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    Coconut Grove Luxury Homes For Sale

    An overview of all Coconut Grove Luxury Homes for Sale


    We provide you with an overview of ALL LUXURY HOMES LISTED IN COCONUT GROVE. You can have a look at the list view, grid view or map view and select the exact price range you are interested in. Our Coconut Grove Luxury homes for sale start at $2M.

    On the right side of the page you find the different communities such as gated communities or townhouse communities, the different condo projects or any other Coconut Grove real estate options you might like such as Coconut Grove condos or (waterfront) homes.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call in case you see a property you like.


    Luxury Homes for Sale in Coconut Grove


    Coconut Grove luxury homes is what the Grove is known for. This bohemian chic 5.6 Squared Mile village in Miami is known for its excellent (often waterfront) luxury homes for sale.


    What started as an eclectic and artistic scene transformed into the home for wealthy families and real estate investors. As the Wall Street Journal concluded in an article on Coconut Grove: the Grove went from Birkenstocks to Billionaires. Even though Coconut Grove is now home to many multi-million dollar luxury homes, the town still offers that laid back feeling.


    Coconut Grove luxury homes for sale range from $2M to properties of $25M+. Luxury properties in Coconut Grove can be found from the North Grove to the South Grove.


    What makes that Coconut Grove luxury real estate is so sought after?


    Coconut Grove offers a great amount of waterfront properties which by default are more exclusive than Coconut Grove homes on dry land. The waterfront aspect provides a plus for the Coconut Grove luxury real estate market.  What distinguishes waterfront Coconut Grove luxury homes from luxury homes for sale in Coral Gables or Miami Beach is that waterfront properties in Coconut Grove are either located directly on the open bay or on a canal that offers a bridge-free and short ride to the open bay. Many addresses or communities in other Miami areas require an extensive boat ride or the hassle of bridges before reaching the bay which obviously takes away from the property’s price and exclusivity.


    Many of the Coconut Grove luxury homes for sale can be found in the Coconut Grove gated communities. For single family homes Coconut Grove offers 9 exclusive gated communities of which 6 are located on a waterfront lot and 3 are located on dry land. Gated communities are more exclusive given their security, exclusivity and overall prestige. Many of Coconut Grove’s communities are very small which adds to their exclusivity and privacy.


    In 2014/2015 the demand for Coconut Grove luxury homes for sale was so high that buyers were engaged in bidding wars driving up prices. As a result of that many investors and buyers of Coconut Grove luxury homes decided to look for tear down properties or Coconut Grove land for sale in order to buy the property of their dreams. This trend created a large amount of brand new luxurious Coconut Grove homes for sale all over the Grove. In case you are interested in building your own Miami house, please contact me as we have experience in guiding clients from purchasing the land, to getting the right permits to reselling the brand new Coconut Grove luxury home for sale.


    Looking for Coconut Grove luxury homes for sale, whether gated, waterfront or not, please contact me today for more information. Im a Coconut Grove luxury market specialist with an eye for detail and market analysis. Whether you are selling your Coconut Grove luxury property or buying, we ensure you get the best deal. 


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