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    Should I sell my Brickell Condo? The 2017 Market Update

    August 1, 2017
    Have The Condo Values Peaked In Brickell And Is It Time To Sell my Brickell Condo? "What is happening with the Brickell condo market?" and "Should I sell my Brickell condo" are often heard questions these days. Brickell, Miami's poster child of the latest real estate boom, is seeing high amounts of inventory and correcting prices. Many of Brickell's brand new luxury condos were bought by investors with the idea of "flipping" their unit right after the condo was delivered. With 1000's…
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    How Saturated is the Brickell Condo Market?

    May 19, 2017
    What Brickell Condos are a Good Investment at this Moment? Much has been said about the Brickell condo market in the last few years. The David Siddons Group has warned clients and readers about certain Brickell condo investments, while also acknowledging that not all Brickell condos can be generalized. In this blog we will discuss which Brickell real estate investments are a good idea and which are not. What Brickell Real Estate to Avoid? Last week we wrote an article…
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    Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Brickell

    Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Brickell

    May 11, 2017
    All the information you need before making the move to Brickell Brickell is the second largest financial district of the United States and therefore also called the 'Manhattan of the South'. Brickell's high concentration of international banks are mostly focused on wealth and investment banking. Many Latin American financial institutions are opening a branch in Miami, bringing young foreign professionals with them or providing jobs for locals. At the same time many multinationals are opening offices in Miami to function as…
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    What is the Best Condo in Brickell?

    June 10, 2016
    What is the Best Condo in Brickell? Our Pick in 10 Condo Categories!   If you are to deciding on what condo to buy in Brickell it is truly in your best interest to not just focus on the unit you are interested in but also on the actual Brickell condo building. Some buyers jump straight into focusing on the unit, views and finishes with little regard to the actual building. This is where our expertise and knowledge comes in. We rarely…
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    The Top 10 New Miami Condos - What are the best Miami Pre-construction Condos

    October 19, 2015
     Miami's Top 10 Pre-construction Condos  The Best new pre-construction condos in Miami - an independent review THIS BLOG IS NOW UPDATED VIA THIS LINK THE BEST MIAMI CONDOS IN 2016 Most people looking to invest in Miami Pre-construction condos search on the internet for input and realize pretty fast that the supply of condos is so enormous that it is hard to get a complete overview of what is out there, let alone to also get a grasp on the prices…
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    Rise at Brickell City Centre - The Brickell Condo of the Moment

    July 7, 2014
    Rise at Brickell City Centre - Read the independent review here   Rise at Brickell City Centre is now selling. Brickell's most waited upon and most talked about Real Estate Development started with the sales of REACH, which successfully sold more than half of its units before even having a website up and running. Rise at Brickell City Centre is part of the $1.05 billion Brickell City Centre lifestyle concept and will be home to global adventurers, jetsetters, fashionistas and independent…
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    The Tower Suites and Penthouses at REACH Brickell City Centre

    July 3, 2014
    Limited and Luxury Penthouses at Reach Brickell City Centre Read the Independent facts about the Penthouses at Reach Brickell City Centre  The long waited upon Brickell City Centre is on everyone's lips these days. The mega project which will bring Brickell's city core to the next level is set to combine luxury living, luxury shopping, entertainment and business. Brickell City Centre's first announced luxury Condo: 'Reach Brickell City Centre' is in the middle of Miami's Financial District and is the most…
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    Reach At Brickell City Centre - A Complete Analysis

    Reach at Brickell City Centre - An Independent Review

    June 2, 2014
    Reach At Brickell City Centre - Luxury Residences in the Heart of Brickell Reach at Brickell City Centre is the first condo for sale at Brickell City Centre, a new mega project in the heart of Brickell. Brickell City Centre will be a mixed-use project that includes luxury living, luxury shopping (the owners of the unltra-luxurious Bal Harbour Shops are involved), entertainment, high-end restaurants and business. Brickell City Centre is said to redefine Brickell's core and bring Brickell to the next level in…
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    Brickell City Centre - An independent review of Brickell City Centre

    December 27, 2013
    Brickell City Centre - Brickell's New Core Bringing Luxury Living, Luxury Shopping, Entertainment and Business Residential Towers at Brickell City Centre are: ♦ REACH at Brickell City Centre ♦  RISE at Brickell City Centre Read our Independent Analysis of this project here!! Brickell City Centre - An update on this mega Brickell Real Estate Project Why buying Miami Preconstruction condos by yourself can be a bad idea Brickell City Centre is considered as one of the top Miami Luxury projects of…
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