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    What is the Most Family-Friendly Neighborhood In Miami? (In our opinion)

    October 4, 2016

    Best neighborhoods in Miami for Families.

    Are you relocating to Miami with your family and looking for the best neighborhood to move to? Or are you moving within Miami-Dade and trying to figure out where the best schools are? Either way this blog will help you to find a number of great neighborhoods for families. You might also want to read our guide to the safest neighborhoods in Miami, our guide to the best Miami neighborhoods for schools and the guide to the best Miami neighborhoods for kids.

    I feel well qualified to voice my opinion in this area. I am not a journalist, but I am a well seasoned realtor who has helped dozens of families relocate to Miami. I have personally relocated to Miami 8 years ago from London and as a father or 2 girls, I have spent a lot of time researching schools and the best neighborhood to live in Miami for families.

    What is the Most Family-Friendly Neighborhood In Miami?

    Sunset Elementary in South Miami

    Miami’s Best Neighborhoods for Families and Schools

    As a realtor and father I am listing below Miami’s most family-friendly neighborhoods and Miami’s best neighborhoods for schools.

    Coral Gables

    Miami’s most desired residential market and therefore ideal when you are relocating to Miami with family. Coral Gables is ideally located within Miami with easy and fast access to Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, South Miami and Brickell. Being in the center of it all, Coral Gables is surrounded by great schools and therefore one of the most preferred areas by families with young children. Coral Gables also provides for a great amount of safety, tranquility, parks, golf courses and cozy restaurants. When it comes to real estate Coral Gables ranges from quaint Spanish Colonial homes to multi-million dollar mansions for sale on the water, in the gated communities or around any of the golf courses. Read everything about moving to Coral Gables

    Schools in Coral Gables

    Coconut Grove

    One of Miami’s most preferred residential markets and family friendly neighborhoods. The Grove is known for its 24/7 police control and has been called Miami’s safest neighborhood. The lush often jungle-esk streets are quiet, charming and are very walkable. Coconut Grove also offers a great amount of parks and marina and provides its only little village core around ‘Cocowalk’ where Grovites enjoy a good brunch on a Sunday afternoon. Coconut Grove is ideally located and offers some of Miami’s best private schools. The combination of all of the above makes Coconut Grove on of the Best Miami neighborhoods to live in for families. Read everything about relocating to Coconut Grove


    Pinecrest is one of Miami’s top 3 residential markets and the best neighborhood for schools in Miami. The area sees a lot of influx of young families who are looking for a great home in an excellent public school district while also being home to one of Miami’s best private schools. Pinecrest is more affordable than the Gables and the Grove and the city offers larger homes on very large lots. The area is very safe and knows a lot of brand new, contemporary homes.

    Pinecrest Schools:

    South Miami

    The South Miami real estate market is dominated by single-family homes and attracts many families with (younger) kids. South Miami is very desired because of its proximity to the business centers and financial districts of Coral Gables and Brickell. Apart from this, South Miami is close to Pinecrest, the Ponce Davis/High Pines area and Coconut Grove. For families with children, South Miami is a preferred choice because it offers some great “A-Rated” public Schools in South Miami and it is close to some of the best private schools in Coral Gables, Pinecrest and Coconut Grove.Real estate in this area varies considerably and ranges from more dated and smaller homes to large and luxurious mansions.

    South Miami Schools

    Key Biscayne

    Key Biscayne is one of Miami’s most exclusive neighborhoods as the town is located on an island in the middle of the Biscayne Bay. The luxurious enclave is very desired with young families as it offers beaches, marinas, parks and a great amount of safety. The island offers one of Miami’s best public schools which is only accessible for residents of the island. The ultra-luxurious Key Biscayne attracts many wealthy families from all over the world because of the safety, the great school and the superb and often waterfront real estate options.

    Key Biscayne Schools


    Palmetto Bay is located below Pinecrest (heading south). Although it is far from the primary core of Miami – Brickell it still a popular location for families relocating. Very affordable compared to other popular single family neighborhoods like Coconut Grove, Coral Gables or even Pinecrest. If your Children are grades 6-12 (12-18 years old) and you do not want to pay the prices of homes found in Pinecrest or Coral Gables then this is a good option.

    Palmetto Bay Schools


    One of the best Miami suburbs for families is Weston. The most western city in Broward County, Weston is home to 65,300 residents and shares its western border with the Florida Everglades.  Weston has been ranked in CNNMoney’s “Best Places to Live in America” and Family Circle’s “Ten Best Places for Families”.  This is a also a safe choice to make a home – ranked no 5 in the most safest list in the whole of florida, with a violent crime rating of 91.9 and the chance of being involved in a property crime less than 1%.

    Weston is a very family-minded city and residents take pride in the synergy between families and the community and almost everything seems to revolve around the families – BBQ’s in the back yard, family picnics etc. There is a number of golf course and sports clubs such as ‘Midtown Athletic Club’.

    Miami Shores

    Miami Shores is located from 79th and Biscayne up to 110th. This community has grown and grown in popularity over the last 5 years and we have seen home values significantly increase as the neighborhood has undergone a transformation (many new homes and a lot of renovations of older homes) not to mention so really great restaurants make this increasingly desirable. It is still significantly more affordable that Coconut Grove or Coral Gables.

    Miami Shores Schools

    I am a top producing Miami Real Estate Agent with a passion for what I do. As a family man and father of two daughters I am aware of the challenges of finding the perfect neighborhood for your family that offers great schools but also easy access to your or your partner’s jobs or businesses.

    Call me today for a more personalized chat about Miami neighborhoods, Miami schools and last but not least Miami real estate.

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