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    Palmetto Bay - Neighborhood details, listings & statistics
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    Palmetto Bay

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    Palmetto Bay

    The Village of Palmetto Bay became Miami Dade’s 33rd municipality in September 10th, 2002, after a massive urge from the residents that were looking for this for so many years. The city would not be in existence if it wasn’t for the vision and dedication of the residents of this proud South- Dade community.

    In August 1992, Palmetto Bay and the surrounding South Miami-Dade area were extremely damaged by Hurricane Andrew. Many of the homes and businesses in Palmetto Bay were destroyed. In the subsequent years, the area was slowly rebuilt. Unlike the destroyed homes, which were made of wood frame construction, the new homes and construction were rebuilt with concrete walls. Although many areas of Miami were heavily affected by Hurricane Andrew, Palmetto Bay was one of the worst affected and remains a reminder of the hurricane’s extensive disaster in the city today.

    Home of many parks, one of the most beautiful parks in the area is the Coral Reef Park with more than 50 acres of open green spaces, pine land, preserved areas and a tranquil streaming canal the park is centrally located for walking, playing, reading, relaxing and picnicking. Coral Reef hosts free outdoor movies for residents throughout the year, tennis programs and exercise classes. Residents also come out for beach volleyball in the white sand court, baseball, exercise trail or just for a meal and refreshments at the Parkiside Cafe.

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    Palmetto Bay is considered to be a very livable city with a score of 73 points out of 100, which is considered a great score (To put this into perspective, Florida State scores 69 points while the entire USA scores 70 points on average). It means good quality of life, higher income per capita, higher education and last but not least a stable housing market.

    In the last 6 months the medium price per square feet in the area was around $250, considering single- family homes at any sizes and style and the average sold price is around $577,000.

    The city is served by Miami Dade Public Schools and the schools in the area have great ratings like Coral Reef Elementary, Southwood Middle and Palmetto Senior High. Also located in Palmetto Bay is one of the best private schools in Miami Dade – Palmer Trinity School which makes the area very attractive for families that contemplate this kind of education.

    For more information on Palmetto Bay Real Estate or in case you are considering to buy or to sell Real Estate in Palmetto Bay, contact me today.

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    Average $/SqFt

    • Available Sales$254/SqF
    • Available Rentals$ 0.00/SqFt
    • Closed Sales (In the past 6 months)$203/SqFt
    • Closed Rentals (In the past 6 months)$ 0.00/SqFt

    Inventory Percentages

    • Available Sales100.0%
    • Available Rentals0%
    • Months of Inventory sales19.0
    • Months of Inventory rentals0

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