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    Building or buying a New Construction Home in Miami? This is the ultimate Guide to New Home Construction, Remodeling or buying a ‘new build’

    June 9, 2014

    The ultimate guide for building or buying a new construction home in Miami

     The cost to build new homes | The cost of home remodeling | Search land to build new homes | Success stories of new home construction in Miami

    I wrote the first version of the blog back in 2015, and there is so much information included in this blog it may be one of the biggest we have ever written!  Much has changed since then – everyone jumped on the building band wagon and construction in Miami went through the roof. Sadly, not all new homes built ended up looking as good as you would expect – in short they looked cheap and were of poor quality finish, some however did.

    I feel I can at least speak from a certain position of authority on this. My knowledge in this area is more extensive than other agents when it comes to being able to effectively guide clients on new Construction / remodeling homes because my wife is a well known Interior Designer and Architect. She is owner of ‘Design Solutions – (954 548 7018) and has been heavily involved in a number of new home construction. She has graced the front cover of Luxe Magazine in March 2016 with a home she designed on Venetian Islands. In short she knows what she is doing!

    Together we have renovated a sold our old home in the North Grove. It sold for a record breaking $645 per sqft lot in 2015 (the highest $ per sqft achieved in the north Grove for a dry lot home), and We are currently under interior renovation and expansion for our new home in Coral Gables. I have also worked with a number of builders such as CH Construct who for example I helped acquire land in the Bay Heights in the Grove, build a 4700 sqft home and sell for a record breaking $2,650,000.

    These days more and more of my clients approach me with the wish to build their own Miami home. Instead of waiting for that one perfect home to come along they would rather design and build their own dream property or remodel a property. Some of my clients are looking for great remodel or construction opportunities because of the sales opportunities and superb return on investment. Some simply don’t want to wait but would rather get something turn key and others start with the dream of building but then realize they just don’t have the appetite, budget or time for whats involved. This blog is for everyone. So please read on….

    We split this blog into three sections. Those who decide that building a new home or renovating a home is what they want to do, those that are undecided and those that decide its not what they want to do.

    Either way we have the answers!

    Building a new home in Miami

    This Coconut Grove home was bought by one of my clients. The seller built a brand new home on an empty lot and sold it for $2,400,000 5 days after listing it.

    Looking for additional information regarding building a brand new home in Miami such as timelines, permits and costs of constructing a Miami home?

    Please have a look at the most important Home Building questions answered by three of Miami’s most prominent builders 

    Building a new home in Miami

    This house, which was owned by David Siddons, was bought in 2009 for $750,000. David spent about $300,000 in renovations and upgrading and sold this home in 2015 for $1,750,000

    Working examples of New Homes for Sale in Miami

    Building a new home in Miami

    The Coconut Grove land this property is built on was sold for $825,000 in 2013. A brand new home is currently being constructed which is listed for $3,900,000.

    Building a new home in Miami

    Located in South Coconut Grove this brand new home was bought in 2013 for $605,000  (lot value) and is now listed for $2,970,000.

    Building a new home in Miami

    This Coconut Grove home was sold in earlier this year (2015) for $1,875,000. The lot was bought for $435,000 in 2012.

    Building a new home in Miami

    This priorly vacant lot in the gated Hammock Oaks community was bought in 2014 for $899,000. A brand new home was built and this property sold for $2,750,000 in 2015.

    Building a new home in Miami

    In 2012 this lot in the exclusive Snapper Creek was listed for $2,400,000 but not sold. The owners decided to build a home on the vacant 55,320 Sq.Ft. lot. This 10,076 Sq.Ft home sold this year for $8,000,000.

    Please contact me for all your real estate inquiries, whether you want to build, buy or are still indecisive. I love talking Miami real estate and I’ll be more than happy to explain the market and the pros and cons of building versus buying to you.

    David Siddons | 305.508.0899 |

     David Siddons

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