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    Welcome to our ‘Miami Real Estate News’ page. Here you will find the latest information and updates on the Miami Real Estate Market. Below we provide you with the latest 10 blogs. On the right hand side you can scroll through our most popular news features or news by condo. Are you not finding what you are looking for? Please use the search button to find the most relevant blogs.

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    Should I Buy or Sell My Coral Gables Home in 2017?

    Should I Buy or Sell My Coral Gables Home in 2017?

    August 16, 2017
    Selling or Buying a Coral Gables Home in 2017, What Would Be the Best Move for You? Many Coral Gables homeowners are interested in knowing the value of their property and to see whether they can step up to a larger home or maybe scale down and purchase a Miami condo. Some owners tell me they read so much different Miami real estate news, they really don't know anymore what to believe. As a top-producing Coral Gables Realtor who is active in this market on a daily basis I would like to share the below data and personal opinion with…
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    Moving to Miami with your Family in 2017

    August 4, 2017
    Just a Caveat. This Blog is not aimed at Students are those under 25 who are looking to explore a new city for the first time. There are plenty of blogs on that. This blog is for the families and  high net worth professionals who are relocating to Miami either on their own or with the family and are trying to figure out the real estate market. What do our clients have to say about the David Siddons Group? Watch our video testimonials below: First off, I feel I may be uniquely and ideally positioned to talk about moving / relocating to Miami. Why?…
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    Find Your Miami Dream House In the Most Unexpected Way

    August 2, 2017
    A Miami Real Estate Agent who goes the extra mile for his buyers What distinguishes a good Miami realtor from all the others? Knowing the market and knowing where the numbers are, but also knowing who wants to sell at what price, even if the property is not listed. The David Siddons Group thinks out-of-the-box and when our clients can't find what they are looking for on the market, we go the extra mile. We look for off-market properties, that match our clients' criteria, and we reach out to these homeowners to see if they want to sell. We have…
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    David Siddons' Client Testimonials

    Client Testimonials of the David Siddons Group

    Norman Cooper - Buyer & Seller ⇒ "As far as I am concerned, David Siddons IS the best realtor in Miami" ⇒ "David Siddons finds you the right fit whether it is a end-users home or an investment property" Lucy Robelo - Buyer & Seller ⇒ "He really takes the time and looks for what you need and what you like" ⇒ "He does the work for you, unlike many other realtors" Podrog Family - Buyers & Sellers ⇒ "You said trust me, we are going to market and sell your house. And you did, you had a contract on…
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    Listing Your Miami Property With David Siddons

    Listing your Miami Property with David Siddons in 2017!   Selling your Miami property might be a stressful experience for many home owners. From doubts about whether you get the right price to choosing the right listing agent, it is something that many people are not looking forward to. David Siddons is a top producing Miami real estate agent and a listing agent that is known for his out of the box marketing. Please find below an explanation on why we are the best Miami listings agent to sell your property in 2017. Dont take my word for it! Listen to…
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    Should I sell my Brickell Condo? The 2017 Market Update

    August 1, 2017
    Have The Condo Values Peaked In Brickell And Is It Time To Sell my Brickell Condo? "What is happening with the Brickell condo market?" and "Should I sell my Brickell condo" are often heard questions these days. Brickell, Miami's poster child of the latest real estate boom, is seeing high amounts of inventory and correcting prices. Many of Brickell's brand new luxury condos were bought by investors with the idea of "flipping" their unit right after the condo was delivered. With 1000's of units being bought with the idea to resell, you can imagine the massive over-supply the Brickell market has experienced…
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    The 2017 Midyear real estate report

    The 2017 Miami Real Estate Report

    July 26, 2017
    The 2017 Miami Real Estate Report (Q1 and Q2 Analysis) NOW AVAILABLE | The 2017 Miami real estate report With much talk about a slowing Miami Real Estate Market and articles from the more educated Journalists talking of 'market correction', it is fair to say that when we look at the overall 2017 Q1 and Q2 stats we are not in the same 'boom period' of 2014 / 2015. However... Savvy real estate investors can still find great opportunities in the Miami market - the biggest opportunities present themselves not in an upward market but a downward one. For those who are relocating buyers you can still protect your financial investment by purchasing in a number of neighborhood submarkets that are extremely stable and…
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    Should I Sell My Coconut Grove House in 2017?

    Is it time to sell my Coconut Grove Home? There are many families looking for Coconut Grove homes at the moment. Being one of the safest and family friendliest neighborhoods in Miami, many buyers have their mind set on the Grove. I often approach home owners of non-listed properties to see if they would consider selling to my client. As my clients don't always find what they are looking for on the market, I need to expand the search to off-market properties. When I reach out to those Coconut Grove home owners they always ask: "Is this really the best…
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    Should I Sell my Coconut Grove Condo in 2017

    Should you Sell Your Coconut Grove Condo? Many recent reviews of the Miami condo market show high inventory levels and decreasing prices. What most of these reports fail to recognize is that the Miami market cannot be generalized. Many of the reports are written without distinguishing between neighborhoods or price ranges. A $750K condo in Coconut Grove sees a different performance than a $4M Brickell condo or a $1M dollar Miami Beach condo. Because of these generalized reports, often written by people who do not experience the Miami real estate market on a daily basis, condo owners might get nervous. I wrote…
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    A Second Home in Miami, Should I Buy a Condo or a Home?

    Investing in Miami – The Best Return on Investment in Miami Real Estate

    July 18, 2017
    A better return on investment: Miami Condos Vs Miami Homes Everyone who invests in Miami wants the highest return on investment on their property. In the last few years most of my clients looked at Miami condos for investment purposes. These days however, a growing number of buyers are looking into single family homes to maximize their return on investment. As with everything in real estate, your investment success depends on many factors, such as location, the market and the subject property. Despite these dependencies, we try to provide you with a good overview of the pro's and the con's of condos…
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