest homes for sale were known for the typical American style of large, one-story homes. Many of the Pinecrest homes for sale were dated and were priced in the $500 – $1M dollar range. With the real estate boom that Miami was experiencing and the rising prices of Coral Gables and Coconut Grove homes for sale, many buyers were forced to look at more affordable markets like Pinecrest. As more and more investors looked at Pinecrest homes for sale, prices increased steadily. At the same time many of these buyers were looking for a sleek, more modern style while most Pinecrest homes had a slightly dated look and feel to them. These buyers then looked for Pinecrest homes they could tear down and remodel or rebuild or they looked for Pinecrest homes for sale that sold for land value on which they could then build a brand new home from scratch. The started the trend of construction brand new luxury Pinecrest homes for sale which lifted the market into the next price bracket. Many of these homes sold for $2M+ and the market started to become more and more luxurious and contemporary.


    Even though the market has increased significantly in value, buyers who are looking for a Pinecrest home for sale will still get more value for their money than in Coral Gables or Coconut Grove. The market still offers some great opportunities to build your own brand new Pinecrest home or to remodel a Pinecrest home.


    Contact me for any Pinecrest real estate inquiries whether you want to buy or sell your Pinecrest home

    Pinecrest Real Estate News
    Pinecrest Real Estate Market Update
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