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    What Town Was Voted One of the Best Cities for Families in Florida? (In our opinion)

    April 20, 2017

    Where is the Best Place to buy in Weston?

    I feel very fortunate to have helped a considerable number of families buy real estate in South Florida over the last 10 years. Families not just from within the US (New York, Maryland, DC, Chicago), but also from much further afield (Brazil, UK, France, Argentina and even India)!

    Sometimes families move for work or to have a second home, but increasingly and rather sadly it is because the economic, infrastructural or social situation in their own country has gotten so bad that a permanent move is not only desired but required. Take Brazil and Turkey as two good current examples where the situation has pushed so many to Florida, looking for a better life.

    There are plenty of good places to move to in South Florida’s tri-county market (Palm Beach, Broward and Dade), but if you are curious to know the No1 choice you may be surprised; It is Weston!

    What is the most family friendly neighborhood in Miami
    Moving to Miami with a family

    What town was voted the the no.1 choice for families in Florida?

    The most western city in Broward County, Weston is home to 65,300 residents and shares its western border with the Florida Everglades. Weston has been ranked in CNNMoney’s “Best Places to Live in America” and Family Circle’s “Ten Best Places for Families”. Weston is also a safe choice to make a home – ranked as the 5th safest city in the whole of Florida, with a violent crime rating of 91.9 and the chance of being involved in a property crime being less than 1%.

    Yes, I was surprised as well. I am not a journalist, nor am I part of the ‘Weston Tourist Board”. In fact I do not even live in Weston! I am a father of two and so I do appreciate the importance of living somewhere that is good not just for me, but for my family. I live in Coral Gables which I love, and think it is a superb place (but it only came in at No 21 on the previously ranked list – which surprised me!).

    So I got into my car and took a drive to Weston. I met with a number of locals and top agents to get more information on this No1 ranked city.

    First off, people who live in Weston are very proud to be ‘Westonites’ and take great personal pride in the look, feel and community they have. One word that kept coming up in conversations was ‘synergy’. Synergy between families and between the communities. It is a diverse community indeed (in fact 39.5% of the population was born outside of the US), but also a very educated one with 58% of the population having a degree or advanced degree. The ‘tech’ business seems to be the dominant business here, as well as the ‘Cleveland Clinic’ who also employs a significant number of medical staff.

    There are plenty of soccer clubs, parks, social gatherings and I noticed it is very easy to park. I went there during what I figured would be rush hour traffic, but there was no traffic to speak of. Come evening time there is no crazy ‘South Beach’ vibe going on. It has some nice restaurants but almost everything seems to revolve around the families; BBQ’s in the back yard, family picnics etc. There is a number of golf courses and sports clubs, such as ‘Midtown Athletic Club’.

    Naturally the biggest element when choosing a city best suited for the raising of children is the school system. Top schools include: American Heritage and Cyprus Bay, which has increased its student population by over 1,000 new students in the last couple of years.

    So where is the best place to buy in Weston?

    Botaniko Weston – A Gated 120 Acres with just 125 homes and a Luxurious Lifestyle

    Botaniko in Weston is a 120-acre gated community. The elegant and private enclave offers 125 modern and luxurious single-family homes.

    Botaniko Weston has been created and designed for the whole family to enjoy together. Being surrounded by open green spaces makes it a wonderful place to live, play, and entertain, with a quality of life and natural beauty that are unsurpassed in the surrounding area.

    Miles of private walking, jogging, and biking trails intertwine with the lushly landscaped green spaces, making Botaniko Weston a truly unique enclave within the greater Weston community. With thoughtful design at every turn, it’s the perfect home for the modern family.

    Groundbreaking architects Chad Oppenheim, FAIA and Roney J. Mateu, FAIA have created an idyllic setting where warm, modern homes live in perfect harmony with nature’s serene surroundings. Dense greenery unfolds around lakes and walking paths that bring nature to your door.

    More information on Botaniko Weston 
    Botaniko Weston, Contemporary Homes for Modern Day Buyers
    The Charm of the city of Weston
    Two Stunning brand new homes – Same City, Same Architect. $33 MILLION price difference!

    David Siddons is a top performing agent at EWM.  Ranked for production within the top 1/2 of 1% of agents nationwide. He is also an industry analyst and creator/author of several real estate guides – The most recent being the end of year 2016 Miami Real Estate Report. He has previously reported Miami Real Estate news for CNN, The BBC, Miami Today and The Real Deal to name a few.

    Contact me for all your Botaniko Weston Real Estate questions and requests. Ill be more than happy to help you

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